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24 February 2010

Little Xena Raises Money for Anita Ellis Foundation

ImageLara Hart from the UK recently binded all of Lucia's little Xena and Gabrielle comic strips and sold them for charity (with Lucia's blessing).

Lara raised $420 and donated the money to the Anita Ellis Foundation at the recent 2010 Xena Convention.

Each booklet went for a $10 donation but some kind souls gave more and thus the total amount raised was more than expected.



24 February 2010

Danielle Cormack Photos

Image There are a couple of pics of Danielle in this gallery (they're the people she did that recent youtube video for):

Click here to view

Submitted by Barbara Davies



24 February 2010

Nominate Xena & Gabrielle for AfterEllen Poll

ImageVote Now for the Top 50 Lesbian/Bi TV, Film, and Web Series Characters!
on AfterEllen.com

Despite the bleak reality of the disappearing lesbians on primetime television last year, 2010 is already looking a little better, with a new crop of lesbian/bi characters turning up in starring and recurring roles. The same is true of lesbians on film, with some high-profile movies featuring lesbian characters already making the rounds at mainstream and LGBT film festivals this year.

That's why we think it's the perfect time to consider those lesbian/bi characters that have made a lasting impression on us all. Whether they were struggling to come to terms with their own sexuality, juggling too many women, or trying to figure out how to use their powers for good instead of evil, there have been many lesbian/bi characters in film, television, and even in web series, who have made us laugh, cry, scream, and, sometimes, scratch our heads wondering "What the hell just happened?"

When it comes to all of these scenarios, we're not naming names — but we hope you will.

In our first annual survey of the Top 50 Lesbian/Bi TV, Film, and Web Series Characters, we're asking you to name your favorite fictional characters of all time. So while you probably have your current favorites, please dig deep into your own personal pop culture vault and try to include even those who aren't currently on the air or big screen, and maybe even those who just seem to be in eternal syndication.

The characters you choose can be from any genre of scripted film, television or web series, and from US or international shows and films. Votes for reality stars or other "real" people won't be considered. We're strictly looking for your votes on the best fictional characters.

It's up to you to decide exactly what criteria you use to determine the "best." All we ask is that you limit your choices to female characters (we leave the men for the folks over at our brother site, AfterElton.com who are conducting their own poll here).

Click here to vote



23 February 2010

Steven Sears at Writing Workship March 2010

Steven posted the following to his twitter account

FSUWriter wants to mention an event I'm attending. If you are serious about being an author, check it out. http://www.superstarswritingseminars.com/

Discover the Secrets of Writing Success from the Dream Team of International Bestselling Authors

Here's A Taste of What You Will Learn in This Three-Day Intensive, Nuts & Bolts Workshop Taught by Five Phenomenally Successful Writers:

* The secret to making your manuscript stand apart from the rest and command the attention of agents, editors, and publishers alike, simply by putting yourself in their shoes
* How to multiply your writing productivity and your potential income by four to nine times
* How successful insiders pitch the “big proposal” to editors, agents, and movie producers
* The potential for success, how to avoid pitfalls, and what publishing changes are on the horizon - Is the fast-paced landscape of electronic publishing really the key to the future?
* The little known “behind the scenes” preparations that highly successful authors make for the release of a major novel that underachieving authors never even think about
* Dirty little insider secrets of the writing business – simply knowing them will allow you to foresee and sidestep disasters
* Five techniques for exploiting an intellectual property in Hollywood and around the world
* The right way to introduce yourself to editors, agents, and movie producers and how to get yourself in front of them
* The truth about the TV image of the lavish lifestyle of a successful author – here's how success can be achieved, but don't buy into some pipe dream.
* What to do on a day when you just can't write – Overcome mental roadblocks that stand between you and success
* How to flip a mental switch that turns your subconscious mind into an ingenious story-generating machine
* Writing tricks that have turned struggling new writers like J.K. Rowling into sensations
* Why investing in your writing “education” is essential to achieving your dreams. Why it's more effective to learn from real, in-the-trenches authors, who have proven highly successful, than to study with college professors
* Why 98% of wanna-be authors fail simply because they never take the next step
* How you can find the motivation to work toward your writing goal consistently, every day, until you get there
* Plus other targeted seminars and workshops, exhibitors' hall, and more!

Read More



23 February 2010

Gina Attends Justice League Movie Premiere

ImageGina attended the world premiere of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths at the Paley Centre recently. (She voices Superwoman).

