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        18 February 2010

Xenaversity of Minnesota Annual Auction & Con Request

The following was sent in by Mr Jamester from the Xenaversity of Minnesota:


Comment here if you would like to have a Xena convention here in the Midwest (Minneapolis/Chicago)! If I get enough comments (not likes please) I'll send them to Adam at Creation ... he has to see an interest in it first! We could also do Xena/Buffy/Battlestar mixup, who cares, as long as Xena is here (or there)

Go to the FACEBOOK PAGE here

Or Email Mr. Jamester at Xenaversity directly!

DONATIONS PLEASE - Xenaversity Annual Auction

Hello Xenites!

It's that time again. We are gearing up for our 2010 Xena Auction and we are sending out a request for DONATIONS! Do you have two Paris Jefferson autographs? Is that old Xena mug collecting dust in a box? Do you have a copy of the script for Bitter Suite? We are open to any donations, so please contact me by March 1st via email,

If you're not in Minnesota, please don't let that stop you! We can make an arrangement to get it from you or have you mail it to the winner (and be reimbursed). We can work it out!

The auction itself will probably happen around the end of March!



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