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26 December 2009

Xena Site Updates + New Banner

ImageOkay I've done some reorganising of the site. I've noticed more and more of Xena related articles have started to appear on my blog "This That & Other Stuff" which wasn't the intention of the blog so I've reorganised the site somewhat. I've moved the Xena related news out of the blog and into it's own section (where it should have been in the first place.)

All Xena related articles have now been moved over to AUSXIP Xena Warrior Princess and it has a spiffy new banner as well :)

Basically the AUSXIP mothership has just shifted a little. You will be able to find the most recent entries in the following categories

Xena News,
Beyond The Xenaverse - Cast & Crew News
Convention News
Fandom News
Merchandise News
AUSXIP Site News