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        15 December 2009

First Annual Xenite Softball Game!!!

The following is from Penny and the gang over at the Canberra Xena Gang:

ImageThe First Annual Xenite Softball Game!!! You can check out all the info here

We are selling shirts and caps for team uniforms/audience support - ALL profits go to charity. The charity? Well that depends on who wins the match! If Amphipolis wins, the money will go to the Starship foundation. If Potidaea wins, the money will go to the Renee O'Connor outreach fund.

We are going to have a bucket going around the audience on the day as well for additional donations, and we are hoping to raise some big bucks for charity, AND have a hell of a good time playing some ball while we're at it! Anyway, all the information is on the website, so check it out! :)



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