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11 February 2010

Crystal Chappell - Intelligence and Talent

ImageToday is my last day here in LA and it hasn't followed the usual pattern of it being quiet and allowing me to decompress for the long flight back home. The reason for this is two words.

Crystal Chappell.

I had the great fortune to be able to meet with Crystal (and get to see some of the Days of our Lives set) for a while and get to know her a little. I was impressed before I met her with her acting as Olivia on Guiding Light (got a crash course in Otalia while I was in Seattle - and can I thank the person/s concerned who took time to create all those great youtube videos and put them in order..I don't know who you are but you are amazing. Incredibly hard work but very useful to newbies) and in Days of Our Lives as Carly. I came away thinking this woman is an incredibly intelligent, savvy, talented, creative woman.

As many of you know AUSXIP does have a Crystal site ( run by Mesh / Lori as well as an Otalia and Venice sites ( and There will also be a fanfic section dedicated to Otalia and Venice. More news about that in the coming weeks. It's all good :)

For Crystal/Otalia/Venice fans...there are going to be some exciting stuff coming up in the AUSXIP Auction in March. Seriously exciting stuff that will be available...I'm stoked just thinking about it and I'm a newbie fan (haven't been a newbie for such a long time). Crystal is a very generous soul.

For those not familiar with Guiding Light (and the Otalia storyline) you can go to:

For those not familiar with Venice The Series - check out the official site..

and of course if you don't know who Crystal Chappell is...well hop on over to the AUSXIP Crystal Chappell site to find out all the info, look at the pics and things. Crystal's Official site (gorgeous site) is gorgeous.

You can also follow Crystal on Twitter

So thank you Crystal for being so generous with your time.

Catch you all later after I get back home.