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        31 January 2011

2011 Xena Convention Update - Will Lucy Be At the Convention?

Today is the last day of the 16th Official Xena Convention.

ImageLucy rumours have circulating around the LAX Marriott around and around - you have the star of the show not present for the big party and there will be rumours of a surprise visit. Guaranteed. It's the Xenaverse, afterall and Lucy has just dropped in once before.

I don't think fans could forget the 2004 Xena Con where she surprised the heck out of Renee and the fans by popping up as the crazy fan with the unruly hair and denim jacket called Pat! Will Lucy be there to surprise Renee and the fans? Hmm..

There was a video shown by Sharon at the con where Lucy said she will be not be there because Julius and Judah had to start school.


So there you have it....



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