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        30 January 2011

The Generosity of Xenites - A Remarkable Auction For Brittney's Bra

ImageXena fans never cease to amaze me. We have our ups and we have our downs and our zigzags but one thing is as certain as the sun rises in the East: Xena fans are generous with their time and their money. It's one of the best things about this fandom and I love seeing it in action.

So having said that, I'm going to share an email I received from a mate at the con (with her permission). Ruth was there with all the other lucky peeps enjoying the con.

It was time for Brittney's performance and of course you can't have Brittney without having a mini auction. It has become a cherished custom at the con to have Brittney auction off her bra (while she is still wearing it). Having seen the last auction in 2010, it is a very competitive thing but you know she could be auctioning off her hair pin and it would still generate the level of giving (although the bra does have more of an appeal than a hairpin).

Here is Ruth's report:

"Just experienced the annual "charity free-for-all" for Brittney Powell's bra. People started the auction by bidding individually but that then turned into one side of the room vs the other side for total monies collected.

Our side had Linda from New Orleans leading... the other side of the room were last year's bra winners. After a heated contest our/Linda's side won with over $1400 dollars raised to the opposition's $1100+. I don't even remember what charity we raised the $$$ for but .... the Xena fans came thru with big bucks, even tho these are tight economic times."

** The picture I used was from last year's convention and it was taken by Paula Brathwaite (pmbpro)   - click here to see more of the pics from last year - while we wait for the pics of this year's con to come through **



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