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The Feast

By ArdentTly


It was a nice spring evening and I was sitting in a restaurant with a very lovely lady. She had been rather distant all night, and I was having a hard time figuring out what her mixed signals meant. It was hard keeping myself in check, but this one had great potential, and I wanted the encounter to be just right for the both of us.

Finally, after watching her finish picking at her meal, I'd decided enough
was enough.

"You wanna tell me what's going on here?"


"You've barely eaten a thing, you don't seem particularly interested in
talking to me, and you have this problem with making eye contact."

She lifted her eyes and gazed at me with disinterest. Then she sighed. I probed a back tooth with my tongue, and thought about all the other things she could be doing with that nice mouth.

She blinked at me.

'Ah,' I thought. 'I'm supposed to be a mind reader. I see.' Well then,
nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I motioned to the waiter who decided at that moment to studiously ignore
me. The restaurant was a nice one, the ambience rather silky and smooth,
and certainly very dark. However, I was sure the jerk had seen me. I was
beginning to lose my temper.

My charming manner began to slip as my plans for taking the aloof woman
dancing to ease her stiff demeanor flitted away. I was going to take her dirty
dancing. I'd put the moves on that cold exterior, and just melt the Ice
Princess down to a hot fiery liquid. Something I could play with,
certainly, but I was convinced she'd have a good time, too, if she just gave
it half a chance. I imagined my hands on those nice pert breasts.

The more I thought about it, the hotter I became. The woman across from me
was tall and blonde, voluptuously built, and had a nice satiny voice.
Just my type, but her eyes had blue ice chips in them whenever she threw
her gaze my way. Why had she agreed to go out if she wasn't interested?

I watched as a long red fingernail poked at the cherry tomatoes, finally skewering
one, and popping it in between her equally red lips. My nostrils flared as I recognized a tease in full bloom. My upper lip twitched as a fine bead of sweat began to form there. Bringing the napkin up to my face, I carefully blotted my mustache, and thought of Plan B.

"Well, this evening is a waste. I am definitely NOT having a good
time. You do know what a good time is, don't you?" She said in a very low

'Fine,' I thought, smiling wickedly. 'Two can play that game.'

Reaching across the table, I took her long fingers in mine and whispered, "I
think you dropped something under the table."

She looked at me in confusion. I pulled on her hand a little harder. While
I'd been a perfect gentleman all evening, I was beginning to see that this
rather vexatious woman had no intention of responding to it. It was time to try
another tact.

"You get under that table now, baby, because your 'good time' is just
beginning. Here I've been very concerned about what I can do for
you...romance you, wine and dine you...and that’s not what you want, is it? You
want dominance, huh?"

She winced as my hand closed around her wrist. "Now."

I watched as the woman’s skin began to flush, and the ice slip from her pale blue
eyes. Yes, I'd gambled on her reaction but I'd been right, too.

"You are gonna get under the table, and you're gonna stay there. Nice and
quiet. First of all, you are going to open my zipper, baby, and see the
nice surprise I have for you."

The blonde swallowed deeply, and I watched as her tongue darted out between the
nice full red lips. Yes, there were so many other things she could be doing
with that mouth. Indeed.

I settled myself, bringing my napkin up to lie on the table, and just waited
while my new playmate dropped to her knees. I smiled as her hands moved up the
outside of my legs, and then I felt her rubbing against my knees. I leaned my chair
back and got an eyeful of her cleavage, as she slowly moved her breasts back
and forth across me.

"Open my zipper now, but slowly. All the way, yeah...like that. Now take my cock out and show me how good that mouth is."

I watched with fascination as she began to go down on me. Her eyes never left mine as she sucked and nibbled at me.

Soon I could feel my juices drip down onto my thighs, and gave
her further instructions on just how to make this a most memorable encounter.

"Good, baby...now ease your fingers under...right...there, yes."

I moved my legs wider and tilted my pelvis a bit. A groan almost escaped as
I felt her finger enter me. Moving the table cloth out of the way, I sat
back and watched as she sucked my dick. It was heaven...pure, unadulterated, heaven.

