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        27 January 2012

2012 Xena Con - Thursday 26 January 2012 The Party is About To Begin!

Hey folks,

Logging on for a very brief report from Xena Con Central - the Burbank Marriott. All is quiet; there has been a few tears already but that was stopped pretty quickly.

We don't need tears now...the con hasn't started yet. We have a party to go to and the party needs to be a happy and joyful occasion.

Got bear hugs from my friends as I walked in and couple of which I had to stand on my toes for (why do these people have to be so tall!)

Tonight is Adrienne's Meet and Greet Party with Xena and Venice guests. That should be mega cool. I will report in after the party for all the interesting things that happen there.

The registration is on tonight as well..that's always fun because friends catch up and you have alot of squeeling - there was such a moment at The Grill that just made me smile. It's just so mega cool to be involved and to watch others be involved - friends coming together.


Took some photos and if my and if they don't mind me posting the pics, they will be posted later tonight.

Okay now this is funny - Lori and her merry band of friends is right next door to me - this is hysterical! We didn't plan it that way, it's just happened. Also next door is a Myra - ironing lady extraordinare! LOL! I just love this convention already :)

If you are coming in from interstate or overseas, don't pack warm clothes. Today is a mini heat wave (reminds me of home - 28oC - that's just incredible) and the forecast is for very warm weather. In the event the weather changes..don't blame me I'm just reporting what is telling me and by looking out the window :)

It looks like Lucy and Renee will be closing the con and the photo ops for Lucy are at 6:25 pm in the afternoon on Sunday. So if you are planning on leaving on Sunday and have photo ops with Lucy...change your plans or maybe extend the time you leave.

Creation has posted the schedule on the con page.

To Be Continued....



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