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28 February 2011

Xena Episode Art: Season 4 Episode 21: The Ides of March by MaryD

Xena Season 4 Episode 21: The Ides of March..We saw the emergence of "The Gabinator" - Gabrielle FINALLY lay down her peacenik persona, picked up a sword and killed to save Xena's life. She had chosen the Way of Friendship which meant she chose to kill to save a life; her beloved Xena. Xena and Gabrielle both died in this episode...once again. This episode inspired many fanfic pieces and a great deal of artwork. Here's my collection which was created in 1998. As you can see the "cell scene" is featured...for new fans, this is the scene that launched a thousand and one fanfics; superb acting by our dynamic duo and so beautiful. Gabrielle's fight to save Xena was raw and you could feel the horror of it all. Brilliant acting by Renee and Lucy.


Click here to view | Read the Review | View Screencaptures



28 February 2011

Lucy Photos from 2011 Xena Convention by Jennifer Crawford


Doesn't this picture make you smile? I know it brought a happy grin to my face on processing these images of Lucy from the 2011 Xena Convention. This has to be one of my favourite all time photos of Lucy. She just looks happy!

Added 24 images of Lucy by Jennifer Crawford

Click here to view



Here's our dynamic duo looking quite pleased with themselves in having surprised the fans.

Added 16 images of Lucy and Renee by Jennfier Crawford

Click here to view

Check out the other great photos, reports and other multimedia from the 2011 Xena Convention



28 February 2011

2011 Conventions Update - Armageddon Expo Events Pages Now Online

The event pages for the Australian conventions where Renee and Hudson will be appearing in for Sydney and Adelaide are now online. With the Sydney all the pictures, reports, video and links to various media have been added to that page. The Adelaide Armageddon Expo page is a little bare with just basic information

# 2011 Armageddon Expo - 5/6 March 2011
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick

# 2011 Armageddon Expo - 26/27 February 2011
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick



27 February 2011

Renee at Armageddon Expo - Photos, Reports and Video

ImageReports, pictures and video is coming through from yesterday's Armageddon Expo in Sydney.

Added 7 Photos by MTP_XWP to the AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Convention Gallery.

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Renee & Hudson at Armageddon Sydney – Callisto Yell Posted on: 27th February 2011

I do love it when Hudson does the Callisto Yell. It’s so violent and I bet it’s not easy on Hudson’s voice either to do this yell but she does it so well! Renee and Hudson were at the Armageddon Expo 26 February 2011 in Sydney and they appeared together for the very first time [...]



- Part 1 of a report of Renee and Hudson on Saturday by alicepire on Renee's forum

- Report by Silvertongue - Renee and Hudson on Saturday

Pictures & Video

- Photos and Video by Silvertongue

Downloadable PDF of Sydney Armageddon Expo Event Guide:

Note: This version of the guide still has original 11AM start time for Renee and Hudson. They were on stage together at 10AM.

Also of note when the Renee and Hudson show rolls into Adelaide - they only have 45 minutes for their stage time (the other 15 is going to be eaten up by an eating contest...not between Renee and Hudson but by fans although the Renee and Hudson eating contest would be interesting) :)

-- Reporting by MaryD and Gabsfan



26 February 2011

RingCon Update - Added Xena Guest Mark Ferguson


One more Xena guest to attend RingCon - Mark Ferguson.
Also attending are Renee, Hudson and Ted.

Mark Ferguson (aka LOTR's Gil-Galad) will be the Master of Ceremonies at the con. He also played several characters in Xena.

At RingCon 2010, he made his brilliant debut as Master of Ceremonies and completely delighted you. Your desire for him to come back as Master of Ceremonies at RingCon 2011 wasn't left unheard. We have asked him and yes, he is coming back! Mark will host RingCon 2011, our 10th anniversary, in his unbelievably charming and professional style. One more reason for looking forward to RingCon 2011.

Click here for more

-- Reported by Andrea



26 February 2011

Renee and Hudson in Sydney - Pictures!

Well it was a typical hot humid day in Sydney to greet Renee and Hudson at the convention! Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. Here are some the pics coming through:

Many thanks to @sjt_91


I'm sure more will turn up shortly!



25 February 2011

2011 Xena Con Photos by Jennifer Crawford - Adrienne, Katherine, Michael & Jennifer

Jennifer sent in her photos from the 2011 Xena Convention and here is the first batch!

