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Subtext Warning: Yes, rather! So, this story implies (I really have to work on my work choice) a loving relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18, this type of thing is illegal in the state/country in which you live, or you are offended by it, read no further.

Author’s Notes. This is the fifth instalment in the Nipple Series. To get my drift, you will probably have to start from Nipple and work your way through. A dreadful task, but someone has to do it. I am generally poking fun at myself, my writing style and the cliches of subtext in the Xenaverse. All this, and well, I hope to produce a few smiles along the way.

Acknowledgments: Well, this was a long time coming. I’d like to thank all the people out there who pestered me enough that I got off my ass and finished this instead of pottering around with other things. I’ve even had people at work asking me how my Nipples were. When it gets to that, something has to be done. So, thanks to Kamouraskan and all the people on the ex-Guards who gave this a read.



Nipple V - The Second Coming



"Under the table?" Xena grated, staring the bard down.

"Yes, under," she paused a moment and ran a hand up Xena’s exposed thigh, "every story has to have a proper...climax."

Xena raised an eyebrow, "I thought we just..." she trailed off, not really finding the words.

The bard shook her head as a sultry smirk twitched at her lips.

"You think that that-? Oh Xena," her voice dropped, "where have you been?"

The warrior’s jaw fell open. This was Gabrielle? Feeling a little put out, Xena nodded dumbly.

"Oh no. No, no, no, no, you have to have the passion, the wild ecstasy of abandon. No-one wants to read just ... you know." She gestured with a hand.

"Sex?" the warrior tried, because there really was no mistaking Gabrielle’s hand gesture.

"My point exactly. You need to have a twist and a turn, something out of the ordinary." The bard nodded enthusiastically.

"Well," the warrior pulled from the bard’s clutches, "if you think whatever we just did was ordinary, I have underestimated you."

The bard grinned, "You have no idea by how much."

The warrior swallowed, feeling the definite approach of wild ecstasy.

"But under the table?" She paused, allowing her gaze to drift wantonly over Gabrielle’s body, "What about on it?"

The bard looked about, "We have company." She hissed.

Xena leered at the young woman and cast about the tavern with an expression that basically said, ‘Don’t even think about thinking...anything’. Anyone who was within eyeshot of the couple suddenly became interested in the wood grain of their tables.

"I don’t think we’ll have a problem." She said, letting her smoky expression settle on the bard.

A jolt of adrenalin shot through the blonde, she tried to swallow against it.

"I suppose it would add to the…twists and turns."

"Yeah, twists and turns." the warrior said, pushing back her stool and rising like a panther stalking it's prey. She grinned lewdly and held her hand out for the bard.

Gabrielle stared at the offered hand a moment, weighing the possibilities before taking it.

Xena pulled her up roughly and drew the smaller woman to her, clasping her against her body with a hand on her lower back. The warrior glared down at the woman before her. There were to be no more games.

Gabrielle felt the breath catch in her throat at the intensity of the warrior's gaze. She could feel the warmth of Xena's leathers pressed against her. She shuddered against the strength that held her, possessively, yet with a subtlety she could not define.

"What are you going to do?" the bard asked a little breathlessly, feeling the fiery warmth of passion rekindled.

"All part of the plot, Gabrielle."


"Yes," the word was a delicious whisper against the bard's ear as Xena leant down, "the plot…for your climax."

The bard shuddered again, as Xena nipped lightly at her lobe.

"Oh." was all she could manage."

"Because you see," the warrior continued, nuzzling into the inviting flesh of Gabrielle's neck, "the difference between you and me is," she kissed lightly at the bard's pulse, eliciting a low moan, "I believe in the more direct approach. Twists and turns offer their purpose, but they have very little to do with plot."

"They don't?" the bard asked.

"No, Xena said before smothering Gabrielle's lips with her own.

Gabrielle relaxed into the kiss, allowing the warrior to explore her. Tongues battled, sliding and tangling in lecherous pleasure. They finally broke apart, both in need of air. The two women gasped against each other for a moment before Xena spun the bard and held her against the wall.

"Twist." she whispered into Gabrielle's shoulder, her warm breath sliding across the bard's heated flesh.

"Uh-huh." Gabrielle breathed, her breath tangling in Xena's dark locks.

