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26 June 2010

Xena Prop House Site Update & 2010 Newsletters


The Xena Prop House site has been redesigned and updated with Volumes 45, 46 & 47.

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What is the Xena Prop House?

Xena Prop House is run by Barbie Arms.

Xena Prop House is exclusively designed to unite Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules Legendary Journeys prop, wardrobe, production and set dressing collectors. Our goal is to bring information to readers that will help us all as we share the same passion. We encourage a collaborative effort from our "Kindred Spirits" to give us collecting ideas, articles, displays anything that will help us to learn and grow. We will gladly list a prop you have for sale or feature your prop to share with other collectors. Each item we collect has a unique story, so lets tell it! Our love for the Xena and Hercules TV Series creates the “Ties That Bind” us together! Thank you everyone!