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29 March 2013

AUSXIP Charity Auction Has Ended - Tentative Total $13,383 Raised

ImageThe 2013 AUSXIP Charity Auction has ended for another year. Usually the auction brings with it a few surprises - always good but this year, it brought about a few nasty ones as well.

First let's start with the good news: This year's AUSXIP Charity Auction has raised $13,383.06 NZ$ for Starship. That is even when the site was difficult to reach (see below for the bad news about that) but people were still trying!

I would like to thank Lucy Lawless for being so generous with her time in signing goodies, donating items and supporting the AUSXIP Charity Auction.

Mega thanks also to Campbell Cooley, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Adrienne Wilkinson, Erin Cummings, Viva Bianca, Crystal Chappell and the cast of Venice, and Sasha Alexander and the cast of Rizzoli & Isles.

Thank you goes to all those who donated items and those who bid and/or won.

What amazes (every time) is that the figure of $13,383.06 brings the overall money raised since 2006 (for all charities) to


of that figure Starship has received:


and now the bad news: the auction site came under attack today via a Denial of Service (DoS) AND a hack of the database in the last hour of the auction. I have OCD when it comes to backups... I did a backup of the database an hour before the attack; I do backups every night of the server but I did an extra backup in the mid morning. That's done and dusted now.

Everyone who has won an item should have received an email from me with their auction totals and item numbers. If you have not and believe you have won an item, please contact me with the item number you think you won.

As in previous years, Starship will notify me by sending a spreadsheet of names and payments. Once we get that spreadsheet we will crosscheck it with the spreadsheet. Shipping of your item/s will then be processed. It is imperative that your full name and address is correct because we will be posting the item/s to that address.

Starship will be closed for Easter from Friday 29 March to Tuesday 2 April but you can still make online donations. Starship will contact me Friday week with all the payments.

And that is it for another year. Thank you to everyone who bid, who promoted the auction and who supported it in other ways. As always myself and Roger want to thank you for your support!