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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Marra delivered the fifth blow, watching the flesh tear and the blood begin to pool in little drops as it seeped from the cuts. She also watched Ford’s hands grip around the chains.

"Now!" Ford growled.

Marra snapped the whip back, catching Sarron Daien firmly around the neck. She pulled the woman close to her wrapping the whip around her throat and torso. Rick wrapped the wire firmly around Garron Dror’s throat, choking and cutting him just a bit as he forced him to his knees.

The guard barely had time to respond before he felt the chains that had just been snapped, knock his weapon to the floor then come crashing down to break the bones in his hand. He dropped to his knees looking up helplessly to the tall woman with the dark hair who nonchalantly bent over and picked up the weapon at her feet.

She pointed the barrel directly at his head. "Unlock the ankles."

He crawled over slowly, unlocking the chains at Ford’s feet. Then the butt of the weapon crashed into the back of his skull.

She turned with a wink and a smile to Marra, who held firm to Sarron Daien. Ford then turned to Rick, and looked down to Garron Dror.

"Ah, the sweet taste of humiliation." She sneered down at him at the barrel of the weapon came to rest at his temple. "Do you like it Dror? Get used to it. You and your ship have just been captured."

"You’ll never be able to take the ship Ford."

"Oh please. You know the rules of engagement, Dror. I’ve got you. I’ve got your ship." She looked to the young man who held the wire around Dror’s throat. "If he resists you. Kill him."

"As you wish Garron Ford." Rick nodded with a big grin and a slight jerk to the wire to remind the enemy commander, exactly who was in charge.

Ford turned to Marra, placing a very gentle hand to her cheek. "Well done, my love."

"Not so bad yourself there Lord Kurrathian." Marra grinned.

"I have something I’m suppose to do for you."

"Yeah, I know. Beg later. Now you take command."

Ford looked to her two compatriots. "We take command." She looked to Sarron Daien. "Take your shirt off."

The Sarron remained silent, but lifted a brow.

"I need a shirt." She opened her arms, exposing her bare chest. "Yours should fit nicely."

Marra removed enough of the whip to allow the woman to strip off her shirt. She removed the garment, leaving her in a white undershirt. She started to remove that as well, when Ford shook her head. "No, you keep that. No reason you should be embarrassed and humiliated."

Ford grimaced a bit when she slid the shirt over her shoulders, allowing it to come to rest on her tender back. Marra reached out, laying a hand on her arm. "I’m so sorry."

"We did what we had to do Marra. I’ll heal."

"You most certainly will." She took the time to give Ford a slight kiss. "I’ll see to that."

"I’m sure you will." Ford buttoned up her shirt. "But now he have a ship to take." The tall woman looked to the Sarron again. "Would you prefer to be left here or taken with us?"

"You may as well kill me. I won’t help you."

Ford motioned for Marra to drop the whip. When it was released Ford drew back her fist and hit the woman, knocking her unconscious. As her body crumpled to the floor Marra bent over and removed the whip from her throat. She coiled it in her hand and motioned to the door. "Shall we?"

Rick pulled Dror to his feet. Ford made sure the weapon she held was fully charged and ready to be fired. "Hate to go anywhere without a fully charged weapon."

Marra grinned, rolling her neck and shoulders a bit. "Trust me, I’m fully charged."


Ford moved in behind Dror, placing her weapon firmly in his back. "Try anything I don’t like Dror and I’ll kill you."

"Does that include breathing?" The man gasped, when the wire was released from his neck.

"No, I’m willing to let you do that for now. If I weren’t," She growled close to his ear. "You wouldn’t be."

They moved out into the security area. Several guards snapped to attention then lowered their own weapons on the group.

"Tell them to surrender Dror." Ford nudged the weapon into his spine.

"Drop your weapons." Dror ordered. His people complied. Rick and Marra were quick to gather up the discarded weapons, preparing two of them for their own use and slinging the other two over their shoulders.

"Lock them up." Ford ordered.

The soldiers were all ushered into a small cell and safely locked away. Marra turned to Rick when the door slammed shut. "So far so good. The only blood that’s been spilled has been mine and Ford’s." She chuckled a bit.

"It could get a lot uglier before this is over. You do know that, right?"

She nodded. "Yes, and I am prepared to do whatever I have to, to make sure that we get out of here alive and intact."

"That’s always good to hear."

They returned to the security room where Ford had Dror open a vid line to the rest of his ship. "Do it!" She ordered. "Do it now, or I swear I’ll break your neck."

He took a deep breath, then opened the vid link. "Attention. This is Garron Dror. The ship is now under the command of Garron Ford. Do not resist her. Obey her orders to the fullest and no one will be hurt. Disobey her and she will start executing crew members," He paused looking slightly over his shoulder at the woman who had a brow raised in his direction. "Starting with me. She has obeyed the rules of combat and engagement and taking control of this ship according to combat protocol. The ship and the crew are hers. I am her prisoner."

Ford nodded her approval of Dror’s announcement, then stepped before the vid screen. "This is Garron Ford. All non-essential crew members and civilians are hereby ordered to their quarters for lock down until further notice. All other crew members, will report to and remain at their stations. Any attempt to sabotage the ship will result in its immediate destruction." She reached over Dror’s shoulder and closed out the vid line. Dror remained seated until Ford pulled him from his chair. "Rick, lock him up too."

