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Just One Night

By Annmaray

July 1999


The Warrior and Gabrielle had been following the seashore for the longest time and now the sand was disappearing and changing to a conglomerate of rocks, boulders and smaller cliffs. This change forced the pair further away from the shore and on to a more suitable trail for Argo. Xena slid off of Argo to join her companion who chose to walk the entire day. She had been lagging behind for several candlemarks and Xena knew she had to be exhausted. The previous evening the pair spent the night in a tavern and Gabrielle heard a young man tell a story. The Warrior made some stupid comment about Gabrielle being gullible. It was a foolish remark and before she could take the words back Gabrielle’s feelings were bruised; she refused to come to the room and instead swapped stories all night with the young bard. This morning Xena found her asleep on a bench. Irritated at herself and at Gabrielle for not coming to bed the Warrior threw a cup of cold water on her face, which only served to anger the young blonde. As they left the village, Xena realized her actions last night stemmed from jealousy. Whenever Gabrielle got a little too friendly with some young man or woman, Xena found herself boiling on the inside. Therefore today, after candlemarks of traveling at a fast pace, when she asked Gabrielle to ride with her, the Bard refused. While she waited for Gabrielle too catch up, Xena found herself once again fantasizing about holding those perfectly shaped firm breasts in her hands and running her tongue up and down every curve and dip of Gabrielle’s muscular shape. Feeling her face flush and the passion building in her own body, Xena knew she would have to tell her Bard that she was deeply and helplessly in love with her. How to express this love had the mighty warrior frustrated. It had been many moons ago, when Xena stopped loving the young Bard as a friend and began to desire her as a lover. Gabrielle was bewitching to Xena and the love she had for this woman ran deep into her heart and soul. The Warrior had never allowed anyone to get so close before. Even if Gabrielle rejected her love, the Warrior knew there would never be a replacement. Yes, the Destroyer of Nations had fallen hard for this sensitive young woman. Occasionally Xena would find herself infatuated by some man they would meet along the way and there were even a few women that caught Xena’s fancy. But all of them were just a distraction and Xena found herself comparing all of them to Gabrielle. No one would ever possess the power Gabrielle had over her. Argo pulled on the reins, which brought Xena from her musings. Now only several paces away from Xena, the exhaustion in her Bard’s face was more evident. "Hey, would you like to rest for awhile?"

"Whatever you want Xena." With that statement Gabrielle walked over to a fallen tree, dropped her staff and sat down on the ground so she could lean against it. Closing her eyes to rest them and so she would not have to look at her companion, Gabrielle remembered the events of late yesterday. A very talented bard told a story about a boy named Aladinie who found a magical oil lamp. When he rubbed the lamp to polish it, a wizard came from the inside. This mighty wizard granted the boy three wishes. In the end the boy ended up with love, a kingdom and he defeated the warlord. Gabrielle wondered what it would be like to be granted three wishes and Xena informed her it is not possible. Then the Warrior instructed Gabrielle to stay away from the young bard. This angered Gabrielle and she wondered how Xena could possibly care especially, when the young man’s attention kept her busy allowing Xena to pursue other interests. For a long time now Gabrielle was aware of her strong desires for the Warrior. She even flirted with her for awhile, but the Warrior typically ignored her. Assuming Xena would have nothing more to do with Gabrielle other than friendship, she decided to hide her cravings for the Warrior. Gabrielle found it difficult to breathe at times when Xena was around. She was even willing to settle for just one night with this woman. In fact that would have been her first wish. To taste the softness of Xena’s lips, to caress and suck on those extremely tempting breasts and to run her hands down the length of her lithe frame. Oh and most of all Gabrielle wanted to taste what she believed to be the hot wet essence of her Warrior. One taste would last a lifetime. All of a sudden, the Bard felt a waterbag dropped in her lap thus forcing her eyes open. Xena had tossed the waterbag to her and walked away back toward Argo.

The Warrior observed her Bard sitting and closing her eyes. She could tell by the pattern of her breathing that Gabrielle was not asleep, just tired and apparently thinking about something because her breathing at times became irregular. What Xena did not know was that Gabrielle was fantasying about loving all the intimate parts of the Warrior’s body. Deciding she would try to get her attention she grabbed the waterbag and walked over. The temptation became too great and Xena found herself drawn to the young woman’s tender lips and her breasts rising and falling with her intake of air. She almost took her in her arms at that point. Controlling her physical and emotional needs to make love to Gabrielle she dropped the waterbag and left. With her back to Gabrielle, the Warrior noticed the storm clouds coming toward the shore from the sea. "We should find shelter, that storm will hit us soon. We can probably make it into Paralia before the rain begins."

