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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Marra nibbled a soft patch of skin, she found close to her lips when she began to awaken. She smiled when she heard a low moan.

"Nice." Ford groaned quietly.

"Un-huh." She slid her hands over Ford’s arm and stomach. "Any reason to get up?"

Ford listened for a moment. The engines of the transport hummed contentedly. Sarron Richard had report that all was well and they were headed back to command under her diplomatic banner.

"Nope can’t think of a reason."

"Good ‘cause I can think of a lot of reasons to stay in bed."

Ford rolled over to face Marra. "Really? Tell me one."

"I want you to make love to me."

"Yeah," Ford nodded. "That’s a good one all right."

"Glad to see you’re so agreeable." She chuckled, looking over Ford’s body, taking note of a slow blush creeping over her skin and nipples that were tight.

"Very," She lowered her head, beginning a slow lick of Marra’s neck, tempered with tender bites. "Very agreeable."

"Ahh that’s nice." The blonde moved closer to her wife. "I like that."

Ford stopped and took a look for herself. "Yup." She was very smug about it. "You sure do."

"You’re not going to get away with teasing me like you did last night."

"I’m not?"

"Nope. You’re not going to get away with stringing me along for hours like you did last night."

"I," Ford rolled onto her back. "Rather enjoyed that."

"You did?"

"Un-huh. It was fun to listen to you whimper and beg. You do that really well."

Marra propped herself up on her elbow, tracing the outline of Ford’s breast with the tips of her fingers, allowing nails to graze over that rigid nipple. Ford whimpered. "Maybe, just maybe, I should play that little game with you this morning."

"You don’t know how."

"Oh I bet I could figure it out." Marra challenged, pushing up just a bit more to lean against the headboard of the bed, crossing her arms

Ford, rolled over once again, taking notice that Marra no longer showed any shame about her body and did nothing to cover it. "Is that so? Would you really like to make a bet on it?"

"Let’s hear the terms first."


"Hardly. I just want a chance to counter offer."

"Ooo spoken like the wife of a diplomat."

"So, Lord Kurrathian," Marra quirked a brow. "Would you like to serve to first volley?"

"Why, of course, Lady Kurrathian it would be my pleasure, hmm let’s see," The tall woman interlaced her fingers, placing her hands behind her head. "How about, I do all the cooking for a month if you can get me to say, "I give"?

"Real cooking? Not dispensed food?"

"Real cooking. At least two meals a day."

Marra seemed to be considering the offer on the table. She glanced at Ford out of the corner of her eye, who was looking at her with a smug little smirk on her face.

"I can do anything to you I like?"

"Yes. We’ll put a safe word into place and if I say that then you have to stop whatever you’re doing and I don’t lose."

"Do I?"

"No. You just have to stop that particular thing because it means I don’t like it."

"Okay. Do I get to tell you what I want for those two meals?"

"Sure, but if I choose to do a third I get to decide."

"Oh a whole month of cheese cake and coffee for a third meal. I’ll require a shuttle of my own just to get around."

"Nah, we’ll work them off on the Makti court." Ford grinned, wiggling her eyebrows.

"All right, what do I have to do to lose?"

"Simply give up trying to make me say ‘I give’."

"And once you say ‘I give’?"

"Then I want you to make me so weak from the release I’ll need, that it’ll take ‘em a week to get the smile off my face." She laughed, propping herself up against the headboard as well.

"And if I lose, what do I have to do?"

"Brush up on your technique."

"Come on now! Be serious."

Ford crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh I am serious."

"Well, you know, practice does makes perfect."

It was truly and evil, evil chuckle that left Ford’s chest as Marra, moved over her, straddling her hips and kissing her deeply. They moaned into each other’s mouths as strong hands found purchase on her slender body. Hungry mouths explored, lips nibbled and tongues licked.

Ford drew a deep breath, pushing Marra back by the shoulders a bit. "Do we have a bet?"

Marra smiled, pursing her lips she nodded. "Yeah, but I want to change one little thing." She leaned in, placing her hands over Ford’s breasts, rubbing small circles with her palms. She whispered in the tall woman’s ear. "I want you to say, ‘I surrender’."

Ford moaned and nodded. "All right, since it’ll never happen, whatever you want."

Marra pulled back, grinning. "Okay, I need time to prepare for my attack. Why don’t we have a little breakfast and a shower and then," She traced a fingertip from hollow of throat to bellybutton, finding all the interesting spots on the way down to pinch and scratch.

As she dashed from the bed to avoid the playful lunge from the tall woman, her laughter could be heard clear through their quarters.

"Oh this is gonna be fun." Ford murmured, climbing out of bed. She quirked a brow when she noticed that Marra’s robe was still laying across the bottom of the bed. She threw on her own robe, taking Marra’s with her.

In the outer room she found her smirking and very naked wife, rooting around in the food preparation area.