The room and all the occupants seemed to just fade away as the woman pleasured
me. My one hand tangled in her hair, pushing her to take me deeper, and she began moaning in delight.

Suddenly I heard a voice, and my head snapped up. The waiter stood there, a
very bored expression on his face.

"Yes? Do you wish your bill, or are you going to order something more?"

My mind was foggy, and I bit my lip as I felt another finger push into me.

"Uh...yeah. Coffee..."

"And would you like dessert, sir?" He asked.

I swallowed as I was stretched wider.

"Oh yeah. Definitely dessert. Be a good boy and bring me something with
whipped cream...and...fruit..."

He cleared his throat, smiled ingratiatingly, and then left.

'Idiot,' I thought briefly, and then all thoughts of the scant gratuity I
was going to leave him left as I felt something bumping against my lower belly.
I looked down, and groaned slowly, as I saw the woman had deep throated me. I
watched as my cock slowly emerged from her throat, and then was swallowed
deeply once more.

My passion was raging like a fire out of control, consuming me, and it was
all I could do not to rip the table from between us, and just take her then
and there.

I seethed as the dessert and coffee was carefully placed on the table, and
then gripped the edge as I felt my cock pushed to the side. My trousers
were gently but firmly pulled down and then it was her hot mouth I felt
teasing my belly, my thighs and finally…total bliss.

Thoughts of ruling the Ice Princess completely flew out the window as I felt a bit of the control shift. And so the dance began.

Trying very hard to focus on anything else, I lifted my fork and began
eating my cheesecake...slowly. The strawberries sat on the side, covered
with whipped cream, and I gingerly passed one down under the table, and into
my lover’s mouth. She lapped at my fingers and then went about her business.

I loved the attention but needed to see my dick in her mouth again. It
was either that or between her legs, and I didn't think the other patrons
would be too pleased with us. I glanced over at the waiter who wore a more
pleasant expression than the dour one he'd worn earlier. In fact, I could
see he knew exactly what was going on, and correctly surmised that he must have had a perfect view of the blonde’s ass as she wriggled under the table.

Thinking of him getting a boner as she pleasured me was really fuelling my
fire. I dipped my fingers into the whipped cream and slowly tilted my chair back
until I could lock eyes with my lover. She glanced up and smiled, and then
got busy again. Her eyes widened as I painted my cock with the sticky stuff,
and then pushed it into her mouth. She eased a few buttons of her blouse open, and my
mouth watered as her full breasts fell out. I'm sure my heart stopped
somewhere in the vicinity of my throat as I caught a golden flash from one

"Oh, fuck..." I moaned, imagining the ring between my teeth.

My lover smiled and began to lick and suck lovingly at my dick. I began seeing
sparkles just behind my eyes as her fingers moved faster. I was getting
close, oh so very close.

Suddenly pushing her away, I pulled up my pants and rearranged myself
quickly. I watched as my beauty licked her lips and fingers, and then push
her breasts back down into her blouse.

I stood up and acted as a sort of barrier as the woman quickly exited the other
side of the table. The waiter was there to offer her a helping hand as she
quickly headed for the bathroom.

I smiled at the guy and took out my billfold. He arched an eyebrow at me
and smirked.

"A tip? You gave me an eyeful already..." He stopped and then frowned. My
zipper was still open. I smiled and then zipped my pants up.
He shook his head with wonder and then grinned.

"Looks like you're the one with the big tip, my friend." He laughed at his
own joke and I threw a twenty onto the table. I knew he could have made
things really embarrassing and yet hadn't. That alone was worth the tip I'd

"Great food, buddy. We'll come back again sometime."

He smirked, and I headed off to the bathroom, a Cheshire smile playing on my

I waited until the last person left the room, and then hurriedly bolted the
door. I turned quickly and there she stood, pulling her nylons down, and
exposing her pussy. I groaned, and then her mouth was on mine. My fingers
worked feverishly as I unbuttoned and removed her blouse and bra. At last!
I pulled at the ring and felt a deep shudder run through my lover. Oh, this
was going to be good.

