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Other: Part Thirty-seven in the series "Raising Melosa". Takes place about six months after "Going Home".



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The Green Eyed Monster

By T.Novan


I watch as she dismounts her horse and makes her way across the village. I look back at Xe and she just stands there with a knowing little grin on her face. I hate that little smirk.

She stops before me and bows her head. "Queen Gabrielle. Thank you for having us and thank you for hosting this competition."

"Queen Saleena. It is my pleasure to have your warrior’s here and for our tribe to host them."

"We look forward to the competition." She looks past me to Xena and smiles. Oh here she goes. I’m going to choke her this season. "Xena. You’re looking well."

"Thank you Your Majesty. My Queen takes very good care of me." I feel her put her hands on my shoulders. I straighten and smile as I feel her massaging them ever so slightly.

"I’ll just bet she does." Saleena’s comment is filled with innuendo.

I hate this woman. Every time she comes here she makes a play for Xena. Of course I trust Xe completely. I know she would never stray from me. It just makes me crazy that this woman is so blatant in her flirting with my wife. Of course my loving consort thinks it’s funny and uses it to tease me at every given opportunity.

"Well," Xena steps forward, turning to me with a little grin before turning back, offering her arm to Saleena. "Allow me to show you to your quarters Your Majesty?"

"Oh I would be delighted Xena."

She takes my consorts arm and they head across the square. "Oh Xe you are going to pay for that later." I grumble as I watch them walk away.

The rest of Saleena’s party is shown to various quarters through out the village as I go to council chambers to finish some village business. I sit there barely able to concentrate Eph comes in, she too has a big grin on her face.

"So are we going to have to put extra guards around Queen Saleena this season?" She takes a seat next to me and nudges me with her elbow.

"Only if she doesn’t keep her hands to herself."

"You know it’s funny to see you like this."

"Oh gee thanks Eph. It’s nice to know you like it when your queen squirms."

"I didn’t say I liked it, it’s just funny. I don’t know why you’re so worried. Xena would throw herself on her sword before she would do anything to hurt you."

"I know Eph I really do…but Saleena’s younger than I am and well she is very attractive and…"

"All right just stop right there. You and Xena have been married for more than ten seasons now. You’ve been together for more than fifteen. You have five children and two grandchildren. She adores you…almost to the point of it being disgusting sometimes. Do you know how many women in this village envy you?"

I just sigh as I nod my head. "Yeah I know but you know when there is a younger woman practically throwing herself at Xe…"

"Oh and you think this is the first younger woman to do this? By the Gods Gabrielle Xena could have almost any woman in this village with just a wave of her hand, especially the younger ones.

"And this is suppose to make me feel better how?"

"The point is. She loves you and she would never betray you."

I nodded. My heart knew this was true, but some part of my mind was still worried.

Xena enters the council chambers sometime later and slowly crosses the room. She still has that annoying little grin on her face as she kneels down in next to me.

"So are you proud of yourself consort." I ask without looking at her.

"Ah come on Ri I was only being polite." She puts her hand on my thigh and runs her hand over it lightly.

"Oh yeah sure." I turn to her and capture that roaming hand in mine. "And did our little visitor make you any offers?"

"Nothing I couldn’t refuse my dear." She leans in and kisses me. "Do you need to finish this today?" She waves her hand at the parchments lying in front of me.

"Well it’s nothing I couldn’t put aside for the right incentive."

"I think I can find the right incentive if you would just come with me." She grins and arches her eyebrow.



I stretch and slowly begin waking up. I smile as I feel her behind me with her arm draped over my waist. I can tell by listening to her breath that she is still sleeping. I roll over and just watch. Over the seasons this had become a favorite past time of mine. I remember a time in our life when she never slept this heavily. When any little shift from me or the slightest noise would wake her. Now however she sleeps, peacefully and soundly. I can’t resist I reach out and touch her face. Caressing it gently, allowing my thumb to run over the small lines that have etched themselves around her eyes. She stirs slightly, without really waking she turns her head to kiss the palm of my hand. With a soft murmur she is once again asleep. Gods I love her so.

I run my hand lightly over the scar on her shoulder. It’s the one she received when she was defending the throne. I trace it and move to another little scar on her arm. I wonder as I look at them, how many of the scars on her body were received while defending me. I kiss the one on her shoulder and she holds me closer. I know I had better get up before we end up otherwise engaged again.

So now it’s time to wake my sleeping warrior. We have to get back to the village before everyone starts wondering what happened to us. We don’t normally sneak off in this middle off the day like this, but that incentive was just so nice. "Xena…" I whisper in her ear.


"Come on sweetheart we have to get up."

"No…stay here…"

I chuckle softly and kiss her ear, whispering as I do. "No come on we have to get up now."

She tightens her hold on me and growls. "No…" She smiles, at least I know she’s awake now even if she won’t open her eyes.