Without comment Gabrielle stood abruptly grabbing her staff and began walking along the trail they had been following. The Warrior had hoped the impending storm would break the silence and open a way for her to at least talk to Gabrielle. Suddenly Gabrielle sat down in the middle of the trail and began massaging her left calf. Xena rushed to her side realizing her companion had moved too quickly producing a muscle cramp in her leg. "Here, let me rub it for you." Tears from the pain aggravated by exhaustion formed in Gabrielle’s eyes. She did not fight Xena and allowed her to massage the leg. After several moments, the Warrior could feel the cramp dissipate and glanced up at Gabrielle who had managed to control her tears. "Gabrielle, how does that feel – better?"

Attempting to find her voice while Xena was touching her and not falling apart was difficult for Gabrielle. The young blonde almost slipped and kissed her. "Yes, thank you Xena."

Without asking permission Xena stood gripping Gabrielle’s arm in order to help her to her feet. Although the Bard accepted the help, as soon as she was standing, she tugged her arm away bent over picked up her staff and continued walking. Glancing up at the storm heading directly for them Xena could see the lighting ricocheting off the open sea. Fear began to creep in and the Warrior became angry with herself for not paying closer attention to the clouds earlier. The storm was moving faster than Xena anticipated and she ran back for Argo. Leaping onto the saddle she kicked Argo in the flanks directing her to catch up with the Bard. Slowing down alongside her companion Xena urged her to get on Argo. "Gabrielle – we don’t have much time. Look at the lighting." Glancing back to where Xena indicated the young blonde instantly understood the danger, if they did not seek shelter quickly. There was no need for conversation and Gabrielle immediately accepted Xena’s hand and was on Argo in no time.

In less than a half candlemark the pair were at the front door of the only tavern in the village. Dropping Gabrielle off to secure a room Xena led Argo to the stables. As the Warrior rushed into the stables, the dark sky released the rain and it pounded on the rooftops. The sudden outburst and rumbling from the clouds caused Xena to cross her arms and rub the chill, which now claimed the air. Together with the blacksmith the Warrior would have to wait the storm out here. It would be much too dangerous to try and run to the tavern. She prayed Gabrielle would be safe.

The blacksmith was rather friendly and introduced himself to the Warrior. "Hey, names Kristini. Looks like a nasty storm. Join me for an ale?"

With no place to go Xena introduced herself and accepted Kristini’s offer. "You have a number of horses stabled. Will you have room for one more?"

The muscular dark hair man laughed. "Oh yes, no trouble at all. Amazons are passing through. The storm drove them here." Pointing out the stable entrance Kristini polished off his ale. "They’re all staying at the tavern. Old Milinus is as happy as could be. Loves them Amazons!"

As the two continued drinking, Xena looked over the horses and recognized the three horses belonging to Ephiny, Solari and Eponin. There were ten horses in all and this offered some relief knowing that there were Amazon’s at the tavern. At least they would protect Gabrielle, if need be. The Warrior was careful not to drink too much ale. The last thing she wanted to do was be drunk in front of the Amazons. And she also did not want to make Gabrielle any madder than she was already.

The storm continued for a little over a candlemark. The blacksmith was a kind-hearted man and the Warrior found herself drawn into easy conversation. For reasons even Xena questioned, the Warrior found herself explaining how she acted foolishly with someone she cherished and was having a hard time expressing her love. The wisdom that poured from Kristini was simple and direct. The Warrior should depend on her bravery and listen to her heart. Love was not something to fear.

Eventually the storm died down enough for Xena to make her way over to the tavern. Several drunken Amazons hanging all over some young village men greeted the Warrior, as she entered. Scanning the room she found her Bard sitting at a corner table with her three Amazon friends. The tavern was crowded, appearing as if the storm drove more than just the Amazons inside.

"Hey Xena good to see you!" Eponin offered her hand in friendship and the Warrior accepted. Sitting across from Gabrielle the young woman had Ephiny to her right and Solari to her left. Both Amazon’s greeted the Warrior and made small talk about the storm. Within moments a waitress delivered ale for all. Xena looked directly at Gabrielle who had not acknowledged her arrival. "You are drinking? Think that’s a good idea?"

