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        29 January 2011

Xena Convention Will Bring Out Weekend Warriors

xenagab.jpgXena' convention will bring out L.A. weekend warriors
Jan. 28, 2011 | LA Times

Although the series has been gone from syndication for more than a decade, "Xena: Warrior Princess" is still remembered for its feisty feminism and scantily clad leading ladies Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor - as well as the lesbian undertones that always added some pop-culture crackle to the show and stirred fan debates that still continue. The series unquestionably paved the way for more emotionally and physically powerful television heroines, and this weekend, around 500 fans of the show are expected to gather for the 16th  Official Xena Convention: The XVI Celebration, which kicks off Friday at the Los Angeles Marriot Convention Center near LAX.


--  Barbara Davies



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