- Adrienne

- Katherine and Friends
- Michael & Jennifer

You can find more photos, reports and art from the 2011 Xena Convention here



25 February 2011

Renee and Hudson on Stage Together At Armageddon at 10 AM 26 Feb 2011

As previously reported, Renee and Hudson will be making their first ever appearance together on stage at the Armageddon Expo in Sydney on Saturday 26 Feb 2011. This is the first time both women have been to Sydney for a convention (not sure if they have been here just for fun) and also the first time they have been on stage together..that is going to be interesting. We've seen Renee with Lucy and how she sometimes prompts Lucy with follow up questions..I wonder if she will do that with Hudson or if there is going to be a different dynamic to it all. We will find out tomorrow!

I was driving into work this morning and saw a poster stuck on a pole advertising the expo. Couldn't quite slow down to look if Renee and Hudson's names were there (I would have hit the car in front...can you imagine the conversation with the police as to why I crashed into the guy in front? Sorry but I was trying to look at a convention poster...)

If you haven't grabbed your tickets yet, go to the ARMAGEDDON EXPO site - General admission tickets are $20 ($36 if you want to go both days but Ren and Hudson will be on tomorrow and not Sunday)



24 February 2011

Melinda Clarke Back on CSI in April 2011


'CSI' scoop: Lady Heather returns to Sin City!

First, a much-anticipated (but all-too-brief) appearance by Gil Grissom, and now Lady Heather! EW has learned that Melinda Clarke will reprise her popular role as a steamy dominatrix for a CSI episode that’ll air in April on CBS.

Clarke last played the role of Lady Heather in the “Leave Out All the Rest” episode that aired in November, 2008. She’s now a regular on CW’s Nikita. The actress told EW earlier that she’s feeling pretty optimistic about another season of the butt-kicking drama.

Read More

-- AUSXIP Reporter: Lori



24 February 2011

Xena Article Scan - Sunday Times TV Guide Perth Australia 20 Feb 2011

The Sunday Times TV Guide has a brief mention of the classic Season 1 episode "Is There A Doctor In the House" - a fan favourite. Xena is currently on air in Australia. It's on Foxtel and also on 7Mate (digital).


Click on the image for the larger scan



23 February 2011

90's TV Stars - Where Are They Now? Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor

Lucy and Renee are mentioned in the NYDailyNews.com's gallery, Cheesy '90s TV Stars: Where are they now? The info is a inaccurate in places but it's cool.

Xena: Warrior Princess'

ImageLucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess)

The leather clad, Xena kicked her butt through six seasons of the self-titled show. Seeking redemption for her past warlord, bad-girl ways, the 'Warrior Princess' went on a mystical quest that would pin the sexy lady against Greek gods like Ares, vengeful crazies, like Callisto, and Caesar himself.

Though Lawless's star shone brightest during her 'Warrior Princess' days, the Kiwi actress and mother of two would continue to showcase her sci-fi side in cult show 'Battlestar Gallactica' as D'anna Biers, made for TV movies like 'Locusts', and the current Showtime series, 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand.'

ImageRenee O'Connor (Gabrielle)

Xena's sidekick, the staff-wielding Gabrielle, blossomed from story-telling bard to an acrobatic warrior with the help of her butt-kicking counterpart. Thanks to the ambiguous nature of the duo's relationship, O'Connor would go on to be a cult figure in the lesbian community. Since 'Xena,' the actress has appeared in a slew of shorts and made for TV movies, while also trying her hand at directing and producing.

To see the rest of the gallery

-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan



23 February 2011

Xenite Memorial Update Diane Norris (Didah, dinars) Passed Away 20 Feb 2011

Today I received a note from Vivian which informed me that we have lost another of our Xenite family.

ImageIt is with great sorrow that I inform you that Diane Norris (Didah, dinars) passed away last Sunday (20 February 2011) from cancer. She was a hardcore Xenite and a great Kevin Smith fan. She also got me into Otalia.

Diane was also a great photographer and all around wonderful person.
She will be missed.

Diane was 47 years old and she also had a Twitter account

I have added Diane to the Xenite Memorial



23 February 2011

News from Steven Sears about Michael & Jennifer - Christchurch Earthquake

The following was posted by Steven Sears on his official FB page

by Steven L. Sears on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 6:27am

Just heard from Michael and Jennifer; They are safe and fine, though their families are under "considerable stress". Michael was in Christchurch just last week. The aftershocks continue minute to minute. Everyone is very very worried and rescue teams are working around the clock.

I told them that everyone was sending their hopes and wishes toward the Kiwis and asked what we could do.

