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21 December 2010

New AUSXIP Site is Born - AUSXIP Jaime Murray News & Multimedia

Goodness me another baby is born! Dedicated to the wonderful Jaime Murray, AUSXIP Jaime Murray News & Multimedia is live. I'll let Mesh take over to describe the site since she did all the fantastic work on it and will be maintaining it.


You have reached AUSXIP's fan site dedicated to the stunning and talented Jaime Murray.

As you know, all of us at AUSXIP are really pscyhed about the upcoming Starz original series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Some of us are also psyched about our Netflix subscriptions and how it allows us to stream or rent terrific television we have missed over the years (doh!). Like the one about everyone's favorite serial killer (Dexter FTW!) or the one about a team of cheeky con artists (Hustle, y'all!). Add a batch of episodes of a certain Syfy hit and you get a crew light on sleep, but hyper on all the drama, stunning images and nuanced performances.

Why yes, all these things star a certain British actress named after everyone's favorite kickass bionic woman. But I digress. Two weeks after shooting off a "We need to build a site..." email, we have liftoff. Lori did a terrific job archiving photos, Krissie was kind enough to let us pick some of her W13 images, my dogs have graciously allowed me to tinker with colors and textures, and MaryD has been her calm and collected self throughout the madness.

The point at last.

We give you this Jaime Murray fan site loaded with images, some videos and art with the promise of more images, videos and art at least every other day.

If you have missed some of Jaime's shows, look at our recommendations, video channel or check imdb. Go look around, go have fun!