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        27 December 2011

Upcoming Xena Fan Convention in Paris France October 2012

ImageThe French Xenites have decided to hold a Xena convention in Paris, France and you are invited. Xenan, from the Xena Immortal site and organiser of the event sent in the following news about the con. No guests have been announced yet:

Xena-Immortal presents Xenite Con' , which will take place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October 2012 at Paris , not far from the Eiffel Tower !

Come to the first convention in France entirely dedicated to the show
"Xena: Warrior Princess" with your favorite actors!

During these two wonderful days, there will be: autograph and photo op sessions, question/answer sessions, analytic conferences, contests, party, VIP dinner with the guests...

Besides, on Friday 26th of October 2012 , the day before the convention, we organise a FREE visit of the most beautiful city in the world, Paris . Those who have never had the chance to do it, will finally be able to discover this magic city and to be with Fans before the big event.

A convention for the Fans made by Fans! So without further ado, reserve your seat!

Informations and bookings, here:



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