As Jennifer wrote: "Yes, donations to Red Cross a good idea. We are really wondering if CHCH can bounce back from this. Please thank the fans for their thoughts and prayers."



23 February 2011

10 Female Duos That Made History - Xena & Gabrielle at Number 6

ImageXena & Gabrielle came in at #6 on koldcast.tv's blog, The Sixth Wall's, list of 10 Female Duos Who Made History.

From the description of the characters and the show given, you can tell the knowledge of the show by Caryn K. Hayes, the person who wrote the blog, goes beyond what happened in Seasons One and Two. :)

Xena & Gabrielle are in very good company.

Read the blog | Discuss it on Talking Xena

-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan



23 February 2011

2011 Best X:WP Love Music Video in TX Video Challenge #8

If you haven't voted yet, you still have time to post your vote for the 2011 Best X:WP Love Music Video in Talking Xena's Video Challenge #8. We have 12 lovely videos from TX's talented video creators for your viewing and voting pleasure.

All current and new TX members with a TX Post Count of 10 or more have until February 28, 2011 to post their vote.

To read the details, watch the video entries and post your vote, go here

-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan



21 February 2011

A Bard in Need Update - This Fandom ROCKS!

Yesterday I posted about Gina's call for help and yesterday the Xenaverse responded as you guys always do: with generosity and a willingness to help a fellow fan. I LOVE this fandom! There is no other like it.

Here is Gina's latest update:

"Yesterday morning when I posted that update, I felt as low as I ever felt in my life. Nothing lay before me but darkness. I went to work and then, when I came home and turned on my computer, checking my email, I was overwhelmed by the response. I mean, I've said that before, overwhelmed, but I don't think I've actually experienced it until yesterday and continue to, today. I can't express how light I feel. I haven't stopped smiling (and crying a bit, but it was from joy.) I've always known I've had the best readers... no, the best friends in the world. People reached out with such kindness and such caring. They helped me at a time when I need it most, and never expected. I can't thank you enough, I don't know how (except possibly to rededicate myself to my writing with a vengence and get more stories out this year for J/7, for Bad Girls, and yes, as many novels as I can come up with.) I will be answering every email though it will take me some time.



21 February 2011

New Uber Fiction - A Story of Humanity Parts 5 - 6 by Melissa Good

A Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales by Melissa Good
Part 5 and 6

The Story of Humanity: The Jess and Dev Tales is set in the near future post apocalyptic - the earth has been devastated by weather. Human society on the planet is reduced to fighting for survival over seaweed and scraps. Jesslyn (Jess) Drake is a warrior for that time - an agent who works for one of two 'sides' (think cold war) and is sent into conflict to steal scientific secrets or otherwise prevent that 'side' from making advances that would let them prosper. There are no good or bad guys.
Dev is Biological Alternative, set 0202-164812, instance NM-Dev-1 is a type of human being developed on a space station in orbit who can accept direct brain programming to suit them for a specific job and is the first of her kind to be made into an agent to join this side. Has a somewhat slave status and no one really wants them around but is given to Agent Drake who is arm twisted into giving it a try



20 February 2011

A Bard in Need - Please Help If You Can!


Hi folks,

This is from Gina Darrt who has entertained us
for YEARS with her fiction. Please help if you can - please also spread
this to other lists and forums. A paypal link is available on Gina's
site (for those using firefox, it won't work...use Internet Explorer or Safari)


February 19, 2011
Yes, I know it's been quite some time since I uploaded anything new. The
reason for that is manyfold, but it basically began with my mother
developing Alzheimer's four years ago. I mean, she probably had it
earlier, but it became apparent then. And the family banded together to
look after her, but because I had been laid off, I tended to do the
greater proportion. It was really hard, as anyone who has dealt with
this cruel and miserable disease knows and it really affected my
writing. Before that, I used to write so much. During the heyday of Just
Between, I could write a story in a week. Not only that, while I was
writing one, I would be editing the previous one to ready for posting
and outlining the next one. It was incredible. I thought that was just
how a person wrote. Even the novels I wrote, it only took a month to
write each of them. But then I started looking after my mother and it
changed. I think it was because I was depressed all the time and didn't
know it. I also didn't realize how much I was relying on royalties from
my books to supplement my unemployment insurance. Then, when I was able to go back to work parttime and still look after my mom, but it was
wearing us all down. Finally, we had no choice but to place her in a
care facility. It was honestly a blessing when she had a stroke three
months later and died. A part of me believes that she willed that to
happen because during her lucid moments, she realized what was happening to her and hated it. I still miss her so much. I'm weeping as I write this and it's been four years, yet the hurt remains.



