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Other: Part Forty-six in the series "Raising Melosa". Takes place a week after "Behind Every Good Warrior…"


It Seemed Like a Good Idea…

By T.Novan


It was a truly beautiful place. Athena and Artemis were doing their best to keep me happy and occupied, but I missed my mothers and I wanted to go home. Even Mount Olympus could be a really miserable place when you missed the people you loved most.

I knew I should be impressed with the fact that I was staying in the palace of the Gods, but I just couldn’t do it. I had everything I wanted simply by wishing for it, everything that is except the one thing I really wanted…to go home.

Athena had been helping me with Rilex’s training and Artemis gave me a lot of lesson’s in hunting and tracking but I really just wanted to go back to Athens and be with Mom. I stood staring out the window of my room when the door opened. I turned around to find Athena with Aphrodite.

"Melosa I wanted to come and tell you that your Mom has managed to get your Mother released from jail."

"Great! Now I can go back."

"Not just yet Melosa. We still have Ares to deal with. Artemis and I are going to join your Mothers to put that plan into action. While we’re gone you will be staying with Aphrodite."

I sighed and nodded. "Yes ma’am. Will you give them a message for me?"

"Of course."

"Tell them I love them and I miss them and I can’t wait to get home."

"I’m sure they know that Melosa, but I’ll tell them."


Athena gave me a gentle hug before turning to Aphrodite. "Just keep an eye on her and don’t do anything silly."

"Like really Sis…when was the last time I did something silly?"

"Dite I don’t have time to go down the list. Just stay with her and stay out of trouble. Whatever you do, avoid Ares at all costs."

"All right, chill. Little cousin and I will be fine." She placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder as she smiled at Athena. "Now go give that brother of ours something to remember."

Athena smiled a weak smile and left the room.

"So Mel, like what’s new?" She placed her hand on her hip and cocked her head as she smiled at me.

"Oh I don’t know. Ares is after me. My Mother has been locked up in an Athenian jail for a week. My Mom has been handling everything by herself and I’m hiding out on Mount Olympus instead of helping out. All in all not one of my better weeks."

"Oh major bummer. Well, now that I’m here let’s try to find something fun to do." She paused for a moment and seemed to be thinking, really, really hard. "How old are you?"

"Almost twelve."

"Old enough. Come on little warrior babe, let’s go."

She took me by the hand, suddenly we were in a…a…well I’m not too sure where we ended up. Lots of people…music…wine…the strangest lights I have ever seen. "Umm Aphrodite where are we?"

"Just a favorite little hangout of mine. Thought it was time to introduce you to the more ‘interesting’ side of life."

"I live a pretty interesting life already thanks."

"Yeah but this is the really interesting side of life. You know the thing I do best. Love."

I looked around. There were all kinds of couples, engaged in all kinds of activities. "I don’t know if this is love or not but it’s intriguing."

We took seats at a table in the corner, which gave us a clear view of the entire room. "It’s about time you learned about the birds and the bees." She laughed as she motioned with her hand at the occupants of the room

"I know about the birds and the bees Aphrodite. You learn from a very young age when you’re raised in an amazon village." I grinned at her and wiggled my eyebrows. "You learn about all kinds of things in an amazon village." I laughed as she waved at someone.

"Yeah I suppose that’s true, but you have to admit you don’t see too many of these running around in an amazon village." She indicated the man on his way over to our table.

The tall man in short trousers and no shirt came to the table carrying a tray. He looked a little like Uncle Herc only not quiet as well built. "Dite babe…how ya’ doing?" He looked down at me and grinned before turning back to my cousin. "Little young to be in here don’t you think?"

"Nah she’s a cool little amazon. Besides she’s my cousin."

"Amazon? Cousin? Wow Dite your family really does gets around doesn’t it?"

"Second cousin actually, Beefcake," I said as I looked at him. "Now why don’t you get us something to drink?"

