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31 December 2009

AUSXIP Videos Site is Born

Hi folks,

ausxipvideos.jpgI'm very pleased to announce the birth of a new site on AUSXIP. Previously videos were spread out all over the various AUSXIP Sites and not easy to locate from one central area.

I have created AUSXIP Videos which is basically a mini youtube for AUSXIP videos on AUSXIP. There is a mixture of embedded video from various video sharing sites such as youtube, google, vimeo etc and also hosted videos. If you have a music video and/or video related to Lucy, Renee, Xena etc and you would like to share it on AUSXIP Videos, please refer to the contribute section of the site on how to do so.

You will be able to locate the video you want via the menu which is broken down in categories:

There are lots more videos to be added but in the meantime there are around 80 online. More will be added in the coming days. I will be converting the wmv and other formats including all the music videos.

Site is located here: