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1 September 2009

This Week on AUSXIP

There's been a few additions and a few may have noticed the new banner...thought the site needed a bit of a freshen up so the main AUSXIP page has been given the new banner and also the winners of the AUSXIP Talking Xena Banner competitions for Lucy and Renee's sites have also been chosen. Beautiful banners for both sites!

Mesh has been busy creating and has some very exciting news for Stacy Haiduk fans who can now email Stacy via and email account and it will be answered by Stacy. Check out Mesh's note below. Stacy has also graciously contributed exclusive images with more on the way. Lots of good stuff.

Mesh writes: The AUSXIP Network site dedicated to Stacy Haiduk now features a set of exclusive photos, with more on the way. You may remember Stacy as Lana on Superboy, Lt. Hitchcock on SeaQuest, or Lisa Tabak on the last season of Prison Break. She's been on shows ranging from All My Children to The X-Files, she currently stars on The Young and the Restless as the vulnerable whacko Mary Jane.

Stacy has decided to open a fan mail account with AUSXIP, you're welcome to email her if you liked her in any or all her roles.

Come on over and check out the site and don't be shy, email Stacy, she'd love to hear from you.

For Erin Cummings fans, the new site dedicated to the Bitch Slap and Spartacus star is now online. Erin is a super cool lady and I'm very pleased to be adding this new site to AUSXIP. The GORGEOUS banner was created by Mesh.

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