19 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Wallpapers by Swania

Added three convention themed wallpapers from the 2011 Xena Convention at LAX by Swania


Click here to view the larger artwork



18 February 2011

The Real Argo - Tilly at Christmas 2010!


We all remember Xena's gorgeous mare called Argo on Xena Warrior Princess. We also know her real name was Tilly.

With all the talk about Argo Starship Warrior Princess my thoughts went to Tilly. 10 years on after Xena ended what has happened to our Tilly?

Her Warrior Princess days are over but she is looking very healthy and still runs around at a horse riding stable and apparently she's only ridden by good riders. Still strong, still gorgeous.


Check out the pictures above! YEAY Tilly!



16 February 2011

Ted Raimi To Attend RingCon October 2011

bearb_ted-raimi.jpgRingCon in Germany is turning into a Xena Con with Ted Raimi the latest Xena cast member announced.

Ted joins Renee and Hudson. I wonder if Ted will appear on stage with Renee and Hudson? That would be interesting!

Click here for more info on how you can obtain tickets and other goodies

-- News submitted by Andrea



15 February 2011

Subtext Virtual Season Season 9 Episodes 6 and 7

The Subtext Virtual Season Episode 9 in Italian have now been updated with episodes 9.06 and 9.07. They are also available in English, Portuguese and Spanish

Image#906 - X Marks the Spot - Part 1

A scavenger hunt brings a different prize than Xena and Gabrielle expected.

Read Italian Verson
Also English * Portuguese * Spanish


Image#907 -X Marks the Spot - Part 2

Xena helps her counterpart find the hidden truth while she tries to return to Argos.

Read Italian Version
Also English * Portuguese * Spanish



15 February 2011

Message from Jennifer Sky to Fans

jennifer_sky1.jpgJennifer Sky (Amarice) sent me a note to all the fans! Check it out below and her new Facebook page

"happy valentines day! please send my love to all the love in the Xena-verse.

The new public facebook page I started for all my fans to come play with me, was hijacked by facebook and I am petitioning to get it back but am not sure when it will be returned. Created a fan page that i will use and a friend page.  here is the link

I missed seeing everyone at the con this year. hopefully next year I will be invited back:)

x jen sky



15 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Report by KTL - A little bit more on Lucy and Renee and Jacqueline

KTL sent in another report to add more info about Renee, Lucy and Jacqueline

Con 2011 A little bit more on Lucy and Renee and Jacqueline
by KTL

You know, the problem with writing up these things as quickly as possible after they’re over is that it always happens that after a few days or a week or a month, little bits of the experience resurface in my brain. Or, sometimes friends write me and set me back on track.

I got a note from a bud who said that a number of the questions I said Lucy had been asked by fans had actually been asked by Renee.

Read More



15 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Photos of Renee by KT Jorgensen


Just posted to the AUSXIP 2011 Xena Convention Image Gallery some GORGEOUS photos of Renee taken by KT Jorgensen. This one to the left is one of my favourites! Just beautiful photos of the birthday girl!

There are 58 photos of Renee

and 28 photos of Renee with drop in guest Lucy


You can check out the entire gallery of all the guests at this years 2011 Xena Convention at LAX



15 February 2011

Armageddon Expo Schedule for Adelaide with Renee and Hudson

It semes to be the travelling Renee and Hudson show at conventions with Adelaide's turn in March. Armageddon Expo has released their schedule for the guest line up and once again Renee will be on stage with Hudson.

11:30am Hudson Leick and Renee O'Connor panel
See schedule

Renee and Hudson will also be on the main stage together at 11 AM Saturday, February 26th.

See the entire Sydney Armageddon Expo Schedule of Events

Renee + Hudson will also be appearing (not sure if they appear together) at RingCon in Germany in October.

-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan



13 February 2011

Armageddon Expo Schedule - Renee and Hudson on Stage Together

According to the Schedule of Events posted for the Armageddon Expo in Sydney, Renee O'Connor and Hudson Leick will be on the main stage together at 11 AM Saturday, February 26th.

See the entire Sydney Armageddon Expo Schedule of Events

-- AUSXIP Reporter: Gabsfan



11 February 2011

Renee To Attend RingCon in Germany - October 2011

ImageThe following was posted on RingCon's official con page

We are delighted to inform you that a further actress from “Xena” will attend RingCon 2011. Renée O’Connor, who has performed Xena’s trusty sidekick Gabrielle in all 134 “Xena”-episodes and numerous “Hercules”-episodes has just now confirmed her appearance at RingCon 2011.

