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        26 January 2011

Convention Countdown Begins...


Okay the convention page is ready..the fans are all migrating over to Los Angeles from all over the world. I'm not going (boo hiss..*sigh*) but there will be AUSXIP staff over at the con to cover the exciting stuff so pics and reports should be flowing by Friday night (or sooner).

The convention page is primed and ready for news and pics

The guest list (minus Lucy this year):

- Renee O'Connor,
- Brittney Powell,
- Jacqueline Kim
- Hudson Leick
- Michael Hurst
- Jennifer Ward-Lealand
- Claire Stansfield
- Melinda Clarke
- Charles Mesure
- Charles Keating
- Steven L. Sears
- Ted Raimi
- Katherine Fugate
- David Franklin

Spartacus Panel
- Steven DeKnight
- Rick Jacobson

Tickets can be found on Creation's website



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