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        28 January 2011

Message From Renee For Convention Attendees

Creation Entertainment sent out the following note from Renee regarding the upcoming 2011 Xena Convention which starts tomorrow

SPECIAL ADVANCE TIP: DO NOT MISS RENEE'S STAGE APPEARANCE AS SHE HAS SOMETHING REALLY FUN PLANNED that YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS! ALSO, we have a special message from Renee about her workshop (which you can get tickets for at registration on Friday):

Hello Friends!

I have an incredible passion for bringing about the deep inner awareness I see in others, and helping people to trust this inner sense, allowing it to be the guide on a moment to moment basis. This work is a personal journey I have been on for the past seven years now, allowing me to see my desire to activate it even more on a global scale. My introduction class at the Xena convention is a mere glimpse into the deeper work we facilitate now around the world. If you choose to participate in this class, I do ask that you join the peer process created in the room, as Awareness works when we can recognize our willingness to look inward, deeply and honestly. I hope to see you there!

With Love,



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