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        29 January 2012

2012 Xena Con Update: Saturday Fun and Laughter!

Well I tell you I haven't laughed so much at a convention as this one. This one has me rolling on the floor laughing so hard, the back of my head hurts! Today also brought tears - the poignant reminder that our lives are forever intertwined and will alway be.

Saw a message from Missy to get my butt down to the photo Op area because I was going to get my all time wish of seeing Renee in that itty bitty BGSP and brown skirt PLUS staff. YES! Alrighty now, this is special :) It was fabulous and for me who hates photos...I made an exception for Ms Renee :) Felt like a little kid getting all giddy.

After the photo ops it was Missy's turn on stage and we had a jolly good laugh and then some tears as a xenite read out what this xenaverse means to her and how her partner Mary had passed and loved the xenaverse so much. I had tears in my eyes; I had met Mary quite a few years ago and I didn't know she had passed away recently. Her life partner and best friend gave the best eulogy she could and it moved everyone in the crowd. Missy went off stage and just put her arm around her shoulder whilse she read.

I love this fandom. I love the goodness in this fandom and I love how it reaches out. You guys inspire me.

We then had Katherine Fugate who once again put in a play about how we wanted the season finale to really be. Suprise guest included Claudia Black, Crystal Chappell, Bridget Brannagh (Army Wives), Tim and David and then the REAL surprise of the day...RENEE playing..Gabrielle! LOL! Oh my gooness the room ERUPTED. I can't describe into words other than to say...god help us on Sunday when Lucy and Renee are on stage together. It's going to blow the roof off!

What was the play about? Gabrielle proposes to Xena :) Xena accepts of course.

Michale and Jennifer were next and my goodness those two are a hoot! I love them and they took us through what they have been up to and what they will be doing! Gorgeous couple.

After I went to feed myself, it was time for Brittney Powell. I love this woman; she is so funny and she loves the fans; that is very obvious. What happened after the first 10 minutes is incredible. It was incredible to watch and be a part of it. We divided into one half of the room and the other half and then we went to war. A bidding war - a true bidding war for Brittney's pink bra. It was glorious to watch and Brittney was just standing there enjoying the moment and laughing.

We raised $5700 for the bra. Unfreakinbelievable. Inspiring doesn't come close to what these people are. Beautiful.

From Brittney we get to Claire and Tim. I swear I haven't laughed so hard in ages. It was just pure and unadulerated fun. Claire and Tim took turns in interviewing each other (it sounds funnier than it reads) and then they switched to Alti and Eli. HYSTERICAL. Absolutely rolling on the floor hysterical!

That has been my day today; laughing so hard the back of my head hurts! The day is not over yet so hang on to your hats!

I've got Friday's pictures and today's pictures up on the image galleries



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