Gabrielle was not a drinker and usually more than two would give her a headache. This was only her first ale but she had no intentions of telling Xena that or even responding. Solari abruptly slammed her mug on the table. "Gabrielle’s been telling us stories." The Amazon began giggling and the Warrior realized she was fairly drunk. "The best story was the one that bard told her."

"Yeah! The one about the three wishes." The Regent reached around Gabrielle’s shoulders and pulled her in for a quick hug and let her hand drift down the Bard’s back. "So we told her we would be her three wishes."

"What are you talking about?" Surveying the Regent’s overly friendly hand massaging Gabrielle’s back told Xena this Amazon planned on seducing her Bard. Instantly, the Warrior could feel the green-eyed monster of jealousy running through her veins. "Eph – getting a little too friendly there."

Following Xena’s pointing finger the Regent laughed and pulled her hand away from Gabrielle’s back. Leaning across the table with a drunken smirk across her face Ephiny attempted to whisper. "I’m one of her wishes. In fact we all are. Tonight we make our Queen EXTREMELY happy and satisfied." The three Amazons roared with laughter pounding their hands on the table and raising their mugs in a toast for the Queen and a night of passion.

Unable to control the moisture she knew was filling her eyes the Warrior looked down into her ale and recognized the hurt in her heart. Soon a delicate hand rested on top of the Warriors and a soft voice broke through her pain. Looking up across the table to the source Xena’s eyes were met by Gabrielle’s concerned face. "Xena, they are drunk. I never made any wishes. You were right – wishing is stupid." Desperately searching for the right words to explain to Gabrielle that she was sorry and there was nothing wrong with making wishes the crowd in the tavern began chanting for a bard to tell stories. In this case Xena’s bard.

*What is going on Xena; you have tears in your eyes? Are you scared I would actually make love with the Amazons?* Tugged away from her thoughts and the table, Ephiny pulled Gabrielle to the platform at the far end of the room to tell a few stories to the crowd. Her thoughts immediately returned to Xena and the Warrior’s sadness. An intoxicated Solari pulled Gabrielle back to the present by yelling for the story of Aladinie and the magic lamp. Complying with the request she spun the tale and gave due credit to the young bard she heard the story from. The crowd delighted in the story tremendously and began chatting among themselves about what their wishes would be. In the process Gabrielle found herself having to tell the story a second time. As soon as she finished, the listeners began directing questions to Gabrielle. What were her wishes? Did she believe in wishes? Would she prefer dinars to love? On and on the patrons bombarded the young woman. Refusing to respond to any questions, she placed her hands over her ears and ignoring everyone stepped off the platform.

By the time she reached the floor several young men and her Amazons surrounded Gabrielle. It seemed the wishing story was a huge success. Making a mental note to herself, Gabrielle decided she would never tell this story again. A large number of the listeners decided they wanted to grant Gabrielle her wishes and the three drunken Amazons began bragging loudly that they were her wishes. This only encouraged others to volunteer for a night of sexual pleasure. The congestion of people surrounding her became offensive and she attempted to be polite and move through the room. Out of no where a warm body came up behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist. The familiar warmth of Xena’s body felt wonderful to Gabrielle but at this point, she assumed Xena was just trying to protect her. Still hopelessly in love with a woman she did not think would feel the same way she allowed Xena to lead her away from the crowd. The wind, rain and thunder picked up violently, which startled the occupants of the tavern. Gabrielle startled easily, like many, because of the sudden force of the thunder and found Xena’s arms wrapped tightly around her. Quickly realizing she had her arms around Gabrielle and was dangerously close to kissing her, the Warrior let go.

Without asking for permission Xena pulled Gabrielle by the hand into to a corner space of the tavern and noticed their table occupied. In a soft voice she gazed into the green eyes and again debated whether to kiss the woman she loved. "Looks like we lost our table. I’m going to turn in for the night. Do you want to stay here with the Amazons?" Shaking her head in order to tame her temptation Xena knew this was not the time or the place to kiss this young woman. More privacy was needed for someone this precious to her.

The warmth of Xena’s breath and the strength of her hand melted Gabrielle and she was unable to respond in words and instead just shook her head that she did not want to stay any longer. Then it dawned on Gabrielle that she was unable to secure a room. "Wait, Xena. We don’t have a room."

