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        8 December 2010

VIP Cocktail Party - Claire Stansfield & Steven Sears CONFIRMED

ImageClaire Stansfield (Alti) and Steven Sears have confirmed to be at the VIP Cocktail Party that Adrienne Wilkinson is organising to raise money for her annual Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club Charity. The money raised will go to support a family dealing with medical expenses. Here's your chance to talk to the absolutely wonderful Claire and Steven!

There are only 17 tickets left for this event so grab them while they are hot! - Click here to buy

VIP Cocktail Party. A total of 25 tickets are available. At least 4 celebrity guests (cast members from Xena or Venice (or both) will attend this excusive event. Party will take place on Thursday evening January 27th. From 7-9pm. Drinks and appetizers/horderves will be served. The exact location will be revealed once tickets are purchased. For those attending the January Xena convention - it will be conveniently located near the convention hotel the evening before the convention begins. You will not only have the chance to chat with and get to know the celebrity guests, but you are also welcome to take photo's and request autographs.

Tickets are $250 each. Ticket does not include travel to the event. Only guarantees entry to the event. All proceeds go to support a family dealing with medical expenses.


From Xena Warrior Princess:

** Adrienne Wilkinson, ** Katherine Fugate ** Claire Stansfield **Steven L. Sears

From Venice The Series

* * Crystal Chappell ** Michelle Carter (Michele King on Venice)

Two other actors have tentatively agreed and they will be announced shortly. Barring any unforseen event, the actors listed will be attending.

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