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        29 December 2011

Xena: Warrior Princess Documentary Project Centered on Final Convention

Below is the news of a Documentary about Xena Fans about the 2012 Xena Convention being the final journey. News was submitted by the producer Annabella Hargrove:

ImageFive days ago, a new Xena: Warrior Princess documentary project launched on the popular arts and humanities website,

The Final Journey: Saying Farewell to Xena has received an enormous amount of support in such a short period of time. People from all over the world, and all walks of life, have showed their devotion to Xena by rushing to the aid of this documentary project. But, there are still twelve days to go before the project deadline, and the creators need YOUR help to make this documentary a reality.

The idea behind this notable documentary came from the disenchanted rumblings of Xenites who were saddened by the news of the 2012 Xena Convention being the last. With so many fans unable to attend, and no movie in sight, the creators decided it would be a great idea to document this historical event.

The aim of The Final Journey: Saying Farewell to Xena, is to capture the essence and magic behind the series and its fandom. It is slated to become a full length documentary. If funding is successful, the real filming will begin January 26, 2012, and will resume throughout the three day Xena convention. After filming will come the extensive post production process. And, finally, it will be entered into the various film festivals.

You can find everything you need to know about this project here:

Be sure to check it out and support it any way you can! The creators want you to know that they are not only artists, but fans of Xena themselves. This documentary will be a film by fans for the fans. If you have any questions, please feel free to email You can also contact them through the project itself, their Facebook fan page, or Twitter.



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