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        22 July 2011

Michael Hurst News on 2012 Xena Convention

ImageMichael's official site has posted about the upcoming 2012 Xena Convention. I'm so happy to be going to the convention and seeing Michael and Jennifer again. As a special treat it looks like the Widow Twanky will be on her own for a Q&A! Next to Dame Edna Everidge, The Widow Twanky is a superb Dame! <g>

27-28 January 2012: Official Xena Convention: "The Final Journey"
Michael and his wife Jennifer Ward-Lealand will be official guests at the final Xena official convention presented by Creation Entertainment, to be held at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in Burbank, California.

They will participate in the cabaret on Friday and a Q&A session on Saturday. The Widow Twanky will also attend with a Q&A of her own. Click here for info and to book.

Click here for more details about the convention and the guest list which is growing fast!

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