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8 March 2010

Kathryn Morris - Cold Case Fans Need Our Help

Received the following from Naj from the Look Again Cold Case Board for Kathryn Morris asking for our help:

I am writing to you because there is an effort beginning today and running, initially, the months of March and April to let CBS know that fans of this drama series are interested in a season 8. We are asking that everyone that is a fan and cares to see another season of Cold Case take just a few minutes to go the the CBS Community Boards and post on Byrdman's thread titled: "Fans Support Season 8!" The link is as follows:[b

Also at this link are links for snail mail to CBS Executives and a petition. We strongly encourage a letter as well.

We are attempting to get the word out through any and all internet sources: YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Etc., but the main hub of activity is currently being directed at the CBS Community Board for the series.

This may be the one and only chance for fans to be heard so we hope they will take the time to be heard and counted.[b