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14 March 2012

Interviewed by TomboyTees Podcast Now Online

I'm in unfamiliar territory when I announce an interview about me so...

Whilst I was recovering from the 2012 Xena Convention, I was interviewed by Tomboy Tees Creator Cat Crimins. Tomboy Tees creates spectacular t-shirts with their own designs. Cat and I have known each other for a while so it was sitting down with an old friend having a good chat. Hope you all enjoy.

This month I talk to MaryD, the owner and editor of, the web’s biggest and best resource for everything Xena related. Mary talks about the origin of the site, being interviewed by William Shatner and when AUSXIP will come to an end. During this episode I also discuss George Lucas’ delusions of grandeur, and why Lucy Lawless has big cojones.

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