Dates for the convention are 14 to 16 October 2011

Tickets can be bought here

Renee will also be attending the following conventions:

- 2011 Armageddon Convention - 5/6 March 2011 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

- 2011 Armageddon Convention - 26/27 February 2011 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

-- News submitted by Andrea



10 February 2011

New Uber Fiction by Barbara Davies

Added a new Uber (Alt) fiction to Barbara Davies’ fanfiction archive

La Chauffeuse (Complete)

When a mob boss targets businesswoman Heather Myles, in Nice for a technical symposium, it's fortunate former peacekeeper Alex Rogers is her driver for the duration.



10 February 2011

VIP Cocktail Party Photos by KT Jorgensen


As you all know over the past month, we've had tickets available for the first VIP Cocktail Party with Adrienne Wilkinson and the cast of Venice and Xena. The money raised was part of the annual charity auction Adrienne's official fan club holds every year and we held it at the AUSXIP Charity site.

From Xena she had: Claire Stansfield (Alti), Steven Sears (Exec Producer/Writer, Katherine Fugate (When Fates Collide and a host of other great movies and tv shows) and of course Adrienne herself.

From Venice The Series she had: Crystal Chappell, Michelle Carter, Harrison White.

A great time was had by all! KT Jorgensen was there to record this event and here are the photos!

Click here to view images



9 February 2011

There will Be NO 2011 Xena Convention DVD by Creation

The following was posted on AUSXIP Talking Xena about the rumours that next year's convention will be the last (heard that rumour every year since Xena ended filming) and when/if the 2011 Xena con was filmed and to be released on DVD:

the post is by thrill of the quill
I spoke with Sharon today (called to order the 2009-2010 Convention DVDs, yay) and I asked her about the "last con" rumor. She said that if and when they decide to have a last con, they will definitely announce it as such so that we can all go out with a bang. Many have mentioned that, and it makes sense to me.

I also asked her if the 2011 con was filmed and she said it was not. Mainly because Renee was showing a number of videos which they would not be able to get clearance for for a DVD release, and of course, Lucy's last minute appearance.

Follow the discussion about this on AUSXIP Talking Xena - Convention News

-- AUSXIP Reporter Gabsfan



9 February 2011

Hottest Legendary Warriors - Number 4 is Xena


The Wonderwall on MSN has a countdown of all the legendary warriors and Xena comes in at #4.
I find it amusing that they used a pic of Xena in her "blink and you miss her" Amazon leathers from Dangerous Prey. Xena wore that outfit maybe a minute (if that). Renee knew what she was doing in getting Lucy into that outfit! Smart girl that ROC.

4. Xena

Portrayed By: Lucy Lawless in "Xena: Warrior Princess"

Origin: Fictional Greek female warrior on a quest for redemption who uses her fighting skills to help the vulnerable. This character still has entire conventions devoted to her every year, despite the show's cancellation a decade ago. Who could have anticipated that!


-- News submitted by Heather



8 February 2011

2011 Convention Update - Steven and Paris at Claudia Con UK!

ImageImage Steven and Paris are headed to the UK for Claudia Christian's UK Convention. Sounds fabulous!

Claudia (the ever wonderful Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5) is organising this convention and she explains why:

“All access all the time” and “No Rules - Just Be Respectful” are our mottos!

After years of attending conventions where fans were mistreated, told not to touch, photograph, film, eat or breathe…. I decided to throw what I call the “anti-convention.” My theory is that if you give people freedom and respect they will in turn give you freedom and respect.

I have invited some terrific speakers and guests (see the Special Guests page). All of the guest’s appearances are contingent upon their work schedule, but so far everyone seems as excited as I am about this convention. I will be adding more guests as they come on board - this is just the beginning!

I have tried to keep the cost low but as you know things need to be paid for so I have provided a flexible schedule for you to choose from. You can attend the dinner and/or the breakfast or neither if you choose. I will be there flitting between the tables and socializing at both meals. I will invite all of the other media guests to attend both meals as well.

I will also be auctioning off a private lunch with me for one or two people on Sunday and twelve brave people will have the opportunity to meet me at a pub in Notting Hill then go back to my flat and enjoy a yummy Tex Mex meal with me - cooked by me. This will be on Friday night and is a on a first come first serve basis, so sign up quickly!

I will be celebrating my birthday as well over the weekend and you are all invited to my birthday party on Sunday evening at the hotel lobby bar.