"What – but I thought, I mean….I dropped you off…..what happened?"

Feeling rather dumb at the moment Gabrielle pulled her hand away from Xena’s grasp and ran her fingers through her hair. "I’m sorry. I should have told you when you first sat down. They are booked. The storm just brought in too many travelers. Even the Amazons are squeezing five to a room."

Placing both hands on Gabrielle’s shoulders the Warrior tipped her head to look directly into the young woman’s eyes. "It’s okay, I’ll figure something out." Releasing her hold the Warrior turned to stare out in the crowd. "Maybe we can stay in the stables. Do you have our bags?"

"Yes, they are in Eponin’s room. I’ll run up and get them." Climbing the stairs Gabrielle paused and turned to see Xena watching her. Insecurity stabbed at her heart. "You’ll wait for me?"

"Yes, I’ll wait for you." Xena smiled over Gabrielle’s moment of hesitation and question. "I would never leave you behind….I lo…..just get the bags. I’ll be right here."

It took only a few moments and Gabrielle was back downstairs with their belongs. Xena extended her hand to Gabrielle and was pleased, when the young woman slipped her small hand into hers. Squeezing tightly the Warrior’s knees became weak, when Gabrielle responded in like. Moving through the crowd was a challenge but eventually they made it to the door. Fortunately the rain was light and the two of them raced down the road to the stables. Kristini greeted them warmly. "The tavern is full. Would you mind if we stayed in the stables?"

Laughter was his first response. "No – not at all. You are more than welcome to stay. However, there are already about fifteen people in the hayloft and if you care to look around, most of the good spots are already taken. Some folks are sleeping in the stall with their horses."

The Warrior, who had not released Gabrielle’s hand since she grabbed it in the tavern, glanced down at her young companion. She appeared exhausted and ready to cry. "Hey, you want to sleep with Argo?" Xena received nothing more than a weak nod of the head. Instantly after nodding her head Gabrielle curled her free hand around Xena’s upper arm and laid her head up against the side of the Warrior’s shoulder. She continued to let Xena hold her hand. The Warrior melted, as Gabrielle hugged her arm and rested her head. Indicating to the blacksmith that they would bed with Argo she led Gabrielle to the stall. Argo was pleased to see Xena and she gave him a few rubs while Gabrielle set out their blankets. Moving Argo more to the side of the stall, the Warrior felt safe that the mare would not step on them in the night. Unfortunately the stall was small and there was barely enough room for one person to lay down, much less two. A sudden uneasiness came over the Warrior and she felt inadequate. *I’m not doing a very good job providing for you my little one.* Ever since the Warrior agreed to allow Gabrielle to travel with her she took on the responsibility of not only protecting her but making sure all her needs were met. Realistically Gabrielle was not helpless and had grown to become an equal partner in their travels. It was just that Xena enjoyed watching out for her and feeling like someone depended on her. After settling Argo the Warrior joined Gabrielle on the blankets. Her Bard was leaning up against the wall rubbing her hands over her arms.

"Are you cold? I’m really sorry about this. I should have been paying attention to the storm clouds." Patting the small space between them she smiled at Gabrielle. "Why don’t you lay down. I’ll sleep sitting up."

"Xena, you have nothing to apologize for. If I rode with you, when you asked, we would have reached warm shelter on time. I was foolish. I’m sorry." The hypnotic green eyes that always managed to captivate the Warrior filled with tears. Pulling her knees up Gabrielle crossed her arms over them and buried her face.

Dropping all of her resistance the Warrior scooted closer and pulled Gabrielle into her arms. *By the gods Gabrielle….do you have any clue what you are doing to me right now.* The young woman’s body was soft and tempting. As she wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, she accidentally brushed her breasts. Unmistakably Xena could feel the harden nipples begging to be absorbed by the Warrior’s lips. *I can’t go on….I have to do something….say something.* As much as the desire was there, Xena could do nothing more than pull her tight and hold the young woman. "Gabrielle, don’t cry. I should have had more patience and not have made fun of the story. Wishes aren’t stupid. In fact I have them all the time. Would you like to hear my three wishes?"

This caused Gabrielle to gently push away and look up into piercing blue eyes. They were loving and inviting. "You have wishes?"

