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        31 January 2011

Lucy Is In The House! Lucy Attends 2011 Xena Convention!

Well lookee who showed up at the convention today? :) Rock the house Lucy!

Gotta love Lucy - she not only says she loves the fans, she shows it. Class act! Given all the Spartacus PR work Lucy has done over the last month (and it was wall to wall Sparty PR - just look at the AUSXIP Spartacus site to see the work Lucy has put in), she would be right to take some time off before she starts work again - this time on No Ordinary Family but no, Lucy shows up. For the fans. To thank the fans.

Click on the thumbnails for the larger pics - (C) 2011 Christa Morris

Want to see more pictures? While I wait for the pics to arrive, check out the AfterEllen Site which has KT's pics of all the con and in particular Renee's time and Lucy coming at at the end.


Click here to view the pics above and lots more



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