The young man moved the former commander to the back room. Ford took a deep breath closing her eyes then exhaling slowly. When she opened them she smiled to Marra. She lifted her hand, crooking a finger and beckoning the little blonde. Marra was quick to move across the room. The tall woman divested them both of their weapons then took Marra into her arms.

The kiss was long, deep and very passionate. The Garron held the smaller woman’s face firmly between her hands, holding her in place as she continued to devour her. Marra’s own hands wrapped quickly and firmly in Ford’s dark hair as she returned the kiss with just as much passion. Finally, breaking away for need of air they just continued to look at each other, taking in smiles and knowing the other was safe.

"I’m sorry." Marra was the first to speak. "I hated…"

"Shh…it’s all right. We did what we had to do. We’re going to be just fine. We’re together now."

"Are we really going to be able to keep control of this ship?"

"Oh yeah." Her brows came together for a moment. "What’s the old Earth say? Ah yeah…piece of cake."

"Cake huh?"


"And that means?" Marra asked, stepping back and taking her weapon back into her hands.

"I have no idea, but it sounds easy." Ford laughed, taking up her own weapon and slinging the other over her shoulder.

"And I had no idea you knew how to destroy this ship."

"I don’t, but it sounded good didn’t it." Ford chuckled again.

"It sounded very good." Marra agreed with a nod.


Ford paused outside the doors of the command deck. "May as well let that whole ‘massacre at Velros Seven’ thing work for me here." She grinned before triggering the door.

When she entered she was quick to draw her weapon to the right and fire, knocking the man waiting in ambush into the wall, before he slumped to the floor. She just shook her hand before speaking.

"I have command of this ship. Anyone else who challenges me will be executed. Open a vid link to the Devereux."

Carron Richards was quick to accent Ford’s order with a poke in the ribs of the com officer. "Do it." He growled. The young woman nodded nervously then opened the link.

"Ford to Deveruex."

"Deveruex to Garron Ford. Commander how…"

"That’s not important right now. Send your coordinates to this ship and then prepare to meet up with us. Also, put in place all security protocol to take command of this vessel by remote control if you have to." Ford looked to Rick, who nodded. "All systems are available for scanning."

"Yes, Garron Ford."

"Have troops ready to board this ship upon our arrival."

"Yes, Garron Ford."

"We’ll see you soon. Ford out." She took another deep breath. "Is there a Priestess of Capri on this ship?" She glanced around the room waiting for an answer. "Oh come on people, that was not a difficult question."

The com officer nodded. "Yes, Garron Ford there is a Priestess aboard."

"Good. Have her brought to my office." Ford looked to Carron Richards. "Congratulations, you just received a field promotion Sarron Richards. You have command. If anyone disobeys you, kill them."

"Yes Garron Ford."

The tall woman held out her hand to Marra. "Come on."


Once inside her new office, Ford dropped down to the couch, closing her eyes. Marra stood before her watching her. "How did you know?"

"Know what?" Ford asked wearily.

"That there would be somebody ready to attack you?"

"There always is." She answered with a slight lift of her hands.

"How did you know they would be to your right?"

"They always are." She shrugged. She got to her feet, taking Marra’s hands in her own she dropped to her knees, but she never lost eye contact with the blonde. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you and I’m sorry I got you into this mess. Please forgive me."

Marra smiled, shaking her head slightly. "Of course I forgive you. You were only doing what you had to do." She combed her fingers through Ford’s hair. "And I only did what I had to do by following you."

Ford’s eyes dropped as she nodded her head. "I know and I love you for it. Marra it’s not exactly what I wanted for us, but when the Priestess gets here I’m going to have her marry us. Is that all right?"

"That," Marra leaned over, kissing Ford quite thoroughly. "Is more than all right."

"I promise you the wedding you deserve as soon as we get home, but I need this. I need you."

Marra cocked her head, looking at Ford carefully. "Is that a leer I see on your face Ford Kurrathian?"

"Un-huh." She nodded with an evil little grin.

"And to the victor goes the spoils of war?"

"Something like that."


Marra looked over the replication unit. It only had a few minor differences from the ones she had become accustomed to on the Devereux. While Ford washed up quickly in the small bathing chamber off the office she replicated a proper uniform for her.

"Jumpsuit?" She called into the bathing chamber.

"Yes please. Preferably in one piece with no blood on it."

"Oh very funny. Stress really does bring out your humorous side doesn’t it?"

"Actually," Ford stepped out of the room, dressed in a robe, rubbing a towel over her face. "It does."

"You must be a laugh a minute in combat."

"Not really, but I’ve been known to play a practical joke or two when it’s over."

Marra removed the uniform and handed it to Ford. "Get dressed and I’ll get us some food."

"Cheesecake and coffee." Ford mumbled, struggling into her jumpsuit.

"Hmm." Marra considered the unit before her. "Can’t do that here. They aren’t programmed in to this system."

Ford grumbled a bit, then moved to the desk. "Sarron Richards?"

"Yes Garron Ford."

"Get me a com only link to the Devereux."

"Yes Garron Ford." There was a slight pause. "Link established."

"Ford to Devereux."

"Yes Garron Ford? We are standing by awaiting your arrival. We have established remote command capabilities."

"Good. In the meantime send me the replicator files for coffee and strawberry cheesecake."


"Just do it." She rolled her eyes at Marra who just giggled a bit.

"Yes, Garron Ford." Another pause was accent by Ford drumming her fingers impatiently on the desk. "Transfer complete Commander."

"Thank you. Ford out." She simply raised her hands, gesturing to Marra, who proceeded to get the requested items.



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