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13 March 2012

AUSXIP Charity Auction Update: Skype Chat with the Stars Crystal Chappell + More Goodies!

I've very excited to report this morning that Crystal Chappell has been added to the list of stars who are going to auction off a skype chat with them.

In addition actor Ving Rhames has signed a basketball (via Lesley-Ann Brandt who worked with Ving in the movie Zombie Apocalypse).

How do the Skype Chats work? Well once you register on AUSXIP Charity Auction site, the auction goes live on 21 March to 27 March and you can bid on a skype chat (lasting 30 minutes) with your fave actor.

The actors who have graciously agreed are:

1. Viva Bianca
2. Lesley-Ann Brandt
3. Crystal Chappell
4. Campbell Cooley
5. Erin Cummings
6. Adrienne Wilkinson

In addition to that we also have a lunch date to aucton off with Lesley-Ann Brandt! Last year's auction winner had such a blast. Lesley-Ann has agreed to another lunch date.

All this and more coming up on 21 March 2012 at the AUSXIP Charity Auction to raise money for the Starship Foundation. It can't be done without the support of the support and contributions of the actors who have volunteered their time and donated good.

It couldnt be done without fans who have alos donated items and bid in every auction.

Thank you to all!

Register if you haven't because the action starts in a week