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        22 January 2011

Xena Returning to Australian TV in February 2011


Our favourite warrior and her bard are back on Australian network TV. A decade ago Xena was on channel 10 where they sliced and diced the show. The show was able to be seen in on reruns on Foxtel Cable on TV1 for a long time but now she's back on network TV. This time she's on 7Mate - the new digital channel by Channel 7 which is catered towards guys (can't figure out how Xena figures into this unless it's the leather and blue eyes that gets them <g>) has posted the following info regarding the return:

Another classic TV show is coming to 7mate: Xena Warrior Princess. Xena begins on 7mate at 3pm Thur Feb 3, and continues 3pm daily. It will also be on at 3am from Monday (morning) Feb 7.

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