There are pics of the event here:

Click here to view

More pics on Getty here

News submitted by Barbara Davies



22 February 2010

2010 Xena Convention - Photos by KT Jorgensen

Added photos by KT Jorgensen, photographer for AfterEllen of all the guests - slowly going through the images now. Here are some Lucy, Renee, Lucy and Renee and The Green Room images.

- Lucy
- Renee
- Lucy and Renee

Behind The Scenes - The Green Room
- Lucy and Renee



22 February 2010

2010 Xena Convention Photos by Earl Brown

Added Earl's photos from the 2010 Xena Convention

- Lucy
- Lucy and Renee
- Renee
- Cabaret
- Hudson

- Brittney

- Renee
- Cleopatra 2525 Reunion



21 February 2010

New Video - Xena Promo on Aussie TV

ImageThis is just a hysterical promo for Xena on the Australian SciFi channel on Foxtel which airred February 2010


Click here to view



21 February 2010

IESB Interviews Ted Raimi 19 February 2010

ImageExclusive Interview: Ted Raimi from Bean Curd God to the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, You Gotta Love Him

Legend of the Seeker is the hit fantasy series starring Craig Horner as Richard Cypher, once a simple Westland woodsman, who learns that he is the Seeker and wielder of the magical Sword of Truth, capable of defeating great evil. With the help of a Confessor, Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), a woman with the power to make someone tell the truth, and a powerful wizard named Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Bruce Spence), the Seeker has been on many journeys over the course of its two seasons.

This weekend, Ted Raimi will return as mischievous magic peddler Sebastian. In this exclusive interview with IESB, the actor talked about how much fun he has with the role, his longtime friendship with show producer Rob Tapert (who also cast him as Joxer in Xena), working with his brother, Sam Raimi, and what he enjoys about his collaborations with Bruce Campbell and confirms he will have a role in Bruce Campbell vs. Frankenstein.

Read Full Interview



19 February 2010

Electronic Playground Interview with Ted Raimi


The Electronic Playground site has a very interesting interview with Ted about his new web series "Playing Dead".

Ted talks about the show and some of the actors that will be on it like Bruce Campbell.


You can watch the video on the Electronic Playground

The official site for the series with episodes which are 4 minutes long (or so) are now available. They can be viewed from outside the US.

New submitted by Barbara Davies



19 February 2010

Danielle Cormack - Don't Compare Yourself

Image[This user's Youtube channel says:
'We've asked well-known Kiwis to share personal tales, tips and advice to inspire you and your friends. A new video for every day this year.']

Don’t Compare Yourself:

Danielle Cormack hit our screens on television soaps Gloss and Shortland Street, and has gone on to star in dozens of films, TV dramas and stage productions making her one of New Zealands most respected and well-known actors. She recently appeared in the TV2 drama The Cult.

Click here to watch the video on AUSXIP Video

News submitted by Barbara Davies



19 February 2010

Daemons TV Interview with Ted Raimi

ImageI recently got a chance to talk to Ted Raimi who's reprising his role as the magic peddler Sebastian on this upcoming new episode of Legend of the Seeker "Hunger."

Ted Raimi talked about what his character is up to in the episode, the possibility of guest starring again, shooting in New Zeland, his other projects and much more. So make sure to tune in this weekend and watch Legend of the Seeker's new episode "Hunger" (go to the official website to find your local time & channel). But for now, enjoy the interview.

Read more: TED RAIMI (Legend of the Seeker) Exclusive Interview | Daemon's TV

News submitted by Barbara Davies



18 February 2010

Xenaversity of Minnesota Annual Auction & Con Request

The following was sent in by Mr Jamester from the Xenaversity of Minnesota:


Comment here if you would like to have a Xena convention here in the Midwest (Minneapolis/Chicago)! If I get enough comments (not likes please) I'll send them to Adam at Creation ... he has to see an interest in it first! We could also do Xena/Buffy/Battlestar mixup, who cares, as long as Xena is here (or there)

Go to the FACEBOOK PAGE here

Or Email Mr. Jamester at Xenaversity directly!

DONATIONS PLEASE - Xenaversity Annual Auction

Hello Xenites!

It's that time again. We are gearing up for our 2010 Xena Auction and we are sending out a request for DONATIONS! Do you have two Paris Jefferson autographs? Is that old Xena mug collecting dust in a box? Do you have a copy of the script for Bitter Suite? We are open to any donations, so please contact me by March 1st via email, mrjamester@hotmail.com.

