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Spoilers: A Day in the Life.

Other: Part Fifty-nine in the series "Raising Melosa". Takes place about two weeks after "Small Steps"

The Family Curse

By T.Novan




I heard her voice. It brought me out of the dozing state I was in. "Hmmm?" I stretched against her warm body as her arms tightened around me. "What is it Xe…." I didn’t want to give up my incredibly comfortable position there on her shoulder.

"Well," she stroked her fingertips up and down my back. "I’ve been thinking…."

I had no desire to open my eyes. I was just too happy lying here, by the lake, dozing in her arms, but I could tell my warrior wanted to talk. "About what love?" I kept my eyes closed hoping that she wouldn’t need eye contact too.

"Well, we really do need more room now that Bailus has joined us. I feel bad that the boy is staying in the barn."

"I know. I don’t like it either." Good. She was going to let me lay here while we talked. This was good. The sun keeping us warm, but not too hot, the softness of Xe next to me, a slight breeze blowing through the meadow as we lay stretched out there by the lake. It was almost paradise. "What do you suggest? Do you want to build an addition to the house?"

"Actually I’m thinking new house…"

Now I had to open my eyes as I lifted my head. "A new house? Why?"

She sighed as she turned her face away from me a little. "Do you really have to ask Ri? You know I get sick at my stomach every time I have to go in there now." She drew a deep ragged breath then exhaled slowly. "Besides that house isn’t designed for occupancy by a centaur. We need a place where Bailus feels at home."

"Yes, but Xe you’re asking us to give up the only home we’ve ever known. Gods three of our children were born in that house…."

"And I nearly destroyed my…our family in that house." She drew another breath and looked at me. "Ri I’m going to make a totally selfish request…."


"Let me build us a new home. Please? I’m dying inside…every time I have to go back in there I see what I did to you. It echoes in my mind over and over again. Even though the kids are trying really hard I know they’re still uncomfortable too."

"And you think a new house will solve these problems?"

"Not entirely, but I think it will help a lot. I know it will help me."

"Then do it. It really doesn’t matter where we live as long we remain together. That’s what makes any house a home."

I felt her arms tighten around me and her lips press softly to my forehead. "Thank you my love."

I settled my head back down to her shoulder and closed my eyes again. Tracing small circles on her stomach with my finger I gave serious consideration to having a new home. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing after all. "Hey is it too early to make a request about the new house?"

I felt her chuckle under me. "No my dear now would be the perfect time. I’d hate to have the thing half built to find out you wanted our sleeping chamber facing east and

I built it facing north…."

"East! Why in the world would I want it facing the east? The morning sun would come in every morning and wake me up…."

I felt her laugh again. I was glad she was laughing again. It wasn’t very often and it never lasted long, but it was something. "So Your Majesty what is it you want in our new home?"

"You remember when we were in Athens?"

"Oh yeah. One does not forget a week in an Athenian jail…."

"Well actually I was thinking more along the lines of the palace."

"The palace? Ri I know you’re a queen, but don’t you think that a palace is a bit much?"

"Not the whole thing silly…just the bathing chamber…." I couldn’t help but blush when I thought of that bathing chamber. I heard someone else clear her throat in a nervous little manner too. "Un-huh you remember don’t you?"

She gave a long, hard sigh and a deep rumble that sounded a lot like, "Oh yeah…."

"Think you can do it?"

"Yeah, but the question is will my heart be able to take it when it’s done…."

"Oh I have faith Warrior." I laughed as I kissed a spot of neck, which over the many seasons of loving my warrior had become my favorite because of….





Mel came bolting through the front door as if Ares’ himself were right behind her. She looked to me and then to her mother. "I am under no circumstances home!" She said very firmly but very quietly.

Just as I was about to ask what the problem was there was a knock on the door. Xe got up from the table to answer it as our daughter coward behind it looking like a wounded animal. "If you love me…." She whispered.

Xe was nearly in hysterics at the way Mel was acting. She had to put up a hand to get Mel to calm down before she could wipe the smile from her face in order to open the door. My warrior really had to bite down on her bottom lip when she opened that door. I couldn’t resist. I watched as Mel groaned and slumped against the wall. I moved in behind Xe to find Tera. She was the twelve year old daughter of our new healer Delia.

She looked up verrry slowly at Xe them back to me. "Umm excuse me Your Majesty…for the…umm…Is Princess Melosa home?"

