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12 February 2010

Going On Holidays Is Great..A Recap

I'm back home and it's hot and humid...back to normal programming. One thing I have to do before recapping my visit across the pond and that is to apologise. I love snow. I love watching snow fall. What I don't enjoy is watching the effects of a snow storm and frankly that has never happened to me so I had no idea what harm it causes. That is what happens when you don't live in an area where snow is as regular as bushfires.

I wished for snow and I finally got my wish up Crystal Mountain but I also saw the mayhem it brought to the US east coast. Also saw mates stranded in LA unable to get home because of the snow causing airports to close etc. I know I had been jokingly begging for snow; it's not a joke. So my wish now is for my mates to travel back home and for these snow storms to end.

I love travelling up north to Seattle; it's such a beautiful part of the world and this time was no exception. My mountain (aka Mount Rainier) looked absolutely majestic and the entire Cascade Mountains are just so beautiful. One of the funniest things I've done is standing outside, falling snow around me, my ears freezing (no hat) and watching for a squirrel that was playing hide and seek.

This trip has been about catching up with mates and making new friends, getting people lost (don't EVER ask me to navigate) and just enjoying the company of people who I simply adore.

At the con I was invited to cut a cake for the 15th Anniversary and this was hosted by Penny, a spitfire Aussie whose energy is just incredible. Penny organised the Amphipolis Vs Potadeia softball game which raised an incredible $1700 for Starship (Amphipolis won). The girls played in the rain...seriously, it was coming down hard that day and they still played. I also want to thank those who attended for their kindness. The cake was just beautiful. Not sure about my cake cutting skills :)

The convention was pretty cool; the guests were all very entertaining. It was quite an emotional event. Some of my favourite moments are Lucy, Renee, Lucy and Renee's play (hysterical), Elvis Sears rocking the cabaret, the karaoke, rocking to Lady GaGa at the dessert party, Adrienne and William Gregory Lee, Steven, the fantastic music videos, Hudson being Hudson, Brittney being cool, the Spartacus panel...Peter watching...Moira doing her sonny and was just sheer fun and of course my mates who made this con so so special.

I also watched the Superbowl...what a great game. Reminded me of Rugby League with pads. I finally understood it around the second half. I was so stoked that the Saints won because it meant so much to what it would do for the city and to friends who were passionate Saints fans. The bar was jam packed with Saints fans and the lonely souls going for the other team were brave :) It was all good fun.

Mesh held down the fort and did an EXCEPTIONAL job. Amazing considering the Spartacus PR firestorm which was intense. Many thanks to her and the rest of the AUSXIP team in Barbara, Lori and Roger for keeping everyone updated including myself :)

So now it's back to normal. Coming up in March is the annual AUSXIP Auction which will have some fantastic stuff for everyone; lots of goodies from Lucy, Renee, Xena, Spartacus, Battlestar Galactica, Venice, Crystal Chappell, Spartacus, Bitch Slap and lots more.

Battle On!