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        18 November 2009

K'iche' Maya Dancers Discover Xena

I find the following absolutely FASCINATING. Shankiri, a regular AUSXIP visitor, sent this to me and It's just so fascinating to see how far Xena has impacted on people's lives. Not bad for a show that has been inactive (I was going to use dead but it's not) for nearly 9 years.

HTML clipboardmayan.jpgI am currently working on my dissertation in Maya archaeology but one of my professors works in cultural anthropology.  She has been doing research on the "disfraces" a new dance form that has developed in the Guatemalan Maya highland communities.  The dance is based on pop culture references and the Maya spend a great deal of money making sure their costumes are just right for these dances.  (In the past these dances used to reenact Maya mythology or Christian themes) Anyway, women in this one remote Guatemalan village have discovered Xena.  I attached the flyer for the upcoming talk on this phenomenon which includes a great photo with the village women in their Xena costumes.

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The Department of Anthropology

University of California, Riverside

Presents: Dr. Rhonda Taube
'Borrachas,' Beauty Queens, and Xena Warrior Princess: Gender and Identity Performed in Contemporary
Highland Guatemala

Dr. R.Taube's lecture will explore disfraces, "disguises," a new genre of dances performed among the K'iche' Maya of Momostenango, Guatemala.  Highlighting cultural change and innovation, disfraces derive their inspiration from ever changing North American mass media and popular culture (e.g., Xena Warrior Princess, Batman and Barack Obama).  The talk examines how Western costumes are being used to produce local meaning and the multiple ways in which "disguises" and performances operate as sites for the production of identity, signifying specific notions of gender, class and ethnic affiliations.

Friday, November 20th, 2009
4:00 - 6:00 pm
HMNSS 1500



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