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3 February 2015

AUSXIP Starship Auction Upcoming Items

A full list of items in this year's AUSXIP Starship Auction will be posted in the first week in March (after I come back from the US). In the meantime check out some of the items donated by Chris Clogstan!

You need to register to bid on all the items. Register at

The auction runs from 21 to 27 March!


An original Xena show prop donated by Chris Clogstan
Original Metal Retractable Prop Xena Sword starts 21 March 2015!

This was obtained during the online Yahoo! auctions managed by It's A Wrap! so this will come with a COA. This is a metal Xena sword with a retractable blade, using a spring mechanism (you can hear the spring contract when you push the blade tip towards the grip. Xena occasionally buried her sword into an enemy's torso during a fight and this is how those shots were accomplished.

This sword did not come with a scabbard.

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