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        21 December 2011

Creation Salutes Kevin Smith at 2012 Xena Convention


If this final convention wasn't going to be emotional enough, Creation have decided to add a tribute to one of the most beloved actors in the Xenaverse. Kevin Smith passed away from an accident in 2002 in China while he was filming a movie. I suspect we are all going to need massive amuonts of tissues for this con. Thank you to Creation for this very thoughful addition to the con. We can't have a final salute to Xena without including Kevin.

A fond remembrance of an all-time great:

Join us as we look back on everyone's favorite Xena bad boy, Kevin Smith. In this one hour presentation we will offer exclusive footage, slides, music videos, factoids and concert videos of Kevin on stage, as Ares, and rock and rolling along with fellow musicians Joel Tobeck and others.

We'll even have some Kevin trivia questions that you can win prizes if you answer! Don't miss this heartfelt tribute to a legendary, wonderful entertainer and person.

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