If you're not in Minnesota, please don't let that stop you! We can make an arrangement to get it from you or have you mail it to the winner (and be reimbursed). We can work it out!

The auction itself will probably happen around the end of March!



18 February 2010

Xena Convention Thanks From Creation

The following is from Creation Entertainment (featuring KT's gorgeous photos!)

ROCSigningBackstageLucyLaughingBigTHANKS to all the great stars and attendees on hand at The Official XENA Convention 2010: it was a wonderful weekend filled with friends and fun!

Today we've launched the site for the 2011 convention where you can see some cool photos from 2010. And, for those that could not make it to the convention we have an auction at eBAY featuring some nice Xena collectibles for you!



Your Friends at Creation Entertainment



17 February 2010

Zoe Bell talks Game of Death

Zoe Bell talks Game of Death

It may be an action film, although given genre badass and babe Zoe (Death Proof, Bitch Slap, Angel of Death) Bell’s inclusion, we thought we’d clue you in on her latest feature, director Giorgio Serafini’s upcoming Game of Death. Starring opposite Wesley (Blade) Snipes, Bell chatted with Dread recently regarding her turn in the Detroit-lensed film, which at present is wanting of a release date.
Read More


Watch Trailer

News submitted by Barbara Davies



17 February 2010

Xena Convention for Europe Update

Received an update from Xenan about a proposed Xena Convention in Europe:

Ultimart Creation has just revealed its schedule for the 2010 conventions and the Musical Convention (Xena, Buffy, Glee...) has been planned for August. The Convention will take place on August 27th to 29th.

We have not the guest list yet, but the guests of Xena and Buffy have been confirmed. However, it has been canceled for Glee. So, it is very probable that Lucy or Reneé will be present at the convention. More informations will be available very soon.

If you have any question, you can contact Ultimart Creation : contact@ultimartconvention.com
Or, you can visit their website : http://ultimartconvention.com
For more informations, it's here: http://talkingxena.yuku.com/topic/17639



16 February 2010

2010 TX Xenalympics 20 Feb - 21 March

2010Xenalympiclogoflagheader2-500Attention Xena Fans!

The 2010 TX Xenalympics are about to begin! What are the Xenalympics? The TX Xenalympics are 4 weeks from February 20 through March 21 filled with "events" on the Talking Xena Message Board where you can compete for the honor of your country, for X:WP related prizes and most of all, for fun.

Come on over to the TX Xenalympics Center to read all the exciting details and sign up to join the fun activities on AUSXIP's Talking Xena Message Board: http://talkingxena.yuku.com/topic/18202

See you there!
The TX Staff

News submitted by Gabsfan / TX Moderator



16 February 2010

Xena Mention Llewellyn's 2010 Daily Planetary Guide

fieryxena You get Xena references in some very interesting places. Lynn sent over this scan from the LLewellyn's 2010 Daily Planetary Guide.

Page 41 has a Xena mention.

Click here on the thumbnail for the larger scan!

News/Scan submitted by Lynn



15 February 2010

TX Challenge: Best Love Music Video Challenge

ImageIt's Time to Post Your Vote in the Official TX Video Challenge #7

2010 TX Best Love Music Video Challenge

"It's All About the Love"

Hello Xena Fans!
It's time to get out the popcorn or your favorite snack & beverage , get comfy and watch many lovely X:WP music videos created by our talented TX members. Like last year's challenge, some will make you feel warm & fuzzy and bring a smile to your lips. Some will tug at your heartstrings and bring a tear to your eye. And some will do both. All of them are sure to touch your heart.

Go to AUSXIP Talking Xena to watch awesome videos and post your vote by February 28!


News submitted by Gabsfan / AUSXIP Talking Xena Moderator



13 February 2010

Xena Con in New Zealand in 2012?

Image The following "petition" was initiated by Paris Jefferson at the 2010 Xena Convention for a 2012 Xena Convention in Auckland.

This the facebook page

LET'S TAKE THE PARTY HOME' As Paris Jefferson suggested, we are trying to generate interest in a Xena convention in NEW ZEALAND for 2012. If we can get more then 200 people seriously interested then Creation will look into organising the event. So join us, and let's take Xena back to her roots.

You will need a facebook account to add your name to the list. Currently there is 181 fans willing to make the trek to New Zealand.

Click here for more info



12 February 2010

Katherine Fugate's Valentine's Day Movie Premiere

The new movie Valentine's Day written by Katherine Fugate premiered Monday night in Hollywood, you can view photos of the premiere on a variety of media outlets.