Happy Birthday Claudia!The actors, actresses, writers, show-runners, producers, etc. attending as guests will be signing, taking professional photos, casual photos, milling about and having fun all weekend so I hope that you will have the opportunity to meet the people you admire, have a relaxed and enjoyable weekend among friends, and even learn a thing or two!

I appreciate all of the love and support my fans have given me over the years and I feel this is a wonderful way to show you my appreciation by giving you a convention where YOU are the star!

All of my love and I hope to see you this summer!

See more on the official site

-- News submitted by @kubulla



8 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Report by KTL - Jacqueline Kim

Updated the 2011 Xena Convention page with another report by KT. This time it's the very beautiful Jacqueline Kim (Lao Ma)

Okay, I’m going to do these out of order yet again. For my money, I felt that Jacqueline and Claire provided the best experience at the con. (After Lucy of course-she wins just by showing up. I truly think that for a large number of the fandom, she could just show up, smile at us, not say a word and we’d be all squiggly and happy.)

Read More

You can also catch up with KT's other reports here

- Day 3 - Surprise Surprise by KTL (Lucy & Renee)
- Day 3 - Renee O'Connor by KTL
The Day Before The Con Begins by KTL

Check out the pictures from the convention as well on AUSXIP 2011 Xena Convention page



8 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Photos by LindaB-VT

Added more great pics from 2011 Xena Convention Photos by LindaB-VT!




- Hudson


- Brittney


- Claire


- Melinda

You can find all the great pics and reports from the 2011 Xena Convention on the AUSXIP 2011 Xena Con Page



8 February 2011

Xena In Australia on Foxtel AND 7Mate - Season 1

ImageAs reported on 22 January 2011 - Xena Returning to Australian TV in February 2011, Xena fans can also catch our dynamic duo on Foxtel's SciFi Channel starting with Season 1!

Tomorrow we have Chariots of War on SciFi and The Titans on 7Mate!

New Zealand-filmed Xena: Warrior Princess is the highly successful spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. In the original show, Xena (Lucy Lawless) is a fierce and formidable villainess, the leader of a vast army bent on destruction and devastation, but she casts off her evil ways and devotes the rest of her life to making amends to her victims and protecting the innocent - a task complicated by the many enemies who neither forgave nor forgot.

Xena’s constant companion is the young and beautiful Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), an aspiring "bard", eager to experience adventure first-hand, but who ultimately becomes Xena's devoted friend and confidant.

And what adventures they have! Xena and Gabrielle journey through Greece, Italy, Scandanavia, Africa, India, and China, with side trips to the Underworld, even to the future, in which the two heroines find themselves in reincarnated form.

Plenty of tongue in cheek humour and messing about with history sees spoofs on beauty contests, spaghetti Westerns, Danny Kaye films, theme parks, pro wrestling, Broadway musicals, and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

For mythological mayhem, Xena is the place to be!



8 February 2011

2011 Amphipolis Vs Potadeia Softball Game - Photos by Leila

ImageThis is such a fun photo! The Amphipolis and Potadeia teams were out and about playing softball at the 2011 Xena Convention.

Unlike last year where they played in the rain, it was in sunshine! The Potadeia team won and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves! Congratulations to all those energetic souls and commiserations to the Amphipolis team...you'll get them next year!

I just had a vision of Xena playing softball...poor ball wouldn't stand a chance! <g>

Click here to view the photos



7 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Photos by Leila - Saturday Guests

Leila sent in the photos from the Saturday guest line-up - check out out now!




Photos of Britney
(12 photos)





Photos of Claire
(15 Photos)





Photos of Katherine and Friends
(20 Photos)





Photos of Melinda
(15 Photos)





Photos of Michael & Jennifer
(8 Photos)





Photos of the Spartacus Panel
(2 Photos)


Stay tuned for Sunday's guests including Renee and her special guest.

For more on the 2011 Xena Convention with more photos and reports, check out the AUSXIP Xena 2011 Xena Con page



6 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Photos by Leila - The Cabaret


Leila sent me her 2011 Xena Con Cabaret pictures which are just gorgeous. Now there is a story here that I'm going to relate as passed on by Leila. You will notice someone not familiar to many Xena fans wearing Hudson's dress (other than Hudson, of course).

Here is the story which totally cracked me up and wish I were there to see it - Penny is a firecracker Aussie who organised the softball game between Amphipolis and Potadeia last year and this year (Potadeia won this year and Amphipolis won last year).