There was no way Xena was going to back out of this. Giving herself a moment to organize the words of love she wanted to share with Gabrielle, she released her hold. Unbuckling her armor, which was uncomfortable, the Bard helped her. "Xena, its okay. You don’t have to tell me……"

Stopping Gabrielle in mid sentence Xena looked intently into moist green eyes. "Ssssh…hey I just need to get out of this heavy stuff." Feeling a bit freer Xena attempted to reassure herself. *Okay Warrior, this is your chance to tell her you love her.* Placing her sword to the side she crossed her legs and looked into the face of the woman she loved. Gabrielle was looking at the ground. Lifting her chin gently the Bard eyes were again filled with tears. Smiling at her companion the Warrior reached up and wiped her tears. "Okay, I’m going to tell you my wishes….and you are not to say anything until I’m done." Gabrielle simply nodded her head in agreement. Xena had a hold of Gabrielle’s hands and was rubbing her strong fingers over them. "I want to kiss you and…"

Before the Warrior could go any further Gabrielle leaned forward lightly and delicately brushing her lips to Xena’s. The heat ran instantly through Xena, as Gabrielle caught her off guard and a small sigh escaped the Warrior. As quickly as she surprised her with a sweet kiss, the Bard pulled her lips away and left Xena speechless. A saucy grin crossed the Bard’s face and she understood her Warrior’s heart. "Xena, like that or….like this…." Giving the Warrior no opportunity to answer or protest Gabrielle slid her hands around Xena’s neck and pressed her lips to the Warrior’s with more passion. As lips melted into lips, their hunger for each other increased rapidly.

"Yesss….mmmm…yes Gabr…" The Bard took advantage of her Warrior’s lips separating to moan her acceptance of Gabrielle’s kiss and slid her tongue into the tall dark woman that constantly invaded her fantasies. Without a second thought both were exploring and discovering their love for each other. Fantasies turned into reality, as she returned the kiss from this young blonde. All of Gabrielle’s willpower had also disappeared and filled with the passion coursing through her body. She refused to stop kissing Xena. Crawling on top of Xena’s lap, Gabrielle shoved her tenderly to the hay covered ground continuing to spread passionate kisses over her face, lips and soon moving to her neck. "Oh….gods Gabrielle….wait…stop, stop." Endeavoring to stop her temporarily she grabbed Gabrielle by the shoulders and eventually needed to capture her face in her strong hands. "Wait…I want to talk to you."

Sugarcoated, green eyes drooping seductively peered into blue ones. "You want to talk?"

"Yes, well no but yes." The confusing response made Xena chuckle lightly.

Gabrielle sat back up pulling the Warrior with her. "Is something wrong…did I do…"

Placing her fingers to Gabrielle’s soft lips sent a chill down Xena’s spine; they were so succulent. "No, you did nothing wrong….I’ve been wanting to kiss you for so long. I think I’ve always wanted to kiss you. In fact I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to kiss you." A happy giggle came from her Bard and before she could stop her Gabrielle was once again spreading her kisses over the Warrior’s face. "Wait…there is more."

This was no longer enough to stop Gabrielle and, as she continued to kiss her Warrior, one hand dropped to Xena’s thigh and expertly slid inside the Warrior’s leathers to her overheated mound causing Xena to twitch at the speed and subtlety in which her young companion managed to enter. "Ohhhhh, Gabrielle…..." Nibbling with exotic expertise on Xena’s ear, Gabrielle let her fingers massage the Warrior’s swollen folds. This made the Warrior light-headed and she was soon overwhelmed and captured by the young woman’s talented fingers. Automatically spreading her legs wider the Warrior wrapped her arms around Gabrielle and whispered for more. Within moments Xena’s groans increased in volume and her body overheated. As her new lover brought her to orgasm, all she could do was hold on and ride the waves. No one had ever stimulated or satisfied the Warrior this quickly and fully before. Collapsing Xena could sense Gabrielle was holding and supporting her body. Gently she guided Xena to her back and lay next to her licking her fingers. When Xena was able to open her eyes, the sight of this woman licking her essence caused her body to tremble. "Gab…Gabr…" The Warrior could not talk or move.

Smiling down at her Warrior, Gabrielle purred seductively. "Mmmm…I hope one of your other wishes lets me taste the source of…..mmmm….gods you taste good." Bending down to kiss Xena quickly on the lips Gabrielle was pleased to discover her Warrior so out of breath. "Still want to talk?"

