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Other: Part Sixty–eight in the series "Raising Melosa". Takes place right after "The Rescue."




By T.Novan


I watched as Artemis laid her hands on Autolycus, healing him of his wounds. "Mother…." I whispered. I couldn’t help it.

"NO!" We turned to find Hera behind us. "She gained you your freedom Artemis, but I forbid you to heal her. She must recover on her own."

"Hera be reasonable. Her wounds are severe." Artemis turned to the Queen of the Gods. "She probably won’t survive the trip back to the Amazon village."

"And this bothers me because?" Hera crossed her arms. "I swear to you Artemis if you heal this woman I will do more than bring a fever down on your amazons. I will destroy them and no one will be able to help them or you then."

Artemis looked to me as Autolycus got to his feet. Mother remained on the floor, quiet, her eyes closed.

Hera sneered at me then she looked to mother. "Good-bye Xena." She disappeared in a flash of bright blue light.

I knelt down next to mother then carefully laid her out on the ground. "Uncle Auto we’ve got to get her ready to travel. Can you help me bind these wounds."

I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Melosa," Artemis pulled me to my feet. "I’ll send you and your Mother home. Hera said I couldn’t heal her but she didn’t say anything about making the journey home as simple as possible." She smiled as a form took shape in her hands. I watched as she placed a solid gold circlet on Mother’s head. It was beautiful. "She won’t get any worse. She has my protection Melosa."

"Thank you."

"It is the very least I can do." She turned to Autolycus. "You are a very brave man."

"They’re my family."

"Would you consider remaining behind and helping me retrieve one more item? I will guarantee you a great reward."

"Well that’s good because I only work for free for my family." He grinned as he stroked his mustache.

"Gold Autolycus. If you help me, enough gold to last you for the rest of your life."

I smiled as I patted his arm. "Take her up on it Uncle Auto. You could retire."

"Can you promise no more mice?"

"No more mice, but I can’t promise much more than that."

"Ah why not. I’ve got nothing better to do." He grinned as he stepped to me. "Get your Mom home Mel. Help her get better. Tell her I’ll be by when I get done here."

I nodded as I gave him a hug. "I love you Uncle Auto. Thanks."

"My pleasure. Be good kid."

I stepped back from him then knelt down next to mother. Artemis smiled at me then we were engulfed in a bright white light. When the light cleared we were in the center of the village. Aunt Epinon was crossing the square and saw us first.

"Mel!" She charged across the square kneeling down next to us. "Mel are you all right?"

"I’m good. Help me get her to Delia’s." I moved to grasp Mother’s shoulders as Aunt Ep took her legs. "How is the fever?" I asked as we crossed the square toward the healer’s hut.

"Gone. Just a quickly as it came. It’s amazing."

"No, it was brought down on us by Hera. Artemis cured it when we freed her. Kessa?"

"Your sister is fine Mel. She’s doing very well. A few more days of some solid food and she'll be up and running around again."


"She had to go North Mel. She’s with the tribes there. They lost their Queens to the fever. She’s helping them reorganize."

"Terrific." I grumbled as we entered the healer’s hut.

"Your Highness?" Delia looked at me then to mother. "In the private chamber." She pointed to another room where we took Mother and placed her in bed. "When did you get back?" The healer inquired as she knelt next to mother to begin her examination.

"Just now. Artemis sent us back. Delia whatever you do don’t remove the circlet. It’s a gift from Artemis to keep her from getting any worse, so that she can have time to heal."

The healer looked to me with a very puzzled expression.

"Trust me it’s a long story. Just don’t take it off."

"Yes Your Highness, as you wish." She returned to Mother and began stripping her of her clothes. "Gods what have you been through?"

"Like I said it’s a long story. Take good care of her Delia. I want to go check on Kessa."

"Yes Your Highness. Are you injured? Do you need…."

"No I’m fine, nothing that a hot bath won’t cure. I’ll be back soon." I left Mother to Delia’s care and headed for our house in the village with Epinon hot on my trail. "We need to send a messenger to Mom and let her know we’re home. I personally don’t want to be around when Mother regains consciousness and finds out she’s not here." I chuckled as I took the steps to the house two at a time.

"I’ll send two of the Royal Guard right away." Epinon paused catching me by the arm. "Mel it’s good to have you home. Thank you."

"It’s good to be home. No thanks needed. We did what we had to do, but I’m afraid it may have cost Mother a great deal."

"What do you mean?"

"I’m afraid she may have lost the use of her sword arm."

"Oh no." She let her eyes drop. "Let’s hope that you’re wrong."

"Right." I nodded as I opened the door to the house. "We can hope." I drew a deep breath as I wondered how she would handle this loss. "I need to check Kessa. Can you get Aunt Ephiny for me please and dispatch the guards to get Mom?"

"Absolutely. Consider it done."

I watched as she turned and left. As I closed the door it occurred to me that I had really grown up with about seven mothers. All these women loved my brothers and sisters and I and I was grateful to have them around. Karra sat in front of the fireplace sewing when I entered. She stood up as soon as she saw me and simply opened her arms. I went to her and was engulfed in a hug.

"Welcome home child." She tightened her hold on me as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you Karra. How’s Kessa?"

She stepped back and smiled at me. "She fine. Why don’t you go see her?"

