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Nano #5: Motion

Part Three - Acceleration


Grace still had yet to slip into the comforting blanket of sleep. Numbers

were running laps in her mind and she was counting each pass. Looking to

the black digits on the alarm clock, she read the display, 1:30. The

warmth of the body behind her which could normally tug her into slumber

was keeping her awake as well. Her strong heart was pounding and her limbs

twitched with aches.


She crawled out from underneath the long arm folded around her waist and

wandered out onto the back deck.


A few minutes later Doc woke empty handed and went in search of her

roommate. She found her sitting on the steps leading down to the beach,

golden hair catching the dim light of the stars.


"Grace? You shouldn't be out here by yourself," she said taking a seat on

the smooth wood next to her.


"Why, because of Reichert?"




The edgy doctor blew out a long stream of air.


"Are you feeling okay? You don't look too good."


"I'm tired, so tired I can't sleep."


"Coming down?"


"No! "


Dark eyebrows shot up into darker bangs and sleepy eyes widened. "Whoa."


"Sorry. I'm still wired, and knowing someone might pounce on us any second

doesn't help."


"Want me to take a stab at short circuiting you?"


A small laugh and a demure smile. "Would you do that for me?"


"Mmmmhmmm." Dana hugged her lover. " I would most definitely do that for

you, but it has to be inside where it's warm."


A warm mouth met a very hot one, and the tall nanotech found the searing

lips were eliciting a groan in her and a loss of breath. She leaned back,

and this time the green eyes were dark and smoky with passion. Dana felt

a shiver run down her spine and a current of her own circulating between

her legs.


"Don't make me beg you to take me," the blonde whispered.


Dana lifted the smaller women by the hips until the strong runner's legs

were wrapped tightly around her own waist.


Grace shifted, grinding their pelvises together, and pulled the dark head

towards her so that mouths could move against each other.


Dana felt herself begin to lose balance as she was being devoured, and

barely managed to control the fall to the Persian rug, the blonde on top of

moving rhythmically against her before they were even situated.


Desperate. Dana tried to reach for the breasts swaying over her through

the shirt but her hands were caught and slammed down against the carpet

over her head and held there. She tensed momentarily, but then Grace's

presence and their bond reasserted itself and she relaxed, allowing her

arousal to carry her along. Enjoy this, Doc, she told herself. Don't

end it. Just relax and enjoy it.


One small hand regripped her wrists and the other maneuvered to the tie of

the cotton pants and began to work them off until toes were pushing them

down. Her white shirt was pushed up to her shoulders and then Grace

removed her own shorts and shirt. Skin moved against skin, frantic and



Grace looked down at the dark features to make sure this was okay. Dana

was breathing hard.


"I need more," the doctor begged as she moved and released the arms she



"Okay," Doc barely managed. The tangy smell of arousal was so strong she

felt like she was drifting. She leaned forward to catch a swaying breast

in her mouth and swirled the hard nipple between her teeth and tongue.


"Yes. Harder, please."


Dana grabbed the other breast and pinched it hard while biting the one

already in her mouth.


"Oh god, yes. More."


The doctor pressed urgently against the nanotech's belly smearing it with

wetness, gliding practically without friction, faster and faster. Dana's

skin was burning where her lover moved against her, the wetness and heat

pouring from Grace firing her own senses into overload.


Reaching up she again captured two large reddish nipples in her strong

hands, playing the fading rough calluses over the sensitive flesh.


"Yes." Both a moan and a request for more.


Obligingly, Dana twisted slightly and was rewarded with another moan of

Pleasure from the doctor.


Grace screamed out her release startling her lover. Wow, Dana thought

as the body above her continued to ride and spasm until another wave took



Before the last vestiges of release had vanished, Grace moved suddenly, her

smaller body crushing against Dana's. It seemed as if Grace were trying to

meld them together into a single unit by sheer force of pressure. Soft lips roughly

captured hers and Dana found herself unexpectedly responding to her lover's

aggressive demands. Previous memories were washed away in the searing

fire of Grace's mouth and tongue.


Sharp teeth nipped at the sensitive corners of her mouth before raking

over her chin and feasting on the tender flesh of her throat. Tapered fingers

tangled in her hair, drawing her head back, exposing more neck to Grace's vigorous assault. Involuntarily she moaned and Grace paused, looking up at her with eyes dark from arousal.




"S'okay," she slurred. And it was.


