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19 December 2015

AUSXIP and the Xena Reboot

The Xena Reboot "Debate" has reached new levels of stupid. I understand and totally feel for people who want Lucy and Renee back as Xena & Gab. I want that as well BUT it's not going to happen the way we want it to happen.

Javier, the new chief writer and executive producer of Xena 2.0 has been harassed and his family harassed. That's just not right, folks.

Absolutely NOT right and borders on the insane. This is a tv show, not life/death. Take a step back and see it for what it is. You cannot harass, vilify and abuse others in such a fashion. It goes against what the show as about.

The latest idiocy that I've been told about is that I get paid for AUSXIP and that's why I'm promoting Xena Reboot. WRONG. I am promoting it because I like the idea - if I can't have Lucy & Renee as I want, this will be the deal I want. We don't get what we want some times. IT'S CALLED LIFE!

Now let me address the AUSXIP is bought line:

Okay I know most of you know this - well the oldtimers who have been visiting AUSXIP for 19 years - but for the newbies out there who don't know the history of the Xenaverse or AUSXIP.

I'm going to state it as plainly as I can. It has been brought to my attention that people are thinking that I get paid for AUSXIP and that's why I'm promoting the Xena Reboot.

1. AUSXIP is solely owned by ME. NO ONE has veto powers on this site. NO ONE. Not Rob, Not Lucy, Not Renee, Not Adrienne, Not Steve - NO ONE.

I don't have advertising and I don't allow advertising. What goes up on AUSXIP is only decided by me.

If I were to note down how much money I've spent on AUSXIP it would be over $20,000 on server fees alone since 1999 - not kidding. Not to mention the THOUSANDS of hours I have spent on this site. I CHOOSE to do so, it gives me joy. I choose to do what gives me joy and makes it fun.

I'm not saying this to get a pat on the head; just stating facts.

2. I have NEVER been paid to do AUSXIP - not by the fans (I don't accept contributions) nor by TPTB. NO ONE has paid me one red cent. I don't want to be paid for something I choose to have online. It's my choice. If I want, I will remove it when I feel like it.

One day when the joy runs out, I will remove it. It will be gone. Not out of spite or any other reason other than it stops being fun. That's the only rule.

3. I am NOT accepting money to promote the Reboot or any other favours.

I run AUSXIP. I own AUSXIP. My site. My rules. My choices.

You don't like the fact I'm for the reboot? Stiff cheddar. Get over it. I don't care and don't visit the site.

Thank you. That is the last thing I'm going to say about this.

I am supporting a Xena Reboot.