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        7 November 2009

Hudson Leick Interview on GLBT Magazine OutViews

Received a note from CindyT about an upcoming podcast - Hudson will be interviewed by April Grant from the GLBT magazine OutViews:

April Grant aka Destini, is a long time Xena fan in addition to a founding admin of Big Purple Dreams. (BPD) She met her partner of 13 years on the original Xena Campfire Girls mailing list atending her first and unfortunately only Xena convention in 1998. A long time journalist and activist she is also the publisher/editor of the GLBT magazine OutViews. Once a local GLBT publication, Outviews is now moving online. For the last year she has been hosting podcast interviews with television and music personalities.

Destini recently had the ultimate good fortune to sit down with "Callisto" from the iconic tv show "Xena: Warrior Princess",  Hudson Leick, for an exclusive one-on-one interview. Hudson's first podcast! They talk about Xena, the fans, and the conventions, as well as Hudson's career and what she's doing now.

You can find the podcast (which should be available online by 8pm PST tonight!) at the following link:



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