I heard Xe snort as she backed away from the door and moved back to the table. I’ll have to get her for this. I glanced back behind the door Mel was shaking her head furiously silently pleading with me to say no. A glance to the table gave me a view of the warrior with her forehead laying on the table shaking with silent laughter to the point that her cheeks were bright red and I think I saw a tear rolling down her cheek. I turned back to the girl, trying not to smile. "Umm no Tera I’m sorry she’s not."

"Oh okay then…." She turned to leave then turned back around. "Do you know when she’ll be home?"

I heard another snort from the table. "I really don’t…."

"Will you tell her I’m looking for her?"

"I’ll be happy to. Is there anything else I can tell her for you?" I heard a little groan from behind the door. Then something that sounded like an open hand slapping the table as the silent laughter was becoming less silent from the warrior.

"Well actually there is…." She motioned for me to come closer. Biting back the urge to burst out laughing right there, I did as requested. She whispered her message.

"I’ll make sure I tell her."

"Thank you Your Majesty."

"Oh it will be MY pleasure…."

I watched as the girl descended the steps, then I close the door. Xe was ready to fall off the chair and I knew this might just do it. "Mel, Tera wanted me to tell you that she’s looking for you…."

Xe was absolutely howling now. Mel took her eyes off me just long enough to shoot her mother a dirty look then she looked back to me. "And.…" she crossed her arms.

"That she just loves you…."

I heard the thump.

"Oh thanks a lot pal!" Mel yelled at Xe who was on her knees, wiping tears from her eyes.

This only served to make Xe laugh harder. She was gasping for air by the time Mel stomped out of the room. I went over and helped my consort back into the chair as her laughter began to subside coming in short hearty bursts instead of a long steady stream.

"You okay?"

She broke into another fit of laughter as she nodded her head. Finally, she managed to get her laughter down to soft smirking sounds and even managed to sip her tea. We went back to looking at the plans for the new house. Occasionally I would hear a little chuckle. Mel finally emerged from her room. She had changed into plain trousers and a tunic. She gave Xe a dirty look then went to pour herself a cup of tea. Slowly she came over to the table.

"Whatcha doing?"

I knew Xe couldn’t answer her. "We’re looking at the plans for the new house…."

"Any requests?" Xe grinned up at our eldest. "Honeymoon suite maybe?" She went off again, her head dropped back to the table as her shoulders shook.

"Oh that’s funny." Mel growled. "You know I hear they do a comedy thing in Athens every month. You should go audition…."

Xe cleared her throat and looked up at Mel. "I’m sorry." She shook her head as she started laughing again. "No I’m not."

Mel dropped into a chair and sighed. "Oh go ahead. Laugh it up…."

"Thanks. I will…." She chuckled.

Mel turned to me. "What am I gonna do?’

"Mel umm honey your gonna have to get use to this." I laughed a little.


"It’s kinda like the family curse…." Xe laughed as she took a long drink of her tea.

I nodded my head. "Oh yeah. It has something to do with the blue eyes and the leather."

"Oh Gods…." Mel groaned as she collapsed on the table. "Any suggestions?" She moaned.

I grinned. "Smelly wolves skin."

This sent a spray of tea in my direction as Xe once again began laughing uncontrollably.

"Oh well that was disgusting darling, thanks so much." I wiped tea from my arms, reaching across the table to wipe my hands on the arm of her tunic.

"Yeah," Mel snorted. "Glad you can find so much humor in my misery. You have no idea what it’s like. She follows me everywhere. Constantly trying to do things for me. I couldn't even eat today because I was afraid she’d want to cut my meat for me."

I wasn’t sure Xe was gonna survive this. She was leaning back in her chair laughing so hard she was turning red again. She finally took a deep breath, looked at me and grinned. "Sound familiar?"

"Oh don’t even go there!" I warned her.

"Careful there Mel, it could be true love. It was for us…." She began laughing again as I threw a spoon at her, which she batted away.

"Oh Gods all the romantic thoughts I had about you two just went out the window. Thanks for destroying those notions…." Mel grinned at me. "So you were…umm annoying?"

Xe was gripping the table now as she continued to laugh. The entire table was shaking.

"Well apparently so…." Now I was shooting dirty looks at the warrior.

She looked up at me and wiped a tear from her eye. "I love you bard."

"Do not."

"Sure I do. I kept you didn’t I?" She laughed again.



"You keep it up and we’re gonna add another sleeping chamber to the new house." I tapped the plans.




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