Aphrodite began laughing out loud as she nodded and waved him away. "I’ll have wine, bring little miss some juice."

He looked down at me and scowled. "You sure she wouldn’t like some ale instead."

"No juice is good." I drummed my fingers on the table. "Apple if you got it." I quirked my brow at him.

He looked to Aphrodite who just shrugged as he moved away.

"Men." I growled.

"Oh yeah waaaay too much time with the amazons." She giggled as she turned to me. "They’re really not that bad once you get them trained."

"Too much trouble. If I’m going to spend the time training something I’m gonna make sure it can be useful to me later on down the line."

"Oooo you are soooo much like your Mother."

"Yes I am and I’m very proud of that fact."

"No reason you shouldn’t be babe…she’s a very with it woman. Both your Mothers are. Took me forever to get them together." She rolled her eyes as she waved her hand. "Please tell me you don’t have a full blown warrior mentality. I don’t think I could handle that twice in one lifetime."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh that warrior Mother of yours…geeze…took me forever to get through her thick head so she could see that your Mom loved her."

Beefcake brought our drinks over and sat them on the table. "Need anything else Dite? Food? Ambrosia?" He looked at me. "A muzzle?"

"Oh yeah keep it up muscles." I stood up. "I’ve had a really bad week…"

Aphrodite put her hand on my shoulder. "Chill babe…don’t hurt the cute waiter." She looked up at Beefcake. "Umm not nice to tease the little amazon. She’s got her Mother’s temper."

"Oh yeah and who would that be?"

"Ever hear of Xena, genius?" I sat down and sipped my juice.

"Xena is your Mother?" He swallowed hard.

"Un-huh." I smiled behind my cup as the blood drained from his face. I could see how this could be fun a few seasons from now.

Beefcake made a hasty retreat. I looked around the room watching all the people, dancing and ‘getting to know’ each other. "And I thought the amazons were bad."

"Oh-oh you do have that warrior mentality. She’s teaching you to be all stoic isn’t she?"

"Warrior’s are suppose to be stoic. It’s in the contract." I grinned.

"Yeah okay but you can be warm and loving too you know."

"Mother is perfectly warm and loving. Just not in public."

"There’s nothing wrong with a little PDA babe."


"Public display of affection."

"Oh okay. If you say so, I’d just rather live by her rules if you don’t mind. I think it will increase my life expectancy."

"Can’t argue with that. Besides I guess you’ve got some time before we really have to start thinking about getting you hooked up with someone."

"Aphrodite do you think I’ll find my soulmate?"

"You mean like your Moms?"


"I don’t know kiddo. It doesn’t happen very often. It’s really rare that two souls find the other half."

"I was afraid of that." I sighed as I finished my juice.

"Is that what you want? To find your true soulmate?"

"Yeah. I watch them you know…and it’s almost…magical."

"It is magic. The most beautiful kind of magic." She sipped her wine as she made eye contact with another hunky man across the room. "But you know there’s nothing wrong with just having a little fun while you’re looking."

"Hmm I guess." I looked around the room again and tried to picture myself a few seasons from now. "Nope don’t foresee any fun in my future."

"That is because no one here holds your attention. One of these days you’re going to run into someone who makes your heart beat double time and then you’ll want to have some fun."

"If you say so."

"Oh you gotta trust me on this one. I am the Goddess of Love you know?"

"That would explain the flimsy outfit. Don’t you get cold?"

"Nah, never have the chance. There’s always someone around willing to keep me warm."

"Yeah I guess there would be."

Beefcake came over and sat a couple of more cups down in front of us. "From that gentleman over there."

We both looked up at the same time as we followed Beefcake’s finger to the tall dark man in the black leather armor.

"Oh this is like sooo very bad." Aphrodite said as he raised his glass and his eyebrow with a smirk.

"Oh lemme guess…Ares?" I dropped my head. "Oh yeah this is the perfect ending to a perfect week."



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