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14 July 2011

New Site Announcement - Official Campbell Cooley Site Now Online

I'm very pleased to announce that the AUSXIP Network will be hosting a new official site. This time it's for my long time friend Campbell Cooley. Xena fans will remember Campbell as the poor unfortunate soul (or fortunate depending on your POV) who got drooled on by Gabrielle in the Season 4 episode "In Sickness and In Hell". He has done a whole lot more than that over the years including appearing in Xena, Hercules, Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus Season 1 and other tv shows and movies. His site will showcase his many talents as an actor, voice over artist and director.


Check out Campbell's site here

Also available is an ever growing video and audio section and Images

I'm very pleased to welcome Campbell into the AUSXIP family!