I took my staff from my back and my blades from my back and boots, tucking them in the chest before I went into my sister’s room. She was sitting up in bed, reading when I entered. Rilex was perched on the windowsill and began his silly little bouncing dance when I came in.

"Mel!" She started to get up, but I moved to the bed and tucked her back in.

"Ah,ah,ah stay in bed. You’ve been sick."

"I feel…."

I put my hand over her mouth and shook my head. "No arguments little sister. You’re staying in bed."

"Okay. Where’s Mother?" She asked as she settled into bed.

"She’s over at Delia’s. She’s hurt pretty bad Kes."

"Is she going to die?"

"Oh no. Artemis has seen to that, but it’s going to take a long time for her to get well."

"Can I see her?"

"Maybe tomorrow. We need to let Delia take care of her right now." I noticed Rilex as pacing back and forth on the sill. I lifted my hand. "Come here boy." He left his perch landing smoothly on my hand. "You still mad cause I left you behind this time?"

Kessa giggled. "You could say that."

"Oh oh, what’d you do you overgrown pigeon?"

"You know that blue silk shirt Mother brought you from Corinth?"

"Un-huh." I eyed Rilex wondering if he was gonna be dinner.

"You know that big tree out by the new house Mother is building?"


"Well, Rilex decided it was a great place for a nest for his new mate and that your shirt would be great bedding."

"Aww not my shirt!" I looked to my little companion. "Remind me to pluck you when I get married. You’ll make a great necklace for my chosen." I heard Kessa laugh as Rilex took to the air and flew out the window. "Yeah run you little chicken!" I stood and yelled out the window as I watched him fly toward the meadow. I turned back to my sister who was still laughing. "Oh so you think it’s funny huh?" I grinned at her as I turned back the bed and moved next to her giving her a good tickle.

"I give." She giggled as I stopped. I dropped down to the floor as I tucked her back in bed. "Get some rest brat. I’m going to get a hot bath and then go see Mother. I’ll be back later."

She yawned as she lay down. "Okay. Love you Mel."

"Love you too brat." I gave her a kiss on the forehead before leaving the room.

Out in the main room I began stripping my armor off. As I laid it on the chest I wondered if it would ever come clean. It was covered in muck I didn’t even want to think about. As I bent to remove my leggings Karra came out of the sleeping chamber that led to the bathing chamber.

"I prepared you a bath child and laid out fresh clothes for you."

"Ah Karra I do so love you."

"Yeah well go soak in that hot tub and relax." She gave a soft chuckle as she pushed me toward the door.

"What’s so funny?"

"I remember a time when your mother’s and I would chase you little bare backside all over the house trying to get you to take a bath."

"Oh Gods…." I groaned as I felt the flush creep up my neck right into my face.

"Yup used to make your Mother half crazy," She continued to tease me clear into the sleeping chamber. "Just about the time they thought they had you cornered you’d dash through her legs and be gone again. The Queen said it was you Mother’s own fault for having such long legs for you to escape through."

"Okay you’ve done your job Karra. I’m sufficiently embarrassed. Can I take my bath now?"

She nodded as she placed my clothes in my hands. She put her hand on my cheek. "So grown up now…." She murmured as she turned and walked away.



I returned to Delia’s hut with Aunt Ephiny. Mother’s wounds had been cleaned and tended. She had been changed into fresh, clean clothes. I pulled up a stool and sat down next to her taking her hand. "Hey pal. Time to get better. We’re home, we’re safe and Kessa and the others are better. It’s your turn." I felt Aunt Eph’s hand on my shoulder as she stood behind me. "You know you’re in big trouble if Mom gets back and finds you just laying around like this."

I knew she wasn’t going to die, but it just hurt so much to see her like this. Battered and bruised almost beyond recognition. I sat with her for a long time. Aunt Eph left to make sure the guards had been dispatched to get Mom. My mind wandered back through my childhood. All my life she had always been there for me. As I sat looking at her I pictured what must have been my first true memory of my mother.

We were in a meadow, near the river I think. I remember it was a warm sunny day, I couldn’t have been more than three or four. I remember I was running through the tall grass, laughing and trying to get away from her. I know she was behind me when I turned to run, but all of the sudden she dropped down right in front of me. Standing there grinning down at me with her hands on her hips.

"Where do you think you’re going runt."

She scooped me up and tossed me over her shoulder. I remember laughing and begging her to put me down. She refused giving me a loving little swat to my backside. Oh over the seasons I learned the difference between those playful swats and the serious ones. As we continued walking through the meadow I remember trying to get away from her. I never made it. I don’t know why I bothered.

Mom met us as we walked toward the house. When she reached us Mother wrapped her arm around Mom’s waist and started to kiss her, even as she held me over her shoulder. I was still squirming and apparently making it difficult for her to do what she wanted.

"Hang on." She told Mom as she moved to a near by tree. She removed a dagger from her boot and stuck in the tree. Then she hung me on it by the collar of my tunic, leaving me there while she returned to Mom and completed the kiss.

I spent a lot of time hanging from trees as a child.

I looked back down at her, as the smiled crossed my lips. "Do you have any idea what you have given me? Everything that I am now and will become in the future is because of you." I leaned in and gave her a kiss. "Thank you Mother. I love you."




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