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        8 March 2010

Xena Convention in Europe Update

Here's an update about the Xena Con in Europe from Xenan Warr:

Ultimart has just revealed, on its website, the different packages available for that unique event in France, event dedicated to three shows including "Xena Warrior Princess" and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

A full descriptive of the different packages is now available on the website of Ultimart so you can choose which package you would like to buy when tickets will be put up for sale.

For more informations, go now on their website:

The prices are very cheap ! Honestly, 169 euros for three days ! It's very affordable ! It's great, because with these affordable prices, a lot of fans will be able to come to the convention.

The next week, we will know the name of the first guest of the Musical Convention ! By the way, according to a rumour launched by a member from the board Xena-Immortal, this first guest will be ReneƩ O'Connor!

And if that convention is successful, Ultimart could organize other conventions - 100% Xena conventions - for the future.

Go quickly express yourself on their board and talk about the Musical Convention. Go here:

If you have any question, you can contact Ultimart Creation:
For more informations, it's here:
To talk about it, it's here:

Above all, spread the word to make the buzz. All the Xenites must know the news.



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