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29 December 2009

What's New for AUSXIP in 2010?

As you can see things are being re-organised around here which is pretty much normal when it comes to AUSXIP. Changing and growing.

I've got some new sections/sites that will be born in 2010 that I'm working on and of course news and multimedia from our favourite people will continue to flow.

I will be going on my annual vacation mid January and Mesh will be taking over looking after the babies for a few weeks.

January sees the premiere of Spartacus Blood and Sand - a must see show. Lucy is INCREDIBLE in this as are the rest of the cast. Sex, Violence and Nudity? Yes BUT there is a story, there is great acting, there is a fantastic plot and of course there is Lucy! There are some naughty bits and some 'oh my, did they just do that' bits but it's NOT to be missed. Check out my reviews for episode 1 and episode 2. I have seen episodes 3 and 4 but not reviewing them becuase I can't review them and not spoil things. Starz has been very kind enough to give me access to these videos and also the promo images which I'm thankful for and appreciate it. In addition I've written a Lucretia and Batiatus character review which I will be be posting soon.

February sees the 15th Annual Xena Convention in Los Angeles where I will be attending and hope to catch up with my mates and have a jolly good time. Can you all believe it's been 15 years?! Headlining the event are our dynamic duo Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor with a plethora of fantastic ladies (and a couple of gents). Check out Creation Entertainment for tickets!

March is the annual AUSXIP Charity Auction to benefit AUSXIP's chosen charity, The Starship Foundation and one of Renee's charities. That's going to be AWESOME. We have some really cool unique stuff for this year's auction.

And that's just for starters. Thank you again for supporting AUSXIP in 2009 and let's hope 2010 is one great year!