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        13 October 2014

A Chat with Lucy Lawless, the Sweetest Warrior Princess in the Universe

ImageThe Geekiary.com has an interview with Lucy on their site which they conducted during New York Comic Con. Lucy chats about Rob reinvigorating the show - a reimagining of sorts.

Some highlights:

Bandit: So, can we expect a Xena reunion anytime soon?

Lucy: A TV show or something?

Bandit: A TV show or something or…?

Lucy: That would be awesome. You know, they keep trying to push for it. Rob’s trying to figure out how to make it. Trying to reinvigorate it. Like, re-tell.

Bandit: So, would want to do that? Just sit down with everyone?

Lucy: Oh! Yeah! I’ve always loved those people. I’m gonna see Renee, and Adrienne Wilkinson, and all those girls again. I’ve loved Ted dearly. He’s a good friend. So, is Bruce. [...] I’ve always wanted to do something with Ted, Bruce and Renee. That would be a really funny core group of actors. That’s, that’s my dream.

Read the full interview here



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