Gabrielle’s unexpected passion flooded Xena’s senses and all she could do was groan over the suggestion that this young woman would want much more in the way of intimacy. Looking into the young blonde’s tempting green eyes a few tears clouded her own.

"Hey, you okay?" Kissing the tears falling from Xena’s beautiful face, Gabrielle backed off slightly. "I love you Xena. Please know how much I love you. I want more than friendship….can we do this? Can we be lovers?"

The Warrior sat up and cupped her young lover’s face. "Gabrielle…I am going to want this forever. Not just for awhile. You are too deep inside of me. I love you.…it has to be forever. Can you commit yourself to me, forever?"

Adding a sly playful smirk to her grin the Bard caressed the Warrior’s cheek. "Is that wish number two?"

"Oh no…..mmm….you already filled a part of wish number two." This caused both women to giggle for a moment. "Wish number three is to have you forever."

"Wait." Holding her hand on Xena’s chest to stop her from talking. "What do you mean I only fulfilled half of wish number two?"

"Gabrielle, are you avoiding my question?" For the moment, the Warrior desperately needed an answer and would in turn ignore Gabrielle’s question.

Instantly Gabrielle heard the need in Xena to have an answer. The playful Bard slipped away and Gabrielle’s heart took control. Looking directly into Xena’s eyes Gabrielle also wanted her Warrior forever. "Yes Xena. It will always be you – no one else."

Unexpectedly a knock came on the side of the stall and both women looked up to see Kristini standing a respectful distance away. In a low voice the blacksmith spoke with laughter. "Xena, I don’t know how I missed it but….well get your things and follow me." The couple looked at each other, shrugged their shoulder and did as the blacksmith requested. Kristini led them out the back door of the stables toward a small house several paces away. He opened the door and smiled. "Please, spend the night here. I’ve got too much to do with all those horses and people in my stables. I’ll be busy all night. See you, oh around midday tomorrow." With a sneaky smile Kristini turned and raced back to the stables.

"He gave us his home!" The Bard was astounded and not sure what to do. Standing at the entrance the Warrior pulled her through. A small fire filled the front room and several candles were lit throughout.

Throwing their blankets on the scattered deerskin rugs in front of the fire Xena pulled her Bard to the floor. "Now I get to show you the second part of wish two." Without invitation or need for one the Warrior removed her Bard’s halter-top and feasted immediately on the luscious breasts she had only dreamed of previously.

"Oh…..ohhhhhhhh, Xe…na, ah…yessss."

The remainder of the evening the Warrior and Bard slowly and gently loved each other completely. Gabrielle was everything and more than Xena imagined and the young woman was willing to give herself totally to the Warrior’s desires. Anything Xena wanted from Gabrielle, the young woman happily gave her. For the Bard, she could not get enough of her Warrior and discovered in the process that she had a tremendous amount of control over this sexy raven hair beauty. Exhaustion did catch up with the women and sleep was not far behind. As the sun peeked through the window, the Warrior awoke to the sensations of a tongue licking and lips sucking on her breasts. Xena once again surrendered to her young lover who feasted with great precision on her entire body and eventually slipped her tongue into the dark curly wet mound. Quickly Xena rode the wave of passion and love that Gabrielle was administering and in moments her body again lost control. Xena at that moment knew there would never be another lover in her life. Gabrielle was truly and totally her soulmate.

Just before midday the couple returned to the stables to find Argo fed and saddled. The blacksmith was smiling at the women and insisted their stay and Argo’s care was free. The Warrior extended her hand to thank the man. "Kristini, if I can ever do anything for you….if you ever need…"

"No, no – Xena. Please. You are both wonderful people."

The Warrior jumped onto Argo and extended her hand to her soulmate. Gabrielle accepted her hand but was stopped short. "In front, okay?" The playful smile told Gabrielle that they would not make it too far up the trail before they would need to take a break. As she settled in front of her Warrior, they both looked back at the blacksmith. "Kristini, I meant what I said. If you ever need anything?"

Kristini smiled and handed Gabrielle a scroll. "For you young storyteller. Don’t read it until tomorrow morning. Promise me?" Nodding her agreement, Gabrielle thanked the blacksmith and tucked it into her bag. The blacksmith spun around waving goodbye to the couple. Just before he entered the stables Kristini yelled back at Xena. "Warrior – if I ever get trapped back in that oil lamp I will be calling for you. Oh and one more thing. Gabrielle your wish number two will happen before the end of the day."