"Aw come on now Xe. We have to be good. We do have guests to consider."

"Let them find their own entertainment." She lowers her head to my neck and kisses me gently, nipping lightly at the pulse point.

I laugh as I push away from her. I know that if I don’t get out of this bed now I never will. She grabs for me and misses falling into the bed with a thud. "Now Ri do you really want me to believe that you would rather go keep Saleena company than stay here and keep me company?"

"You know that’s not true warrior. However just by sneaking off in the middle of the day we’re bound to get a few raised eyebrows as it is…"

"Let ‘em…"



As evening settles in we prepare for the welcoming feast. Xena is seated as always to my left. Tonight however Eph has given her place to my right to the visiting Queen Saleena. Xena reaches over and takes my hand, bringing it to her lips and giving it a soft kiss. I turn to her and smile. She grins at me and nods to Saleena. I turn my head slowly and watch as the visiting queen just stares at Xena’s hand over mine.

Melosa comes up o the dais and wraps he arms around Xe’s neck fist giving her a loving hug and a kiss. "Hey where were you this morning? You were suppose to spar with me."

"Umm well your mom and I got a little side tracked…sorry. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow." Xe wraps her arm around Mel and gives her a hug.

"I’m holding you to that. So no sneaking off…" She grins at Xe as she moves to me and gives me a hug. "Good evening Mother."

"Good evening Mel, are you having a good time?"

"Well to be honest no. I’d rather be down at the lake with my friends but if I have to be here I will."

The one thing I could always count on with Mel was honesty. This child never was one for beating around the bush. "Well I’ll tell you what. Let me introduce you to our guest and then you may go to the lake."

"Deal." Mel perked up immediately and moved to the other side of my chair.

"Your Majesty my I introduce my oldest daughter, Princess Melosa. Melosa this is Queen Saleena."

Melosa bowed slightly and lowered her head. "Your Majesty it is an honor."

"The pleasure is mine Your Highness." Saleena smiled at Mel and reached out to brush her hair back. "You are the spitting image of Xena aren’t you?’

"So they tell me." She flashes a little grin at Saleena who just smiles back.

"Well it was nice meeting you Melosa. Please don’t let me keep you from your friends."

"Thank you Your Majesty."

Mel turns back to me and raises her eyebrow. She has even managed to master that little trick. "Go on. Have fun."

"Thank you." She gives me a hug and starts to leave but not before stopping to torture Xe just a little more. "And you…you just be on the sparring grounds tomorrow morning." She grins.

"Yes ma’am." Xe grins back and gives her a hug and a swat to her backside sending her on her way.

Ep comes to the table and leans in to speak with Xena. She nods her head and then turns to me. "I’ll be back in a little while darling I have to go to the competition field." She gives me a tender kiss on the cheek then gets up and leaves with Ep. I notice out of the corner if my eye that Saleena is watching her go. Oh yeah I’m gonna have to choke her.

"So tell me Gabrielle…is it true?"

"Is what true?"

"That Xena is half Goddess and that all of your children belong to the both of you."

"Yes it’s true. Xena is Hades daughter and our children are a part of us both."

"Very interesting. So what’s it like being joined with a demi-God?"

"I don’t see her that way. Xena doesn’t see herself that way."

"You’ve had children with the woman how could you not?"

"Our children were a blessing to us. Doesn’t matter how they were born."

"You have four children correct?’

"Five. Solan, Melosa, Kai, Kessa and Rosa."


"Yes he’s our oldest son. Actually he’s Xena’s son but…it’s a long story." I smile at her hoping she’ll take the hint. The last thing I want to do is explain all of this to a woman I can just barely stand.

"Well in any case you’re lucky to have Xena at your side."

"I know that. I’ve know that for many seasons now."

"I’d give my right arm for someone like her…"

"I’m sure if your patient…you will find someone, but someone like Xena? You would have to find the other half of your soul to have what Xena and I have. It’s very rare and very special."

"So it would seem." She sipped her wine and just gave me a little smile.



As Eph and I walk across the village to council chambers from the sparring ground I accent each step with a sharp thump of my staff.

"All right give. What’s the problem?"

I just shake my head and try to keep walking only to have my friend grab me by the arm.

"Don’t tell me you’re still worried about Xena and Saleena? Oh come on Gabrielle. This is silly…"

Just as I’m about to answer her I turn her around and point over her shoulder. "Now tell me I’m being silly..."

Saleena has Xena all but cornered. She is making her intentions know in quite the tactile manner. I can see Xena is trying to get away from her but her attempts are being blocked. I start across the square, the warrior notices me coming and gives me a very grateful smile as she waves. I know she is trying to get out of the situation diplomatically without starting an incident. My feelings at this point however had just thrown diplomacy out the window. I’m going to have to hurt this woman. Had she just kept her hands to herself…

"Saleena…" I feel the grip on my staff tighten as I approach her.