"Excuse me, Lady Kurrathian, you seem to have forgotten your clothes." She dangled the robe from her finger.

Marra peeked over the top of the refrigerator unit. "Oh I didn’t forget them. I left them."


She straightened, presenting her body to the tall woman. "This doesn’t please you?"

* I surrender. I surrender. * For rolled the words around in her mind. She glanced at her timepiece. Too early.


Breakfast consisted of a very naked Marra, straddled across Ford’s lap, feeding her fresh fruit from her fingertips and giving her sips of juice from a tall glass. The rules were simple. Ford had to keep her hands on the top of the table. She was doing really well, leaving her hands flat against the tabletop, until Marra opened her robe and drizzled a little juice down her front. When she cleaned off it, with a few bold strokes of her tongue, Ford found gripping the edge of the table an advantageous thing to do.

Marra smirked a bit when she felt the slight tremors run through her wife’s body. "Problem?"

"Nooooo." Ford, shook her head. "Go on."

"All right. I will." She leaned in finishing the clean up of the juice. An errant drop had been left on a dark nipple. She decided that remaining there for a minute was not a bad thing. Her tongue licked and pushed the flesh, her lips nipped and pulled gently.

Ford shifted in the chair. The table shook just a bit more.

When the last piece of fruit had been shared in a kiss, Marra leaned back, running her hands slowly, seductively over Ford’s torso. "Shower?" She asked with a quirked, playful brow.


"Oh you bet."


"Keep your hands to yourself."

"You know you never said…" Ford started to protest.

The blonde took a nipple between her thumb and finger, giving it a little squeeze. "You want to change the way the game is played Lord Kurrathian? What’s the matter? Can’t take it? All you have to say is ‘I surrender’."

"I won’t." Ford croaked out her refusal.

"Then so be it." Marra held onto that nipple as she rose from the chair, bringing the tall woman with her. "Come along, dear."

Ford groaned.


Standing in the shower as told, Ford enjoyed the water rushing over her face and head. Her hands were flat against the wall of the shower. She ducked and craned her head, allowing the water to wash away some of the tension in her body. Dropping her head she let the water run down her back and through her hair. She always enjoyed the sensation of water running down her back. She wasn’t sure why, but she always had.

She was about to give up this ordered position in the shower, when she felt Marra join her in the stall. "Ooo you’ve been good. Standing there, just like I told you."

Ford nodded. "Yes. I’m a military officer, remember. I do know how to follow orders."

"We’ll see." She grinned, lathering her hands with a rich, aromatic soap.

"Oh, I like that." Ford whispered when Marra’s hands began a slow, firm massage of her body. First up and down her back, in long hard strokes. Very relaxing. Very nice.

Then around to her stomach and sides, still firm and hard. The rich aroma of the soap and the warm water relaxing the tense muscles in her body. Of course she suspected the tension she felt there now, was nothing to the tension she would be feeling there later. She was grateful for this small reprieve; it would help her reinforce her resolve not to surrender later.

She sputtered through the water when those small and insistent hands began an exploration of her body. The left hand traveled up, between and then over each breast. Lightly touching and teasing, to the base of her throat, across her shoulders. The right hand traveled down, fingers roamed through dark curls, nails barely grazing aroused flesh, then between her legs to each thigh.

Her legs trembled a little, her hips jerk just a bit, she groaned a little louder.

"Did you just surrender?" Marra teased, bringing that right hand back up through those curls with fingertips just barely finding their way inside.

"No!" Ford growled deep and hard, shaking her head.

"Are you sure?" She tormented some more. This time accenting her question with very firm pinch to a nipple and allowed the fingers of her right hand to dip just a bit further.

"Positive!" The denial was growled through clenched teeth this time.

"Okay, okay don’t get so grumpy. I was just checking." Marra removed her hands from Ford’s body. "Rinse off and turn around."

With a deep breath, which resulted in a mouth and nose full of water, Ford stepped under the water rinsing the soap and watching it go down the drain. She pulled a hand over her face to wipe away the excess water as she turned to face the little blonde.

"Oh Ford," Marra let her hands dance lightly over the torso in front of her. "Your eyes certainly are an amazing shade of blue right now."

"It’s from the pressure of keeping them in my head."

"Really? Well two little words can end all that." From behind her back she produced a pair of golden clips connected by a chain. "But first give me that safe word."

Ford eyed the clips and smirked. "We don’t need one for those."

"Give me the word Ford." Marra remained steadfast in her request.


With the word in place, Marra reached up placing the clips on Ford’s nipples. She noticed the slight twitch in the knees that looked like it might be the start of buckling. "You okay?" Her question was sincere and colored with concern for her partner.

"Oh yeah, I’m fine." The tall woman swallowed hard as the little bolt of pleasure from the clips settled firmly between her legs. "Please continue."

"My aren’t you polite?"

"I tend to get that way when I have clamps and chains on my nipples."

Marra gave the chain a little tug. "Down."



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