Click the following links to view images of Katherine and the stars of the movie

Getty Images, Exposay, The Hollywood Reporter, American Superstar.

Watch clips from the movie on Yahoo!Movies.

Click here to visit the movie's official site amd check for showtimes.



12 February 2010

Zoe Bell: A Back Stage Exclusive

"I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm not much of a fighter," says Zoe Bell, despite a mountain of evidence suggesting otherwise.

Born and raised on a small island off the coast of New Zealand, Zoe soon moved to the mainland and then to the U.S. where she's been flying through the air, kicking and punching people, and riding on the tops of cars ever since.

While known for her death-defying stunt work as Lucy Lawless' double on "Xena: Warrior Princess" and later as Uma Thurman's in "Kill Bill," Zoe is now an established actress with roles in Tarantino's "Death Proof," and as Bloody Holly in Drew Barrymore's directorial debut "Whip It" (just released on DVD). Zoe is very down-to-earth in person, someone you could easily spend hours drinking beer and hanging out with.

Click here to read the interview.

News submitted by Barbara Davies.



10 February 2010

Elvis Sears At 2010 Xena Con!

ImageThis totally cracked me up. Elvis at a Xena Convention...he is a live and well and singing about Xena and Gab :)

Steven was amazing as Elvis and to add to the illusion he even had his "scarves" which he patted down his sweaty face with and threw into the crowd. The first one landed at my feet so that was just hysterical so now I own a blue "sham wow" thingy which will end up in the AUSXIP Auction in March (just for the sheer fun of it all).

I did have instructions to go into the crowd and confiscate all the pictures but you know, where's the fun in that? No fun at all! LOL! Gotta love the man, he is just adorable. I would have taken more photos but I was laughing too much.

So click here to view pictures of Elvis Sears!



9 February 2010

Annual Xena Convention Photos by Ross Olmos

_thb_Image30.jpgAdded a batch of photos from the Annual Xena Convention by Ross Olmos. You can see Ross' photos in the Friday and Sunday galleries.

Click here to see Ross' photos.



9 February 2010

Annual Xena Convention Photos by slidercleo

slider2.jpg  slider.jpg

slidercleo posted a batch of terrific photos from the Annual Xena Convention. The images appear from the latest to the earliest, go back in time to see the Cleopatra panel, Renee, the cabaret, Lucy & Renee and more.

Click here to see the photos.

News submitted by Barbara Davies.



9 February 2010

Jay Laga'aia & Charles Mesure In New Roles

Jay Laga'aia (XWP: Draco, Legend of the Seeker: Chase) will appear on the Aussie series "Home and Away" as Elijah Johnson (2 episodes, 2010). News submitted by Jo.

UK actor Charles Mesure, who played Archangel Michael on Xena, Warrior Princess and J.D. Pollack on Crossing Jordan, will be recurring as mercenary Kyle Hobbes. Kyle is an in-demand black ops expert who forms an unlikely alliance with the resistance when he's hired by Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), Ryan (Morris Chestnut), Jack (Joel Gretsch) and Georgie (David Richmond-Peck) to strengthen their fight against the Vs. Source. News submitted by Barbara Davies.



8 February 2010

Hudson Leick In Upcoming Paris Connections Movie

Hudson mentioned at the Annual Xena convention that she is going to be working on a new film Paris Connections.

Hudson stars in the movie as Coco DeVille, it is based on a Jackie Collins novel alongside the brilliant Charles Dance.

The following is from the movie's official website.

The beautiful star of PARIS CONNECTIONS; investigative journalist Madison Castelli, is about to learn all these lessons and more.  
When a beautiful young model featured in her last expose is brutally murdered at the beginning of Paris fashion week, Madison senses that this may be more than the 'crime of passion' the French press believe it to be.  
She follows her story to Paris.  
Immersed in the luxurious world of TV mega star and aspiring fashion designer Coco de Ville and her adoring Russian oligarch Aleksandr Borinski, Madison must negotiate a series of suspicious characters to get her exclusive. The gorgeous, talented and sexily brooding photographer Jake Sica doesn't help Madison's concentration and with Paris being the most romantic city in the world, who can blame her?  
But when the bodies start piling up, Madison must do everything she can to find the culprit and stop anybody else getting hurt. Ultimately the truth will out and with it a shocking and terrifying revelation.  
Set against the timeless backdrop of Paris, this is an exciting tale of intrigue, murder and power told with wit, style and opulence.

Click here to learn more about the movie and Hudson's character.

News submitted by Barbara Davies.



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