Soft lips and hard teeth went to work on a sensitive nipple and again Dana

felt a shudder of pleasure rip through her body, another moan following the

motion. In a rational corner of her mind, she struggled to reconcile past and present, and then suddenly catching sight of green eyes...eyes full of lust...and love...she found the key, and surrendered the last locked bits of her soul to that love. To that trust.


The air between them changed, as if in silent acknowledgment of the victory they shared. Grace's hands drifted lower, nails tracing counterpoints of sensation to the softness of questing lips. Dana felt her pulse quicken as she tried to anticipate which part of Grace's body would reach its goal first, growing increasingly aroused as side trips were taken across her flesh, the motions starting and stopping unpredictably...maddeningly.


Grace used a hip and leveraged her legs open even farther, and before the significance registered on the nanotech, Grace had entered her, pulling another surge of voluptuous delight from the velvet depths. Just when Dana was sure she couldn't take anymore, Grace darted forward adding the warmth of breath and a soft wet heat to counter balance her own. Vocalizing the effect of the sudden increase in pleasure, she was startled to hear herself moan.


Displaying an intensity she'd never allowed herself to feel before, Dana arched into Grace's demanding mouth, finding her release as swiftly and as hard as the doctor had found hers.


And still they weren't finished. Reveling in the new sensations and freedom Dana turned the tables on her lover, pinning the doctor's hands over head in an effortless one handed grip. Pausing to regain her equilibrium, she drank in the sights and sounds of Grace's excitement. The slight hitch in the uneven breathing, the light sheen of perspiration that glistened along a fair

brow and creamy shoulders...and the eyes...Dana swore she could lose herself in the emerald depths forever.


Taking her cue from Grace's earlier behavior and the continued fire of passion clearly visible on her lover's face, Dana leaned over and whispered in a delicate ear, briefly nibbling on a lobe before exhaling the words.


"What do you need Grace?"


Without waiting for an answer, she nibbled her way across to the other ear, feeling the jump in Grace's heart rate as she mouthed a pulse point. The doctor twisted, thrusting her hips into Dana's - as if trying to say with her body what she couldn't with words.


"You've been holding back. I know you need more. Tell me what you need

from me. I want to give it to you." She knew what Grace was afraid to ask, wanted to hear her lover say the words that would make them equals in this final frontier.




"I'm ready - I promise."


"God, Dana, I need you to ..."


The blonde continued to writhe under her, lifting her head to roughly capture Dana's mouth, before dropping back against the floor, hair splaying to the sides.


"To what, love? What can I give you?" Dana bit down on Grace's shoulder.


Need won over fear, and a voice rough with want rasped. "Fuck me, Dana."


Startled she blinked, inexperience adding to her confusion before realizing that Grace's need was in the how, not in the mechanics.


Twining her hands in Grace's long tresses, she tilted her lover's head back, opening the creamy skin to her teeth and mouth, much as her own had been earlier.


Grace's now freed hands roamed over her back, nails scoring trails of sensation down the length of her spine. She felt the doctor grip her buttocks and push up into her, contrasting colors of curls tugging against each other. To Dana the friction was delicious and she squirmed to make the connection tighter, giving Grace what she wanted at the same time.


She felt Grace's hands stroking, licking like fire, like ice everywhere on her body, urging her on. Dana let out an uninhibited moan, enjoying the harmony as it combined with the whimpers and moans of her lover.


When Grace bucked under her , Dana moved along the bone of a naked shoulder, kissing and sucking her skin until she found Grace's breast and took it into her mouth. Alternating nips and licks, she devoured Grace's body, losing track of her own body's reactions as she was subsumed by Grace's passion.


Again and again they took each other to the brink and beyond, the energy released by one fueling the other in a perfect cycle of lust and love, until the banished demons driving Grace had laid to rest the ghosts of Dana's past - bringing them both to rest.


Dana felt a sense of peace and belonging steal across her - as though Grace was part of her - she never suspected that by taking Grace - that in being taken -giving would be the result.


The lovers were both laying flat on their backs, drained by a surfeit of sensuality and staring at the ceiling while their pulses and breathing returned to normal.


"Thanks for waiting."


"Anytime," the doctor sighed, more relaxed and satisfied than she had been

in years, let alone days. "Good things come to those that wait."


"I didn't think I could ever enjoy something thatÖintense."


Grace took the long fingers into her hand and played with them, then lifted

them to her mouth and gently kissed each knuckle, her own scent lingering

on the dark skin.


"I love you, Dana."


"I hope so," the nanotech replied with a chuckle. A moment later when she looked over, green eyes were closed and the deep rhythmic breathing of sleep had finally overtaken the doctor.



Continued...Part 4

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