As the man disappeared into the stables, Gabrielle looked over her shoulder at her lover. "Xena…you don’t suppose?"

Giving Gabrielle a quick kiss on the lips the Warrior shook her head. "No…it was just a story…right?" Nudging Argo to move, the couple wondered if Kristini was just fooling around. "Gabrielle, what is wish two?" Realizing she told her Bard all her wishes and they had come true the Warrior was now extremely curious about her lovers.

"Well, let’s test that old man out. If wish two comes true, as he said, then that man…well..is not just a man." There was no way Gabrielle was going to tell Xena what wish two was. Now she was too intrigued over whether Kristini was a man or a wizard.

Squeezing Gabrielle’s waist tighter the Warrior brushed her lips across the silky blond hair. "Okay, but you promise to tell me after it happens?" Nodding her head yes, the lovers rode for several candlemarks just enjoying the ride, the closeness and lost in their memories of last night and their first time together. The Warrior wanted more than anything to be with Gabrielle for eternity and was willing to do anything to make it happen. A huge desire to make the young woman happy became more important than fighting…which she did enjoy. "Gabrielle, would you like to spend a few days in Athens? We have enough dinars."

"You hate Athens….why?"

"Because I love you and you enjoy Athens. I want you to be happy."

"Xena, all I want is to be with you. Have you love only me, no one else. That will make me happy."

Soon Gabrielle found her Warrior diverting from their current trail and onto the road for Athens. It was late afternoon and the Warrior knew of a cave that they could spend the evening. She wanted Gabrielle to herself and believed they would be fairly safe and uninterrupted there.

*Hades…I never asked Gabrielle what her first wish was.* Dropping her hand from Gabrielle’s waist to caress the athletic thigh of her new lover, the Warrior was pleased, when a small sigh and a warm hand covered hers. "What was your first wish, my little Bard?"

This produced a small giggle and she turned her head to peer into blue eyes. "You!"

Quickly kissing the coral colored lips the Warrior wanted more. "Really?"

"Yes..I wanted you for so long. Just for one night…to touch, kiss and…..mmmm…taste you. I knew that one night would carry me through life."

"Only one night?"

Hearing the slight disappointment and concern in Xena’s voice, the Bard responded quickly. "I never dreamed you would want me for more than one night. I never thought I would be able to satisfy you."

"ARE YOU KIDDING! No one has ever loved me or satisfied me as much as you. Gabrielle, I’m serious when I say forever!"

"Me too." The young blonde laid her head back on protective shoulders and felt Xena’s lips brushing through her hair. "My third wish was for us to love and be with each other through eternity. Like soulmates."

This caused a fevered rush to surge through the Warrior’s body and she handed Gabrielle the reins. "You lead Argo for a while."

"Xena, why………ohhhh, yessss….." Before she could finish her words, the Warrior was massaging her breast with one hand and had slipped her other up Gabrielle’s thigh and was rubbing the wetness that was already heavy from just thinking about Xena.

Nibbling on Gabrielle’s neck Xena was happy to find she had this much power over Gabrielle. "By the gods, you’re so wet. I want you right now."

Resting her head back on Xena’s shoulder the Bard reached out to hold the saddle horn. She could do no more but try and hang on. Her Warrior would have her in any manner she pleased. "Ohhhhh, Xena…..yes take me…."

Slipping her hand under the halter the Warrior fondled the harden nipple of one breast and rolled it gently between her fingers. At the same time she increased the circular motion over the wet throbbing center of her lover causing Gabrielle to arch her hips slightly. With no other intentions than to love this woman, the Warrior slid her fingers into the heated cavern, which brought sudden loud gasps and moans. Yes, Xena would take her right in the saddle, as Argo continued to plod down the road. It did not take long for Gabrielle to begin shaking and gyrating her hips to keep up with Xena’s talented fingers and hands. Within moments Xena darted her tongue into Gabrielle’s ear and simultaneously increased the speed of her thumb over the most sensitive spot of her lover’s treasure and lunged her fingers deep within. Unable to hang on to the saddle horn any longer, the young blonde dropped her hands back to squeeze Xena’s thighs. Crying out in ecstasy with moans and words unrecognizable Gabrielle collapsed forward and was quickly caught and pulled back by her Warrior. Completely out of breath, Xena held on to her lover and grabbed Argo’s reins.