"Yeah, the warrior said, working her way across Gabrielle's shoulder and down her collar bone with light kisses. She paused at the base of the bard's neck, snaking her tongue out to lap at the hollow there. The bard felt a desperate wash of desire run over her and she tried to press more firmly against the woman before her.

Xena was having none of it and smiled into the bard's flesh at the distraction in the move. She continued further along the bard's other clavicle, pausing to nip lightly at the muscle of her shoulder.

The bard groaned and allowed her head to loll back against the wall.

"Gabrielle?" Xena asked, as she slithered a hand down the bard’s back and over one of her buttocks.

"Yes?" the bard asked as glorious sensations coursed through her.

"I want you to do something for me."

The bard made a noise of affirmation as Xena's fingers teased her through the fabric of her clothing.

"Xena placed a kiss at the top of the bard's breasts, "I want you to turn."

"Turn?" Gabrielle questioned, too caught up in the sensations that were torturing her.

"Here, let me help." Xena said, clasping the bard by the shoulders and turning her about, so she was facing the wall. The left side of Gabrielle’s face was pressed against the cool stone, giving some relief to the heat that was flowing through her body, but not enough.

Xena pressed against the back of her thighs, leathers comfortably nestled against the bard’s backside. She snaked her hands around and palmed Gabrielle’s breasts through the cloth that enclosed them, prison-like.

The bard let out a guttural groan as the warrior’s heated hands passed over her nipples. She was torn between pressing into those palm, or back against the woman. The result was a half hearted attempt at both.

Xena grinned into the back of the bard’s neck through her hair, "You like this?" the warrior asked?

"Yes." The breathy reply shuddered against the stone.

Xena pressed her palms against the womas breasts before seeking her nipples and pinching them slightly.

Gabrielle gasped against the sudden jolt of fire that ran through her. Her hips moved forward of their own accord, however there was no relief in cold stone.

"Xena..." she hissed through clenched teeth.

The warrior teased the tormented bard a moment longer before abandoning her breasts, caressing Gabrielle’s midriff with warm hands. She felt the bard’s stomach muscles clench in response to her exploration. She paused a moment, and Gabrielle seemed to sag against the wall. She pressed closer, supporting the small woman with her weight. This served only to increase Gabrielle’s frustration and the warrior felt the bard squirm against her hands.

Xena trailed a series of light kisses over the bard’s shoulder blades and delved lower with her hands over the smaller woman’s hips, in a slow and sensuous motion down her thighs.

If Gabrielle had not been pressed firmly against the wall, she would have been on the floor. She reached back with her hands in an attempt at more contact with the warrior, but succeeded in only partially grasping Xena’s leathers.

Xena grinned as she brought her hands up, raising Gabrielle’s skirt., caressing the soft flesh of the bard’s inner thighs.

Gabrielle’s body cried out for contact that was being denied her. Her flesh was on fire with need, and she ached an ache that could only be relieved by one thing.

The warrior hesitated, hands against Gabrielle’s thighs. She let the warmth and the passion that Gabrielle must have been feeling, seep through the smaller woman. She placed a kiss at the back of Gabrielle’s neck and ran her tongue over the bard’s shoulder.

"You’re driving me crazy." Gabrielle breathed against the wall.

"I know." The word was hot against Gabrielle’s skin.

Xena slid her hand between Gabrielle’s legs and simply held her. Gabrielle grunted and thrust against the warrior’s hand.

Xena removed her hand, "Play fair." She growled against the bard’s ear.

Gabrielle’s breath caught in her throat, vaguely feeling like tears. She managed to stay still against all her body’s commands and Slowly, Xena’s hand returned. Gabrielle gritted her teeth against the sensations that were throbbing through her.

"Gods..." she hissed, hardly able to remain in control.

"You want the table now?" Xena asked, her own physical reaction to the bard taking its toll.

"Table." Gabrielle gasped, hardly believing she would be able to stand long enough to get there.

Xena grinned lasciviously, as she dragged the bard with her to their abandoned table. With one arm she held Gabrielle in a possessive embrace, and with the other she swept mugs of half finished port to the floor. The mugs crashed loudly against the wooden floorboards. A few heads turned in the direction of the warrior and the bard, however after seeing what was about to happen, those stares quickly turned away in fear.

The warrior hoisted her bard upon the table into a sitting position and wantonly stared down at her. Gabrielle sucked in a deep breath at the looming figure.

"Are you afraid?" Xena asked.