ImageRegarding the last 9 pics of the Cabaret batch: Penny had won Hudson's dress at the auction during Hudson's stage presentation (as it's usual now, several fans added to the pot and helped not only Penny, but the charity as well). So she (Penny) decided to wear the dress for the Cabaret! And it so fit! Totally cool! So, during the Cabaret, Anita took Penny by the hand and walked her to the stage to the applause and hoots of everyone! Hudson loved it and started asking Penny to do something, to act as if she were her (Hudson). And Penny was totally up to the challenge and started doing that Zodiac thing Hudson did in the past, with all of Hudson's mannerisms! Just take a look at Hudson's face on pics 08 and 09 - she's having a ball too!

Click here to view the photos



6 February 2011

Renee and Hudson Heading to Sydney & Adelaide For Armageddon Con in February & March 2011

ImageImageRenee and Hudson are coming down under! I believe this will be Renee and Hudson's first convention appearance/s in Australia which is rather special. It's going to be mega special for all those fans who haven't been able to attend the Official Xena Conventions to see Renee or Hudson. Fans will also be able to get autographs.

Renee and Hudson will be in Sydney at the giant Dome at 1 Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park (there are trains that head that way making it easy to get there) on 26/27 Feb. VIP and standard tickets (which are very reasonable) are now available to order.

They will also be in the City of Churches, Adelaide on 5/6 March

Sydney expo general details

February 26th/27th 2011
Doors open 9am to 6pm both days
The Dome, Olympic Park, Sydney Showground

General event are on sale through TICKETEK

Adult 1 day pass - $20.00
Adult 2 day pass - $36.00
Child (age 5-12) 1 day pass - $10.00
Child (Age 5-12) 2 day pass - $7.00
Presale tickets include an additional $1.50 booking fee. Transaction fees apply to presale tickets as well.
Child (5-12) entry is FREE with a full paying adult.
child aged 5 and under is FREE
Adult 1 day pass - $20.00
Adult 2 day pass - $36.00
Child (age 5-12) 1 day pass - $10.00
Child (Age 5-12) 2 day pass - $7.00
Presale tickets include an additional $1.50 booking fee. Transaction fees apply to presale tickets as well.
Child (5-12) entry is FREE with a full paying adult.
child aged 5 and under is FREE

VIP tickets are on sale here


Adelaide expo general details
March 5/6th 2011
Doors open 9am to 6pm both days

Adelaide Showground's
Tickets are NOW on sale through TICKETEK

Adult 1 day pass - $20.00
Adult 2 day pass - $36.00
Child (age 5-12) 1 day pass - $10.00
Child (Age 5-12) 2 day pass - $7.00
Presale tickets include an additional $1.50 booking fee. Transaction fees apply to presale tickets as well.
Child (5-12) entry is FREE with a full paying adult.
child aged 5 and under is FREE
Adult 1 day pass - $20.00
Adult 2 day pass - $36.00
Child (age 5-12) 1 day pass - $10.00
Child (Age 5-12) 2 day pass - $7.00
Presale tickets include an additional $1.50 booking fee. Transaction fees apply to presale tickets as well.
Child (5-12) entry is FREE with a full paying adult.
child aged 5 and under is FREE

VIP tickets are on sale here

-- Barbara Davies & MaryD



5 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Photos by Leila of Hudson, Adrienne and Steve

Leila has sent in her photos from Friday's appearances by Adrienne, Hudson and Steve. Check them out. More photos to be added in the coming days!




Photos of Hudson by Leila
(26 Photos)





Photos of Adrienne by Leila
(10 Photos)





Photos of Steven by Leila
(9 Photos)



5 February 2011

New Lucy Lawless Artwork by Klippart

ImageKlippart sent in a gorgeous new Lucy artwork!

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger version

You can check out Klippart artwork in the Xena Art Gallery and the Spartacus Art Gallery



5 February 2011

New Xena and Gabrielle Art by Klippart to Xenaverse Art Gallery

Added more gorgeous Xena artwork by Klippart to the Xenaverse Art Gallery


Click here to view the larger versions



5 February 2011

New Renee Photos from 2011 Xena Convention Now Online

ImageThe photos are starting to come through and here are some absolutely gorgeous photos of Renee by LindaB-VT.

Added 34 photos to the AUSXIP 2011 Xena Convention Image Gallery



4 February 2011

Lucy Lawless Never Liked Being An Action Heroine - Starpulse 4 Feb 2011



Lucy Lawless Reveals She Never Liked Being An Action Heroine
February 4th, 2011 12:40am EST

This may come as a surprise to Xena fans. Lucy Lawless, who played the legendary heroine for six years, reveals she never liked being a tough girl.