It took awhile before Gabrielle could hear or understand the words coming out of her Warrior. Finally she was able to hear Xena showering her with tender words of unconditional love. Several travelers passed them on the road and Xena simply nodded her head in greeting. "Xena, what happened…did I miss anything…did anyone pass us.."

This brought laugher to the Warrior and she slyly licked Gabrielle’s ear, which produced a shudder. "No one saw us. Look there is a cave just off this road and we can spend the night there and head into Athens tomorrow." Receiving no reply but a weak nod, Xena began to worry that she may have hurt Gabrielle with her seduction on top of Argo. Commanding the mare to increase the pace the couple were outside of the cave in a short period of time.

The Warrior jumped off of Argo and extended her hands to help Gabrielle dismount. No words were exchanged and soon they both fell into the normal routine of collecting wood and setting up camp. Without hesitation Gabrielle placed their blankets together and Xena felt somewhat relieved. As the Bard set about preparing a modest meal for them, Xena needed to find out if she was truly okay. Kneeling down next to Gabrielle, she rubbed the Bard’s back. "Hey, are you okay?"

Moving the brewed tea from the fire Gabrielle faced her partner. "Yes…just overwhelmed." Pouring them each a cup of hot tea, she handed the Warrior hers. "You just….by the gods Xena, I don’t know how to put it into words. I just love you so much." Putting her cup on the ground the Bard scooted close to Xena and caressed her cheeks with both hands. "When you took me on top of Argo….it, it just….you fulfilled something I’ve only dreamed of."

"WHAT! You actually dreamt of me making love to you on top of Argo?" This totally surprised the Warrior. While she knew her sexual fantasies took on some crazy but safe desires, she never imagined this young woman would dream as exotically, as she did. Over time the Warrior had hoped she would be able to introduce different techniques and places to make love to Gabrielle…but it would seem this young vixen was way ahead of her.

This response brought laughter to the young Bard. "Yes, Xena…you just filled my second wish. I guess Kristini is a wizard." Watching the raised eyebrows and smile cross her Warrior’s face, Gabrielle understood that it would be a wonderful night of making love to the only one she ever wanted touching her. Deciding to take command of this opportunity Gabrielle stood up and offered her hand to Xena. The Warrior let a small growl escape her throat and accepted the hand.

Neither would get much sleep that night and Xena discovered that her young lover was not only willing to learn different ways to please her but that Gabrielle also made several requests of Xena that even the Warrior had never experienced before. Just before sunrise the couple lay holding each other tight. Gabrielle had finally drifted off to sleep and Xena decided to spend some time thinking about the treasure she held in her arms. Life had now changed for them but in Xena’s mind it was a good change. Wishes or no wishes, this was meant to be. Eventually exhaustion took over and the Warrior joined her lover in sleep.

Feeling small delicate kisses covering her face Xena opened her eyes to find bright happy green ones looking down at her. "Good morning….you’re a bundle of energy." Grabbing the beautiful face smiling at her Xena pulled her down for a warm kiss.

Returning the kiss was the easiest thing the Bard ever had to do. It was also one of her most favorite things. Kissing Xena was like floating on the clouds and Gabrielle never wanted it to stop. "I love you." Tugging on the Warrior’s arms she pulled her into a sitting position. "Come on Xena, we can read that scroll this morning."

The lover’s got up, each took care of their private needs and over a small morning meal of cheese and bread Gabrielle pulled out the scroll and cuddled up next to Xena so they could read it at the same time. The story of the magic oil lamp was retold in the scroll and both giggled, as they read along. The very bottom sentence was addressed to Xena and Gabrielle. ‘Wishes are simply desires of the heart. No wizard or god can make them come true. The power lies within you and only you can fulfill your hearts desires. The love you share is pure. You only need to nurture it and that love will grow.’

Pulling Gabrielle into her lap and wrapping both arms around the young woman, the Warrior felt a bit overwhelmed with this gift of love. "It will always be you Gabrielle. Always."

Snuggling up with her Warrior, she placed the scroll to the side. "How many places in Athens do you think we can….you know." The warm body holding her tightly began to shake with laughter and Gabrielle decided she would definitely purse her lover in the places she would least expect it.

The End


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