"I…I don't know."

"You should be." Xena growled as she ran a hand up Gabrielle's thighs and under her skirt. Gabrielle hung on to the warrior's waist and leaned into her shoulder, briefly kissing at the bronzed flesh.

Xena pushed her back despite herself, "This isn't about me Gabrielle, it's about you and your story."

"One Tartarus of a story…" the blonde breathed.

"I thought you’d like it." Xena snarled, tearing the bard's skirt from her body in one swift movement and leaving it discarded on the floor. The bard gasped in shock at the sudden violence of the action. However, she was equally distressed by the strong rush of desire that ran through her, leaving her feeling dizzy in its wake.

"I do." Gabrielle managed as Xena pulled the bard closer to her. The warrior leaned in to steal Gabrielle’s lips with her own for a long moment.

She broke away and pushed the bard back on the table, climbing up over the smaller woman to straddle her with her knees. With a wicked leer, she crept over the bard’s body, cat-like in her movement. Gabrielle stared upwards towards the approaching warrior, her eyes holding a glint of fear. Yet more than the fear, was the deep arousal she felt as Xena’s body pressed against hers. The warrior’s armour embedded itself in her flesh, cool against her heated body.

"Xena..." the bard gasped as she felt Xena drag her leg wantonly over hers. The warrior positioned one of her knees between the bard’s thighs and spread the smaller woman’s legs ever so slightly. The bard groaned as a fresh wave of desire washed over her. She arched upwards and Xena ducked her head to feast of the exposed flesh of the woman’s breasts.

Gabrielle writhed beneath the warrior, pressing herself further upward, demanding wore attention. She snaked up a hand and secured Xena’s head within her cleavage. The warrior grunted at the sensation of being enveloped in flesh. She shifted slightly, manipulating Gabrielle’s top, forcing it from her breasts, exposing the glorious globes to the entire tavern. The warrior was determined in her assault, capturing one of Gabrielle’s nipples in her mouth and bringing it to an erect peak. The bard squirmed and cried out as bolts of pure fire dove towards her groin.

"Do you like this plot?" Xena asked against the bard’s warm skin.

"Uh-huh," Gabrielle groaned in response, squeezing her eyes shut against the bodily onslaught, "But...I think you need to...delve deeper...into the characterisations." She managed.

"Oh, like this?" the warrior mumbled, lightly nipping at one of the bard’s nipples as her hand slid of the woman’s body and between her legs.

Gabrielle nearly screamed when she felt Xena’s long fingers ease between her heated flesh and seek out her centre. The warrior teased the bard’s opening a moment, revelling in the feel of the silken flesh and delighting in the torture she was bestowing on the smaller woman.

"Xeeeena!" Gabrielle grunted, her body contorting against the woman above her, desperately seeking more contact.

"Yes?" Xena asked, her breath hot against the bard.

"Every story had to...oh Gods...end...sometime." the bard’s voice was cracked with built up frustration."

"Consider this the final chapter."

Xena shifted her hand touching lightly at Gabrielle’s nub of nerves. She massaged gently as the bard’s hips ground into her hand. She slowed her pace a little, not wishing to disappoint. This only succeeded in eliciting a guttural screech and more frantic movement from the bard. Xena grinned to herself and bit lightly at one of Gabrielle’s nipples as she lowered her hand once more, searching out the blonde’s opening. She circled it lightly before sliding two of her tapered fingers within the silken folds. Gabrielle’s hips took up a quicker pace against the warrior’s hand, fire building within her. Xena kept pace with the bard as the table creaked and groaned beneath them, threatening to split apart.

Gabrielle’s head thrashed from side to side as the warrior rode her to the very peak of perfection. Finally, when she thought she could take no more, Xena added a third finger to the thrusting force. The bard cried out and disappeared over the edge of sanity. Xena stayed with her until the final shudders of release had passed, grasping at her digits. She withdrew and pushed her self upright, staring down at the barely conscious bard. A smile played at the corner of her lips as Gabrielle’s eye’s swam open and focused after a moment.

"Oh yeah..." the bard breathed, "definitely a best seller."


The End.

Right, sorry to say it people, but I am hanging up my nipples. The series has ended. I could only keep doing this for so long. And I think that it has about had it. If you would like me to write about some other body part, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do, but I’ve had it up to here with nipples, okay?

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