She turns to me with a coy little smile, "Gabrielle…I was just…"

"Yeah I know what you were just. Now get away from my wife…" I can feel my temper flaring. I know I’m twisting it in my hands. Suddenly I feel someone grab the staff and in my current state I’m not sure who it is. My reaction is to hold on to it, but the grip is strong and it is pulled from my hands and then there is a sickening crack




She lays on the bed unconscious, the knot on the side of her head now bruising and turning an ugly shade of red, purple and blue. As I run a cloth over her face I wipe the tears from my cheek. Knowing I’m responsible for her current state doesn’t help matters at all.

"Xe can you hear me?"


"That’s it sweetheart wake up."

"Ummm…What happened?" Her eyes open slowly and she tries to focus on me.

"Well you had a little accident. What’s the last thing you remember?"

"I was in the square…Saleena was there…she sort of had me cornered. You came out and…" She looked at me with a sudden realization. She tries to sit up but the pain in her head forces her back down. "You did this…" Her hand goes to her head and she tenderly touches the bruise, grimacing as she does.

Technically darling you did it to yourself when you pulled my staff out of my hands. It just flew back and you smacked yourself with it."

"I thought you were going to go off on Saleena. So I tried to get it away from you and then you hit me…"

"I didn’t hit you, it was an accident. I’m sorry though, I don’t know what came over me…I saw her…she hand her hands on you and I just…just…"

"Lost it?"

I smile and laugh a little as I run my fingers through her hair. "Yeah…yeah I lost it."

"You know it’s flattering that you can still be jealous after all these years Ri but you know it’s not really necessary to beat me." She grinned at me. "I know I belong to you I’m not going anywhere."

I laugh a little more as I wipe the tears from my cheeks. "I love you." I lean over and give her a soft kiss.

"I love you too."

The door to the sleeping chamber opened and Mel stuck her head in. "Hi how’s it going?" She whispered.

"It’s okay. Come on in." I motioned her into the room. She comes over and sits down on the edge of the bed and takes Xe’s hand.

"Welcome back tall, dark and unconscious."

"Ohh no…" Xe groans with a smile, knowing Mel is never going to let her live this down.

"You know it’s true what they say…" Our daughter grins at Xe as she gives her hand a little squeeze.

"Go ahead get it over with." Xe knows what’s coming and she just lays back and waits. She’s got a smile on her face even as she closes her eyes again.

"The bigger they are the harder they fall."

"Ever heard the one that goes ‘ The smaller they are the easier they are to toss in the lake ’?" Xe opens one eye at our oldest.

"Umm no can’t say as I have. Besides I’d like to see you try."

"You just wait you little troublemaker."

"Who me?"

"Yes you."

"You know I was thinking maybe you go back to staff training. One of the first things they teach you is how to duck. Something you seem to have forgotten." Mel giggles just a little as Xe turns to me. "I’d be happy to teach you. It’s easy, just bend at the knees."

"What God did I offend to end up with her?"

I just smile and shake my head as they banter back and forth. I’ve never seen two people so much a like in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that Xena will never be forgotten as long as Mel has a breath in her body. They are truly devoted to each other.

"Actually if I remember right this is your mother’s curse." I say with a grin as I run the cloth over her face. "Didn’t she say something about you having children that acted just like you?"

"I never acted like that?" Xe glances to Mel.

"Oh sure you didn’t." Mel retorts. "I’ve talked to Grandma. I know more than you think." She giggles again.

Xe turns back to me. "Remind me to speak with my mother tomorrow."

"You know," Mel piped up as she stood up next to the bed. "It occurs to me that this was just another feeble attempt to get out of sparring with me."

"I do seem to be having a little problem making it for that lately don’t I?"

"Just a little. Doesn’t look like you’re going to be in any shape to try for the next few days either."

"Ah I’m fine. It’s just a little bump on the head."

"Nah actually it’s a great big old bump on the head." Mel bends slightly to get a good look at the knot on Xena’s temple. "Looks like it really hurts too. Nice bruise, lovely shade of purple…"

"Mel?" Xena says quite seriously as our daughter stands with a hand resting on the headboard of the bed.


"Go climb a tree…"

Mel leans over and places a very gently kiss on Xe’s forehead. "Well I still love you even if you are accident prone." She grins and whispers. "See you later. Get some rest." She comes around the bed and gives me a hug. "You need anything before I go?"

"No we’re okay. Is Eph handling everything?"

"Yup everything’s just fine. The competition is going off without any problems and last time I checked we were kicking their..."

"Mel…" I warn her.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. Go climb a tree…" She grins and leaves the room.

I watch her go and turn back to Xena. "So much like you."

"Yeah the Amazon nation could be in real trouble in a few years." My warrior says with a grin.



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