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        21 July 2011

2012 Xena Convention Guest Update - Michael and Jennifer!

Here's some great news - Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Lealand have been added to the growing guest list for the final ever Official Xena Convention in Burbank!

Wow! What a great lineup so far!

Actor, Director, Writer Michael is beloved by genre fans for his work as Iolaus and of course as a director of episodes of Xena, Spartacus, Legendof the Seeker, Jack of All Trades, and of course Hercules. It is always an honor for us to welcome Michael and his equally talented wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand as headlliners to our show
Appearing Saturday

Boadecia/Zehra of Xena
Jennifer is one of New Zealand's busiest and most talented performers. We love having her on hand at the Xena convention and we surely appreciate her working her schedule out to join her many fans!
Appearing Saturday

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