Easing us back towards the sinks, I settled her on the edge of the counter,
and then pushed one leg up over my shoulder. Carefully taking her ring into
my mouth, I sucked and pulled at it, eliciting moan after moan. I slowly
unzipped and pulled my cock out. I groaned into my baby’s mouth, as my fingers
dipped into her sweet honey. I painted my dick liberally, and then slowly
eased into her.

"Oh, gods...that feels so good, baby." I sighed in agreement, and then took
the ring between my teeth. She gasped as I pulled on it, causing a jolt of
intensity to hit her hard. She writhed and pulled her hips hard against

"Please," she panted, "take me harder."

"Now why would I wanna do that? I’m having too much fun taking it nice and slow, baby."

I could hear her teeth grind as sharply painted nails dug into my ass. An audible pop sounded as I released her nipple and leaned back, pushing her leg straight up. My throat seemed to dry up as I slid deliciously in and out of her. It was like a symphony to my eyes as I stretched her swollen tissues. I ground myself against her, and then went back to worrying her nipple ring.

It wasn't long before I could sense her impending orgasm. Quickly withdrawing, I pushed her down onto the floor, and took her from behind. She
grunted as I slammed into her backside with every thrust. Tilting my head
back, I closed my eyes, and concentrated on keeping my own explosion at bay.

Just as the first wave was beginning to hit her, I licked two fingers
and slid them over her engorged clit. That was all it took to push her over, and as she
pressed her face against the floor tiles, I could feel myself losing it.

She screamed her release as I continued to work her over with both
fingers and cock, never missing a beat, and then I closed my eyes tightly as
the sparkles returned.

It was like someone was caressing every convoluted area of my mind, and as each mote of energy burst within my brain, I clutched my lover closely. It was as if a white light surrounded me and then...then Melinda was sprawled on the floor, and I was lying on top, my hips still rocking gently against her.

"Oh, gods…that was wonderful Mel." I threw my hat up high in the air and sighed as it seemed to float back down to the floor nearby.

"Say, is that a new ring?"

Melinda rolled over onto her side as I eased out, and then nestled into my arms.

"Mmmmm, yes. Just bought it today," she purred against my temple. Tilting her chin up, I kissed her deeply, and then shook out my long blonde hair.

"I think I like it better than the silver one." I kissed her again, and she giggled against my mouth.

"Gods, that tickles, Jan. Can’t you take it off now?" I winced as a few small hairs came away with the spirit gum, and then the small black mustache lay on the tiles like a despondent spider.

"Hey, you should try wearing the damned thing. It’s as itchy as hell."

Melinda sat up and released a few hidden bobby pins, sighing with relief.

"Wearin’ this wig was drivin’ me crazy, too." We both sighed contentedly as she worked the other pins out of her hair, letting the tresses fall deliciously over her bare shoulders.

She grinned lasciviously and reached a hand inside my trousers, fingering the straps.

"A sound investment, Janice."

I waggled my eyebrows suggestively, and nodded.

"So, you liked the illusion, huh?"

Melinda grinned, and kissed the end of my nose.

"I did indeed."

Picking at the last remnants of the spirit gum, she leaned back and admired her handiwork.

"That’s better. You look darn cute with that little old caterpillar on your lip, but I must confess, it is most distracting when you kiss me."

"Yeah? If you closed your eyes, does it feel like you were smoochin’ one of your old beaus?"

"Well, I hardly remember, there were so many, Janice." She chuckled as I shoved her playfully. She shoved back and before I knew it, I was pinned to the floor.

"Let me up, you Amazon, you."

"I don’t think I will."

I snaked my head forward and kissed her hungrily.

"Oh, gods," she said, "you win."

"Don’t I always," I said between nibbles.

"Well, I do remember a time…"

She groaned as my tongue slipped inside her mouth and then we both jumped apart as someone pounded on the door.


"We could always continue this at home."




(c) ArdentTly

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