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        11 October 2011

Renee's Two Day Photo Op at 2012 Xena Convention


The following has been posted on the official 2012 Xena Convention page on Creation Entertainment. We all know that Renee likes to add something special to photo ops (dressing up in various Gabrielle costumes). It seems the 2012 Xena Con will feature her in TWO outfits.

Personally I'm hoping my favourite Gabrielle outfit makes it's return: BGSB and the brown skirt with her original staff.

Check out the notice below

RENEE O'CONNOR: $70 (SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, Renee has graciously agreed to wear a different super-cool outfit each day. It is always a surprise to see what she has planned for her many fans!).

Note that you are free to use your Renee photo op tickets either day you choose.



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