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        16 September 2021

NZ Woman's Weekly: Lucy and Renee Planning on Working Together In "Top Secret" Project

The NZ Woman's Weekly (September 20, 2021) Issue has a nice article about Lucy and how her boys have grown up up and don't need her anymore. She has more time to branch out to do other things. Buried in the middle of the article is something that will make every Xenite heart flutter.

"Lucy's next adventure will see both her and Renee heading to Los Angeles, where they'll be working on a top ­secret project that Lucy is, for the first time, producing and directing. It's a prospect she is both excited and nervous about, but she is welcoming the challenge because her 50s are a bolder time."

Bring it on and let the guessing begin. The NZ Women's Weekly is on sale now in NZ.




For more information about Lucy's role as Alexa Crowe go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless My Life is Murder subsite.



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