“Yes, I hated it,” Lawless said. “Hated it, but I wasn’t in a position to say no. Very quickly I realized I can’t be cringing every time they come and say, ‘Lucy, would you like to go and learn your next fight?’ I haven’t even finished filming the last one and I have to go learn the next. I said, ‘You know what you guys? Instead of asking me would you like to, just say: Lucy, fight’s up.’ Then it doesn’t require a response. It just requires me to do what I’m told. But if they say ‘would you like to?’ it makes me think, ‘No, I f***ing hate that stuff and if I have a choice, I don’t want to go.’ So we very quickly realized that it’s better to talk to Lucy, just give her an order and she’ll do it without thinking.”

Lawless now stars on the Starz series Spartacus, but she doesn’t have to worry about any of the action. Her character, Lucretia, manipulates the gladiators outside of the arena. “It’s a completely different side of the show. It’s the upstairs/downstairs of it. I’d forgotten about all that stuff and I’d be horrified if I had to that. In this role, I suppose she did slap a slave around last season, didn’t she? No, that’s not part of her thought process. She’s not a physical person at all and I love that about her.”

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is airing Fridays on Starz.


- AUSXIP Reporter: Barbara Davies



4 February 2011

Lucy Convention Photos by LindaB-VT

Image Added photos of Lucy from the 2011 Xena Convention to the AUSXIP 2011 Xena Convention Image Gallery.

There are 41 pics of Lucy taken by LindaB-VT


Click here to view photos



2 February 2011

Renee's February Video Channel Update


Renee's February Video Channel content is now online at http://www.reneeoconnor.net. It includes:

- 5 Ways To... Control Your Anxiety: Absolutely hilarious video, kind of like a live action Toy Story. And best of all, Renee is wearing her classic, iconic Season 3 BGSB costume! (the picture on the left is NOT from the video channel...it's just a Season 3 episode still from The Dirty Half Dozen) She's even wearing her hair in the Gabrielle style. You'd never think it was 12 years later. Anyone who doesn't think she can still play Gabrielle in a new Xena movie, needs to have their eyes examined.

- ROC That Spot: An interesting visit to Threadgill's, a world famous restaurant owned by her step dad and mom, in Austin, Texas.

- Talking With.. : An interview with Katherine Fugate

And More! Go to Renee's Official Site and subscribe. It's only $9.99 per month.

Chat about the ROC February Video on AUSXIP TX ROC Chat

-- AUSXIP Reporter: Gabsfan



2 February 2011

2011 Xena Convention Photos from Friday Saturday and Sunday

2011 Xena Convention Photos by Lori Boyles
Lori has returned from the 2011 Xena Convention and brings back pics! These are fantastic photos but one photo really made me smile was this one of Lucy looking at Renee - it's just so damn cute!


Sunday Guests:
- Renee
- Lucy
- Lucy and Renee
- Breakfast
- Jacqueline
- Charles Keating
- Charles Mesure
- David

- Claire
- Crystal Chappell
- Dessert Party
- Katherine Fugate and Friends
- Melinda
- Michael and Jennifer
- Spartacus Panel

- Adrienne
- Cabaret
- Hudson



2 February 2011

New Lucy at Xena Convention Art by Carpe Chakram

ImageLucy's surprise 2011 Xena Convention appearance was a great gift to the fans who attended the convention.

Carpe Chakram has created some artwork - gorgeous!

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image



1 February 2011

Xena Clip Shown On Saturday Night Live

Malayla from the AUSXIP Talking Xena forum spotted the following on the opening skit of SNL!

The opening skit in SNL featuring a spoof of Congresswoman Michelle Bachman and her response to the President's state of the union address showed a Xena clip. For those of you who don't know, they aired her speech on CNN, but she was not looking into the CNN camera. So her whole speech she is looking off the right and it's really strange to watch.

In the skit,  Ms. Bachman wants to show a clip the president, but they run a clip of Xena, (it's from One Against an Army when Xena sets Argo free before she goes to battle).

It was surreal because I had been at the convention all day. I was writing about the convention in my journal then looked up to see Xena on the screen when I was supposed to be watching SNL. I wondered if I put in a dvd. But no, SNL ran an real life Xena clip in 2011.  Pretty cool.

If you are in the US you can view the video clip (sorry for those outside the US)

You can chat about this on the Xena Chat forum on AUSXIP Talking Xena



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